Thursday, January 14, 2010

UMNO v PAS: Who's Radical?

Deputy Prime Minister defends exclusivity:
Muhyiddin said he had been receiving quite a number of messages from non-Muslim friends in Sabah and Sarawak who said there were Christians who felt that things would not have happened in the first place “if we, the Christians, would just not use the word ‘Allah’”.

“This is because in Malaysia and in many parts of the world and in all Muslim countries, Allah is the only God for Muslims. We cannot equate Allah to god in the other religions and even in Christianity, which believes in the concept of the Trinity.
On the other hand, PAS was able to differentiate what is irrational emotions as opposed to statements of fact:
PAS ingin menjelaskan bahawa berdasarkan kepada kaedah Islam, penggunaan nama Allah pada asasnya adalah dibenar untuk digunakan oleh agama samawi seperti Kristian dan Yahudi.

Walau bagaimanapun, penggunaan kalimah Allah secara salah dan tidak bertanggungjawab mestilah dielakkan supaya ianya tidak menjadi isu yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian kaum dan agama dalam negara ini.
One party uses the brain, the other uses.... I'm not sure.

According to Muhyiddin's argument on the SMSes he has received, he might as well have said, "I've received SMS from my friends that Malaysia will be a peaceful and harmonious country without conflict, if all minorities are able to accept Ketuanan Melayu, willingly agree to be second class citizens and give up the freedom of religion".

Oh, so that is 1Malaysia!


Unknown said...

A screw up as no 1 and a narrow-minded political animal as no 2. What chance do people think they will be a fight soon enough.

Najib paintedn himself to a corner. He is screwed and he may not know it. He can't afford to take risk to move forward yet he will likely have to take it.

One more incident for example a mass Hindraf demo and the whole thing will get out of control. There will be pressures for Muhiyiddin to make his move and he is itching to do so. Suspicion between the two will be irrecoverable and they can only fight.

I say Tony, prepare to be Minister, its within sight if you ask me..

Anonymous said...


He's got a lot of lighters to ignite lah.....

I wonder, if it'll ever be sloved? Oredy said the judge is wrong. Next, PAS might be wrong too....

"One must have faith in their "teachings" to be able to NOT fear...!"

Brains versus ....... I'm also brain dead lah!!!

I can't think of anything else besides our country being "handed out" to the world for all the wrong reasons......!

najib manaukau said...

Stop the bullish DPM !
Don't use the words of some of your and UMNO cronies and pretend they were words of the majority of the east Malaysians.
Besides they might only be saying them so front of you , if at all it is true at all, just to 'jackpot' you. But we all know it is not true, so stop using 'their' words to justify for your's and UMNO's support for the cause.
Also do not try to use them as an excuse to stop the Christians from using the word Allah.
There are nothing good in your kind that the east Malaysians would want to copy from and the Allah was used as God long long before you were even born. We realise it is hard that these reasons will ever sink into the thick skull of yours !
May be a good compromise is for Sarawak and Sabah to pull out of Malaysia completely the way Singapore did, just look at them now. We were not told of the ban when we join Malaysia , why ? We know you would have never agreed to this because you and your cronies will stop pocketing our oil and timber revenues. Brunei was too smart to join Malaysia and see the progress they have made thus far, they have their own control of their oil revenue.
Singapore and Brunei are fine examples of leaving and not joining Malaya to become Malaysia. Just look at them to day as not part of Malaysia.
Above all they do not have the corruption culture that UMNO has.
So stop advertisement how stupid you really are you will never become and be accepted as the P.M. of Malaysia. You are so lucky to have become the DPM but don't push your luck too far !

Serious Shepherd said...

And guess what, Najib asked the media to be extra careful with opposition (especially when they made positive statements?). The truth is, the (govt controlled) media wanted to potray that PAS already sold their ideology to DAP and PKR.

Then the church arsons started, and it is those who said that they cannot stop protests at mosques (but let the police entered Masjid Ar-Rahman in UM without taking off their shoes) become the prime suspect.

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA DURING 60’S&70’S UMNO (policy-Secular law (syaria law only for divorce&marriage) among muslims./.
cannot prostyle, but muslims can convert to other religion using secular law.
Upgrading syariah courts.
(1)muslims not allowed to drink by law
(2)kalawat &zina is punishable
(3) more Islamic institution established
(4) Ammending 121(1a) in parliament.Civil court cannot intefer in syariah.UMNO says all muslim&malays are under syariah law.
(5)this put any possibility of malays or even Chinese/Indian/kadazan MUSLIMS from leaving islam.
(6) UMNO introduce religion in mycard.It will make it easier to enforce syariah law
(7)Crisis like body snatching/Islamic rehabalation centre arise because of this law(121)1a
This Islamic majority country(turkey&indonesia) allow muslim citizens religious freedom.In this countries there are muslims who convert to other religion
Islamic laws are not enforced even though turkey is ruled by a muslim party.Muslim parties in Indonesia does not demand that Islamic laws like the syariah be implemented over there.
how has UMNO as the government of the day has changed the secular nature of Malaysia overtaking PAS.It is ironic they fool the non malays by claming that PAS is an extremist party.I think we are 4th after Saudi Arabia,iran and Pakistan interm of Islamic laws.It is suprising that they only choose certain syariah law which suits their agenda.WHY WHY UMNO DID NOT CHOOSE like the amputation of limbs,stoning to death.Is this a way to mislead the world this is a moderate muslim country.Why they did not follow the example of Indonesia/Turkey ?I think non muslims would not have voted for PAS if they have not try to overdo PAS Islamic agenda secretely...Wait my UMNO/mca friend told me that PAS leaders are extreme because their leaders wear skull and their wifes wear tudung.,but wifes of umno leaders does not wear TUDUNG.Is this misleading..You can conclude that UMNO IS NOT ONLY EXTREME BUT ALSO CUNNING.pas is consistent with their stand.Can they implement their system is another story.Maybe one or two states.

Anonymous said...

Just more BRAIN DRAIN and migration.

My fellow colleagues (especially the Christians)have already began to enquire on S'pore and Aust. PR application. They are all well-qualified (with post-graduate or professional qualifications in accounting/finance) - the Allah issue is making the non-Muslims in the country uneasy and to leave this 1Malaysia for good!

Darryl Khoo said...

umno might be radical but r they religious? being radical and at the same time being unreligious in their conduct does not rhyme, don't u think.

Anonymous said...

The prime minister(modern attire)and their wifes who do not wear tudung(umno) has given the impression to the non muslims that they are more open minded to the non muslims.But this turn out to be false impression as can be seen by their backstage action(scretely implementing islamic idelogy)Non muslim are mislead to vote for BN by this.I think things are changing now.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Please don't use the 'divide and rule' strategy
For it may bring about undesirable, unwanted tragedy
Wiser to use a better instrument to play a new melody
Before we qualify to become the world's biggest comedy

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170110
SUN. 17th Jan. 2010.

Anonymous said...

if you guys think Najib is a nightmare for this country, pray hard when Mu takes over. God save Msia.