Sunday, January 31, 2010

MPs Jumping Ship? Good Riddance!

Zulkifli Noordin, MP for Bandar Baru Kulim came out all guns firing against his Pakatan Rakyat "partners" over issues relating to his hardline views of Malay dominance and religious dominance.

Zahrain Hashim, MP for Bayan Baru came out no holds barred calling Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng a "dictator, chauvinist and communist" because he was unable to secure contracts for his RM2.00 crony company for a project in Penang. (Or was it due to him failing his party's KPIs?)

Unsurprisingly, the rumour mill went wild with news of possible defections of 10 MPs led by Zahrain, which will give Barisan Nasional a 2/3 majority in Parliament. WIth the 2/3 majority, Barisan Nasional will have the ability to amend the constitution at its whims and fancies, including a likely re-delineation of parliamentary and state seats expected next year.

With such an achievement, it will ensure Zahrain a Ministership post in Najib's cabinet. It is of note that Zahrain has to date only politely dismissed inferences that he will join UMNO, but had not denied the likely possibility that he'll join the newly formed "Parti Cinta Malaysia" based in Penang.

Other MPs have denied outright speculations that they will join Barisan Nasional, including MP for Indera Mahkota (whom I have respect for), Azan Ismail and MP for Merbok Datuk Rashid Din.

The question then is who else will join the Zahrain and Zulkifli bandwagon (Z2)? There's a possible hint here when MP for Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yusof gave a rather peculiar answer when asked if he was jumping ship by The Malaysian Insider:
Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusof said he has to study the media reports before giving a response, adding he was feeling unwell after returning from a conference in Manila.
Honestly, what is there to "study"?

There are also rumours that another anti-Lim Guan Eng cum anti-DAP Chinese MP will also make the jump.

Will they or will they not? Regardless, I'll bet my bottom dollar that Z2 does not have any where near the 10 MPs to cross over to Barisan Nasional. I do hope however, that Z2 and the less than handful of the other recalcitrant MPs will quickly jump ship so that we can rejoice at the good riddance of bad rubbish.


Anonymous said...

Even the 2 will jump only because they painted themselves into a corner. They know that if they jump, they will be finished because UMNO/BN is not going to pay handsomely unless its a large group. UMNO/BN also need to conserve funds for what is already clear will be a bruising GE13.

Look at the Indian support for at Thaipussam. For a minute there I thought Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng were the leaders of Hindraf!!!

Its clear support for PR from non-Malays is stronger today than 3/08. The Allah issue has split the Malays coupled with impending fight over new taxes and removal of subsidies, Najib knows his party confidence in him is eroding and will only get worst.

If the two jump and not much else changes, Najib will look like a screw-up. Everything he does, it end up being screwed up or worthless. He will be viewed as someone who can't move UMNO/BN forward.

It won't take long before the Perkasa type start asking for his head..

Anonymous said...

Ain't it right? Majority of the PR rebels are from PKR? Being a spin-off of AMNO, their characteristics are ain't not much different.

As Tony said, the earlier they go the better it is for PR.

Kutty Mamak said...

LIM GUAN ENG played his card wrongly. I don't blame him because his dad's influence on him is far too great.

Everybody knew KIT SIANG is a leader who believed strongly in communist ideologies & it's important for GUAN ENG to break himself out from that communism mentality nutshell his dad had been preaching.

It would be really sad to see all the wonderful things achieved in the last G.E. to break down & ending-up as junk.

Jit Seng said...


Good Riddance??? I would say "Good Self Console" instead.

What are you talking about, Tony??? Are you drunk or are you suffering from hangover???

I see big time trouble ahead. Take a hammer & give yourself a big whack on the head. Wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh!!! Biasa lah.

What does DAP stands for???

ANSWER: D for DUMB, A for ASS, P for PARTY. Yes, correct!!! DUMB ASS PARTY.

PJU Voter said...

"You can run but you can never hide"

Based on your writings, it's so obvious you're scared of the 10 MPs crossover. Why I said so???

If you are that confident that Z2 will not get the numbers, you wouldn't even need to write this piece of junk. A person conscience shows in his writings.

However, I like the way you put it. Bravo!!! How I wish I can self console myself as good as you.

KY said...

You wrote.... "I do hope however, that Z2 and the less than handful of the other recalcitrant MPs will quickly jump ship so that we can rejoice at the good riddance of bad rubbish."

What rubbish is that, Tony??? A good leader is someone who build his army instead of decreasing his army. Although, there are some recalcitrants within your camp but a good leader is someone who would pull his army back instead of pushing them away.

Where the hell is your brains??? I think I myself make a better politician than you lah, dude.

the 3rd PARTY said...


make this short.

The fella had been tagged as "gaji buta" early in a facebook group >>


Huang said...

Jumping ship is the norm, not an exception, in this country. It is a matter of who will give more! It ias bsets that those who wish to jump, jump quickly before the window of opportunity lsoes. In the English Foot ball League, the window opens in Janaury for the selling and buying of players. It is also the time of year when the EPL is in mid-season; and even coaches are not spared from the sacking order!

Hence, it is good to rid the Party of irritants so that the Party could move on. Too many distractions are unhealthy for the Party to move forward. As a surgeon will tell you, it is betetr to remove a cancerous growth than to allow it to spread the disease and kill the whole body.

Cancer cells multiply very fast; and the sooner the surgeon operates on the parts, the better chance the body could survive. Otherwise, the whoel body will be affected and the patient will die.

S.H. Huang

KoSong Cafe said...

I would tend to agree with YB Tony Pua on this.

If there is any MP or ADUN who is not supportive of his or her own party as well as its coalition party, then he or she should be gracious and resign.

In the case of Zulkifli Nordin, I wish he could be tested as to whether his win in Kulim was a result of his own popularity, the tsunami effect in GE12, or the unpopularity of Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir.

It is better to have less of a troublesome MP than one who is not true to the party's spirit.

I think given a choice the public would prefer their votes went to sincere MPs than those who hold their party to ransom because of the ever tempting offers by the political opponents.

It is high time to change the rules to prevent 'jumping' after an election. It makes a mockery of the electoral system and insults the voters who voted according to the party banner and its manifesto.

Unknown said...

Shouldn't get so emotional over this issue, Tony. And part of the problem is also because all these politicians aired their issues though a public forum, which is what you've done here too. If this is the message passed to the public, these persons will be pushed into a corner and may resort to jump out of pettiness. Regardless or not they're worth it, it's not worth giving BN the numbers they need for a 2/3 majority.

But I share your upset in this matter. :(

Jack Ng said...

Well, I would say the same thing. I would further say, even if 10 of them wanted to jump ship, go ahead.

Self-consoling is one thing. But seriously, I do not believe that I should be held ransom by thesetype of characters.

So yes, if you want to leave, just leave.

Donplaypuks® said...


I agree with you 100%. DSAI should call their bluff. It will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

Even if they defect to BN and they get 2/3 majority in Parliament for now, it does not matter.

The Rakyat will know who the traitors are and come GE 2013, we'll kick them all out for good, forever!

We must not compromise on integrity, EVER!!

Perhaps DSAI is distracted by his coming court case. Better counsel from people like you and LKS/LGE and Karpal should prevail.

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's always good riddance to bad rubbish
When food has turned bad in any old dish
Whether it is chicken, beef, pig or fish
The cook must know what the diners wish

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 010210
Mon. 1st Feb. 2010.

Anonymous said...

1) go, dont stay. i urge these unsatisfied souls to leave in peace. or be sacked.

2) to pakatan leaders, please re-build pakatan to include only real warriors who work for the rakyat and not just to line their own pockets.

3) pakatan rakyat, DO NOT be like umno/barisan.

4) we voted u all in for meaningful change. and these unsatisfied souls are not part of this change. they want money. they want positions. they just dont want to fight for the cause.

5) do not compromise on matters of principle. pakatan's and the unsatisfied souls'.

6) to zahrain and zul kulim and yang sewaktu dgn mereka - dont stay and kacau2. just go. be a man. for once.


Anonymous said...

After Perak, try to turn Kedah, Selangor and now Penang is the agenda of BN.

Obviously, these are trojan horses or sleepers, now awakened to do the bidding of their real master.

They must be neutralized ASAP.

The Auditor general's report on the financial prudence of Penang is indicative of the progressive policies of LGE.

To characterize LGE as a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded” is laughable. Period.

Support Tony Support DAP said...

Those muppets who keep accusing DAP of propagating Communism clearly a moron and product of BN's succesful propaganda. These muppets cannot know nothing about Socialism , Socialism-Democratic and Communism. But I wont be surprised cause there are just too many of such muppets and morons in Malaysia and due to this reason BN has continue to oppress the people for over 50years. I won't be too surprise also if these same muppets actually think countries like France and England are communist states too coz these muppets just cannot differentiate the difference between Socialist vs Communist (Marxist). But what really surprise me is these muppets actually spent their time and computer knowledge in writing moronic comments in someone else's blog instead of googling to read more about what Socialism really is. The BN must be really glad that we still have so many such muppets here in Bolehland.