Tuesday, January 05, 2010

PAS: Its OK to use "Allah"

Honestly, I'm happy and impressed. Essentially the party position is that there is nothing wrong with the use of 'Allah' by other Abrahamic faiths, but the term should not be misused. We have no problems with that. We call upon the Federal Government to accept the High Court ruling and not to appeal and prolong the matter further.

(Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the honourable President of the BN component party)

Kenyataan rasmi Presiden Pas mengenai isu kalimah Allah
Ditulis oleh Presiden PAS

PAS sebagai parti Islam, amat menghormati prinsip kebebasan beragama seperti mana yang ditekankan oleh Islam kerana manusia tidak boleh dipaksa untuk menerima mana-mana agama melainkan ia merupakan pilihan sendiri.

Prinsip kebebasan beragama ini juga telah termaktub di dalam Perkara 11 Perlembagaan Persekutaan.

Walaupun demikian dalam konteks masyarakat di Malaysia, suasana dan keadaan setempat perlu diambil kira di atas kepentingan awam bagi memelihara keharmonian berbagai kaum dan agama. Setiap warganegara Malaysia wajib memelihara suasana dan keadaan ini.

PAS ingin menjelaskan bahawa berdasarkan kepada kaedah Islam, penggunaan nama Allah pada asasnya adalah dibenar untuk digunakan oleh agama samawi seperti Kristian dan Yahudi.

Walau bagaimanapun, penggunaan kalimah Allah secara salah dan tidak bertanggungjawab mestilah dielakkan supaya ianya tidak menjadi isu yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian kaum dan agama dalam negara ini.

PAS memberikan peringatan kepada semua pihak supaya tidak menyalahgunakan perkataan Allah bagi mengelirukan atau menjadikan politik murahan untuk mendapatkan sokongan rakyat.

Al-Quran telah menyarankan cara yang betul menggunakan perkataan Allah, sebagaimana yang dinyatakan dalam Surah Al Imran ayat 64 yang bermaksud.

‘‘Katakanlah: Hai Ahli Kitab,marilah (berpegang) kepada suatu kalimat (ketetapan) yang tidak ada perselisihan antara kami dan kamu, bahawa tidak kita sembah kecuali Allah dan tidak kita persekutukan Dia dengan sesuatu pun dan tidak (pula) sebahagian kita menjadikan sesama manusia seperti pemimpin dan sebagainya sebagai tuhan selain Allah’’

Pas dengan tegasnya ingin menolak sebarang bentuk tindakan agresif dan provokatif jahat yang boleh mengugat keharmonian dan mencetuskan ketegangan masyarakat.

PAS dengan segala rasa penuh tanggungjawab bersedia untuk menjelaskan isu ini kepada semua pihak bagi mewujudkan suasana yang harmoni berdasarkan kepada prinsip keadilan sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan dan dijamin oleh Islam.

Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang
Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS)


Habib RAK said...

I share your happiness in this matter. PAS has indeed shown the true path of Islam here. I hope the heads of different religious bodies will come togather and issue joint statements.

Anonymous said...

persepsi pendekatan linguistik, jika perkataan allah di dalam ejaan rumi yang merujuk kepada makna tuhan sepatutnya boleh digunapakai, akan tetapi laskar allah dalam ejaan jawi atau arab yang lebih merupakan simbol rohaniah dan logo umum yang merujuk kepada allah, tuhan agama orang islam sepatutnya tidak boleh dikomersilkan oleh penganut agama lain.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of 'feel good' wins. Everyone is predicting the UMNO/BN lackeys in Appeal Court will overturn the decision.

PAS is not going to just do this without asking its partners in PR for something in return down the line. It gets harder to deny them political conveniences later.

This is not something DAP needs right now. The increase in votes it gets does not come from the constituency that it most need to expand in.

The only thing worth it having this issue is to point to the fact that when the court of appeal overturn it, the message should be sent to Sarawakians and Sabahan that if they can take the practise of a word from them, they can take away their language, their land, their way of life, immigration and ultimately the govt like they have done in Sabah.

The opportunity is to spin to Dayaks, Kadazan whether they want their children grandchildren to be Malays and serve the fat cats UMNO in Peninsular??

Other than that, this is a dicey problem for DAP..

No more Bahasa Malaysia said...

Since we are not allowed to use that word, let us stop using Malay/Bahasa Malaysia in our daily activities including churches, schools, etc. and use English as the alternative and they should have no reason to stop us. Let us stop singing the Selangor state anthem and all anthems that contain the forbidden word.

Anonymous said...

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Jonas Lee said...


While I agree with PAS's view about the Allah issue, the main problem in the first place is tendency of politicians trying to tell people how to and what to believe. This mixture of state and religion is a recipe for future disaster and could lead to a theocracy.

So citizens should not care a hoot what either PAS, UMNO, DAP or PKR say about whether non-Muslims can use Allah in their Bibles. The right to do so is not only enshrined in the constitution, it is common sense that religious practise and generic terms are both universal and personal and should not be monopolised by any one faith.


Anonymous said...


When it comes to religion, "Allah" word, racesist & all that, it always gets out of hand.

When it comes to TBH death, corruption, PKFZ scandal, money illegaly transfered, missing engines, & all that, it is "NOT" their fault....!

I really don't know what else & how to comment on the way our country is being ruin.
Oops.... I mean run!!

This is not PM material.....!!!