Monday, January 18, 2010

"Middle Malaysia"

"Transformation Malaysia" was the theme of DAP 2010 Annual Convention held yesterday. But it was the approach of "Middle Malaysia" in the Secretary-General Sdr Lim Guan Eng's speech which caught the imagination of the press and commentators. "Middle Malaysia" is apt in times like this, as we swim in various parochial and fringe controversies like 'Allah' and 'Ketuanan Melayu', it is time to position DAP and our partners PAS and PKR as taking the middle ground where the overwhelming majority of Malaysians stand, while leaving our political enemies to take the extremist positions.

I won't write about it in detail here, but you can read the full text of Sdr Lim's speech here (warning: it's long), or an excellent succint report by Andrew Ong in Malaysiakini here. Excerpts from Andrew's article is below.
Amidst a gloomy backdrop of intensified religious and racial bickering, DAP has mapped out the path of 'Middle Malaysia' which the party hopes Pakatan Rakyat would ride on towards the ultimate destination - Putrajaya.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng told delegates at the party 15th national conference in Ipoh today that the nation was "at war with itself" and the way forward is by threading the middle path of inclusiveness, equal opportunities and ending discrimination.

"We must occupy the electoral centre that is diverse and united, moderate and sensible, consistent and relevant to ordinary Malaysians. We must become 'Middle Malaysia'," he thundered to some 1,200 delegates.


DAP can't do it alone

Currently, the party is half-way through its term as coalition governments in Penang and Selangor and the new slogan by Lim is viewed as DAP's new direction as it gears up for the polls.


"Remember that DAP will never win alone. We nearly won all the seats in Negeri Sembilan but still unable to govern. We need to win as a coalition, as a full partner in power together.

"It goes without saying that we would expect our coalition partners to understand our platforms and build and expand our common grounds," he said.

In his speech, Lim repeatedly stressed that Pakatan' focus should be to capture the 'Middle Malaysian' vote as it matters most to what he terms as a "second round of nation building".

"It is crucial to note that there is only one middle ground in Malaysian politics, and it is the middle ground that matters. Make no mistake that 'Middle Malaysia' will decide which coalition governs next.

"To embrace 'Middle Malaysia', Pakatan must be seen as moderate, inclusive and distance and differentiate ourselves from our exclusive, racist and extremist opponents," he said.
Yes, lets take Middle Malaysia to Putrajaya! ;-)


Anonymous said...

True that Malaysia is at war with itself but its not a war of its own making but rather of a minority of selfish and egoitistically people who marketed themselves as protectors and wise when they are nothing more than unprincipled opportunists.

Malaysian have been guilty for being weak and self-centred to allow those few egotist to exploit their generosity, insecurities and apathy in the past. However, we have shown that we can change but more importantly the egotists have been exposed not to be able to change and have merely got worst over time.

It is time for Malaysian to be who they are, truly beautiful souls that are generous and be responsible for themselves, for each other and for the nation that belongs to them.

It is time for Malaysians to show the selfish, cynics and pathetically mediocre pretenders, who is boss.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony Pua

Read comments of readers on Din Merican's blog on Middle Malaysia

Click here to read

Anonymous said...

The first thing that crossed my mind when I read about "Middle Malaysia" is "Middle Kingdom". Not exactly a nice association for some sensitive peeps in Bolehland who might latch onto this possible fodder for the press but there you are .. some food for thought.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Others try to draw a line to keep me out
But I draw a bigger circle to bring them in
For this is what "loving your neighbour" is all about
For under the fatherhood of God we are all kins

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190110
Tue. 19th Jan. 2010.

Anonymous said...

I'll meet you halfway, that's better than no way . . .

~ ais

Anonymous said...

jgn bermimpi di siang hari

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Malaysians are pragmatic and NOT extremists...

Najib said...

hi there...

What does it mean by “middle Malaysia?” Is it a re-branding by DAP of its earlier concept, Malaysian Malaysia? So, what happens to Malaysian Malaysia? Is it that easy to come up with a totally new concept? As far as I am concerned, a new concept needs to be scrutinized, discussed and then, be implemented. However, what I feel is that this concept raises more questions than answers. Maybe someone could enlighten me on this....

Anonymous said...

I start my rambling today with the introduction of a new term – chingkify

You chingkify a country when you introduce all things chinese -chinese language.
chinese dramas as in tv2,tv8,tv7 and tv3

The dap wants to `chingkify` all malaysians and the country.

According to wiki, middle kingdom is a chingky term to reflect the chingkiness
of the country china. Now the chinamen from dap wants all malaysia chingkified!

Lo and behold the wiki on middle kingdom

China is called Zhōngguó (also Romanized as Chung-kuo or Jhongguo) in Mandarin Chinese. The first character zhōng (中) means “central” or “middle,” while guó (国/國) means “kingdom” or “nation”. The term can be literally translated into English as “Middle Kingdom” or “Central Kingdom.”[1]
The concept of “zhōngguó” – The smallest circle in the middle is the “Tianzi”; surrounding it are two layers of officials. The outmost ring belongs to the vassal states. Outside that is “beyond civilization”, where the Yi, Man, Rong and Di resides.

The name “zhōngguó” first appeared in the Classic of History as the name for “the centre of civilization” or “Tianxia”, depending on the interpretation.[2]. The general concept of the term “zhōngguó” originates from the belief that the Zhou Dynasty is the “centre of civilization” or “centre of the world”, much like the “Middle Earth” concept of Europeans, while the ethnic groups in the four cardinals are called Eastern Yi, Southern Man, Western Rong and Northern Di respectively. However, there are different uses of the name “zhōngguó” in every period. It could refer to the guó (capital) of the Emperor, to distinguish from the guó of his vassals, as in Western Zhou; or it could refer to states in Central China, to distinguish from states in outer regions. It is also used, in later dynasties, by states who see themselves as the “legitimate” successors of previous dynasties, as in the case of the Southern Song Dynasty. Finally, it is used to mean the sovereignty in the traditional area “zhōngyuán (中原)” or “zhōnghuá (中華)”, which both have the same origins, such as in the case of the Republic of China
(“Zhōnghuá Mínguó (中华民国/中華民國)”) and the People’s Republic of China (“Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó (中华人民共和国/中華人民共和國)”).

So do not be lulled with the movie stuff from the middle kingdom of Tolkin

Anonymous said...

hi there

Middle Malaysia looks good literally because it concerns about moderation. However, is it not all this while Malaysia herself is a country that practices moderation? Or else, we will not be able to live in peace and harmony.

even if there are opportunists or egoists or whatever you wanna call it, malaysians should be grateful to be, to live and to breath in this country...

whatever 'middle malaysia' you call it, it looks like it divides and not unite. If you are really sincere in fighting for the people DAP should come up with a systematic, effective and clear mission and vision...

Gud luck