Monday, February 14, 2011

MACC Ridicules Itself Over RM6 billion OPVs

MACC ridicules itself by claiming that it requires a report from me to commence any investigations on the Ministry of Defence RM6 billion of purchase of offshore patrol vessels.

Bernama quoted an unnamed source from the Commission claiming that "the commission cannot carry out an investigation based on wild allegations", insinuating that the issue which I had raised in the past week was completely baseless and frivolous.

The report added that "if the Petaling Jaya Utara MP did not come forward, the source said, the commission would try to get in touch with him to get “valid facts” to start sinvestigations".

I nearly choked on my breakfast reading the report, not because I fear being contacted by MACC but because the Commission has completely ridiculed itself on 2 counts.

Firstly, MACC should perhaps read both my statements, which are published on my blog on the issue. And if there's difficulty in comprehending the statement in English, then I'd be more than happy to translate it for them.

When the Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi announced the purchase of 6 naval patrol vessels (OPVs) for RM6 billion ringgit without accompanying details, what I asked was what exactly was the Navy acquiring in terms of the exact type of OPV.

I cited examples where lower end OPVs could be purchased at costs significantly lower such as the Irish Roisin class (US$34m) or what was recently acquired by New Zealand for NZ$90 million (RM210m). Similarly, I cited the example of the US Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) which will cost substantially more at US$300 million.

My statement did not accuse the Ministry of purchasing low-end OPVs at for RM1 billion each. My statement requested the Ministry to justify its purchase by giving detailed specifications on the type of OPVs which was being acquired since the original Minister's statement as reported also by Bernama did not carry details.

Hence the call by MACC for me to file a report with them is irrelevant and the need does not arise at this point of time.

Secondly, MACC's claim that its unable to do anything without a report from me is even more ridiculous. Should MACC require clarifications on the details and cost of the ships, they have the power to summon the relevant officials with the information, which I'm powerless to do.

As an MP, in the interest of the rakyat, I can only ask the right questions when the need arises to check on the various government agencies. Similarly, it would have been MACC's proactive responsibility to at the very least conduct preliminary inquiries on the very substantial RM6 billion OPVs purchase which didn't come with details when it was first announced, and not have to wait for an MP to raise the questions.

MACC's abdication of responsibility in cases such as this is disappointing and is clearly a factor in the decline in the Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index for Malaysia, that the Government is losing the fight against corruption.

Not every inquiry investigated will lead to a genuine abuse or corruption case. But the fact that MACC failed to even monitor developments in mega-government acquisitions in the billions of ringgit marks its failure as the agency to fight against corruption in the country.

Instead by attempting to shift its responsibility to an MP who is raising very relevant questions on the RM6 billion acquisition is makes a mockery on the commitment and competence of MACC.


CITIZEN said...

The MACC is very smart in trying to set a trap to put one into trouble.
A rational guy will understand what Mr.Tony(as a MP)is raising about the statement made by the Defence Minister.He(Mr.Tony) did a good job in raising this matter in relation to what the minister said and also elaborate on the comparative situations to let the masses understand why it is a matter of concern(bcos it involves such a huge sum,RM6bil,of the country's money.
The MACC is either run by unprofessionals or they are just a bunch of irresponsible public servants with a biased attitude towards any opposing politicians or parties. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Mana bukti tuduhan sebelum ini?????

Marsha Maung said...

You ask questions, and they ask you for report. Brilliant, aren't they? Clever lor...

Anonymous said...

hey, MACC initiated investigation on an attempted bribery by Tan Sri Robert Phang based on an allegation by anonymous blogger.
Come on MACC, you still live in the dark ages and talking down to some UMNO simpletons and sycophants?

Anonymous said...

Watch what happens when they stay silent. Later, if they continue with the contract, they will refuse details siting security reasons. Its such crappy excuse, they ought to be fired for just lousy excuses..

Anonymous said...

i think you are the one that ridicules yourself with shallow minded argument, which embarrassingly rebutted. Just admit defense is not you area.

Btw, graduating from Oxford does not mean you know everything..

Try to more intelligent next time YB, with concrete facts and figures and solid argument, because your argument really does not represent yourself as an Oxford Graduate.

You are caught your pants down this time aroud..good try though hehe

yellowkingdom said...

The Holland class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs)will fulfill patrol and intervention tasks against lightly armed opponents, such as pirates and smugglers.

A contract between the Royal Dutch Navy and Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in Vlissingen, the Netherlands was signed in 2007 for the construction of four vessels at a total cost of €467.8m. (equivalent to RM1.935b) or RM483,750,000 per vessel.

Read more:

The most top said...

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Anonymous said...

MACC why go and investigate Teoh without anyone making a report on him? MACC is really a fool organisation and a tool of the AMNO.

Anonymous said...

it seem you like to open or write new post but you doesn't have time to do some reply. why? lost words?

Anonymous said...

But PM ask for report from Governor of Bank negara on Malaysia's 5th Placing in Global Illegal Financial Flows still no report after one month.

Liz Wong said...

next time, you should ask your singaporean handler first how to respond to the matter at hand. your reply was terrible...

Anonymous said...

It is proper for YB Tony to request the detail of the specifications of the OPV. That's the job of an MP!. However I don't believe the detail exist at the time of the announcement by the Minister.

The way government Cabinet Minister works is like this; They want 'media-time' about some new projects/achievement in their ministry to show to the people and their boss (PM) that they are doing their job well, so that they will be chosen as a candidate in the next election, and gain the trust of the people to be re-elected, and be re-appointed as Minister again (albeit in a different portfolio). It's more like political survival.

If the bare principle of the project has been approved (for example in our case to purchase a further 6 OPV/LCS ships ) then the announcement will come out. Although at the time of the announcement the project foreign partner still not being chosen, the detail of the ship not being ironed out, they will still announce it in the media. Because for them they just announce the intention to purchase/built another 6 ships. That's all. "High-end" prices of the project will be quoted (remember the AV8 ridiculous price?).

Later when the "i" of the project being dotted and the "t" being crossed, will they reveal the project detail bit by bit and let the reporter do their job in investigating and reporting the rest .

The latest info gain from internet sources is that the OPV will be based on a new design and will not be an OPV but an LCS (Littoral Combat ship). Not Meko A (GNG) design but Gowind (DCN) design. It will be as sophisticated as the Singapore Delta class, fully stealth, equal to US LCS and has the ability to conduct warfare in 4 dimensions (air, surface, sub-surface and electronic). Since YB Tony quoted the US LCS is USD300 million ++ each (in 2008), then by today currency conversion + inflation rate, the Malaysian LCS will cost equal if not cheaper then the US LCS!

Api said...

The annoucement was made during the Industry Briefing on the SGPV held by Boustead in Lumut. The general specs of the ship were publicly made known then, including the armament fit. How can you say that the details didn't exist when the YB made his statement (which was immediately after the said Industry Brief)?