Saturday, January 16, 2010

GST on TV9 "Hujah"

I was invited to the Malay-language 'Hujah' talk show on TV9 at the end of last year to discuss the issue of Goods and Services Tax. Together with me was the MP for Pulai, Datuk Nur Jazlan speaking on behalf of the government. It was a 30 minute programme, so it's split into 4 parts on YouTube below. Enjoy ;-)


Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting dynamic.

You won on substance but lost on appearance. Hard to tell what that adds up to. The probably feel they did not lose and even if they did will insist they did not and hence feeling smug about it.

Body language suggest they don't hold you in high regard. But there is no great animosity either. They do not feel you as much of a threat rather a problem they want to deal with.

PJU Voter said...


You really need to brush up on your presentation and argument skills.

You got facts, but you fluster too easily and use high pitch tone when speaking.

Learn to be calm and collected and present with authority.

Most time, you sound like a Chinatown haggler. It doesn't inspire confidence in us to have you leading.

azmo85 said...

i have to agree with PJU. you weren't in much control of the discussion (if you can call it that).
but i would like to add something, why was the host talking more about the governments plan rather than the government representative. he wasn't asking question like a thrid party in the discussion, rather the government rep appeared more like an outsider.
it seem more like a ganging up rather than a discussion.
well, that's what i think.

daniel said...

What kind of a debate is this when the moderator is siding and "membantu" one party?

julio said...

I would have liked trancribieras discussion in text. I do not understand the language but I'm interested in these issues and especially the debates.

Tze Horng said...

I was taxed 10% for GST back in California last year and now I was taxed 9% in Oklahoma. I find it unacceptable because it really burden me. If this were to be implemented in Malaysia, it will affect everyone whether they are rich or poor because what you bought are taxed twice. The rich will have less impact but for the poor, 4% means a lot. For states like Sabah, the average income for an average worker is around Rm400 to Rm500 but the cost of living in Sabah is way higher. In another word, they are struggling for a living there. Once the GST is implemented, the inflation rate will go 4% higher and this will cause them to be poorer. Besides that, I believe that the 4% will go to the Federal government instead of the State government, thus, it will do no good to Sabahan. Unlike in the US, the GST collected by the state government and used to improve the state.

Anonymous said...

Memang suka Hos ini..Dr Mohd Agus Yusuf memanglah hos yang amat bijak sekali cara pertanyaan..dan juga penerangannya..! Jelas direct sekali serta tidak putar-belit..amat bersungguh-sungguh segala maklumatnya bila mengendalikan "Hujah" setiap waktu setiap masa..!

Doalah beliau masuk PR..suatu hari nanti..!Inshyaallah..!