Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get Registered To Vote

4.4 million Malaysians who are above the age of 21 have not registered to vote. This forms 30% of eligible voters in Malaysia. Which means that if these, mostly young people get registered, the outcome to any election in our country could actually be very different.

Go register with your identification card at the nearest post office (it just takes 5 minutes). Or if you have queries, please email leongooikuan(at)gmail(dot)com at my office. We'll help you along the way.


Ngan said...

I think chinese new year is a good time to go from door to door to get new voters, especially young voters working in Singapore (doubt they will come back and vote but its a good try).

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian working and living in Singapore. I am registered and always return to vote in Subang Jaya. There are few hundred thousands Malaysian working and living in Singapore whom I know majority never voted even thought they are fully aware of what-is-going in Malaysia. I would suggest Pakatan Rakyat to reach out to this group of Malaysian to encourage/facilitate them to return back to vote. Maybe at the nearest state. That will be few hundred thousands extra vote for PR. Think about that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea, man!

Concerned Malaysian said...

Hi Tony,

My "political" blog only has visitors in the low ten's so cannot influence many people, but perhaps I can help in voters registration. I visited a restaurant which partners are very active in interacting with customers and I asked, what if I sit here at a table to help register voters? Answer was positive, but have second thoughts re: time-efficiency part as nowhere would that restaurant have as many visitors as pasar malam.

I had helped just a teeny weeny no. of times at pasar malam but have to confess I dropped out early. I was wondering if your/DAP PJ Utara team are again visiting churches, perhaps I want to volunteer. How about visiting large factories? I am willing to help.

Eric said...

@Concerned Malaysian,

voter registration indeed needs volunteers. Why don't you come and join us every Monday night at SS2's pasar malam or every Sunday night at either Seapark or Paramount's pasar malam?
Your ideas of reaching out sound very good, together we can do these!