Thursday, November 26, 2009

RM15b Matrade Convention Centre Raised in Parliament I

Last Thursday (19 Nov) was the very first time the RM15 billion mega-convention and exhibition centre project was raised in Parliament, when the Deputy Finance Minister, Dr Awang Adek was winding up the committee stage debate on his Ministry. I saw the project reported for the very first time on the headlines of Financial Daily, and was completely shocked that such a project can still be awarded in today's environment without any tender at all, open or restricted.

Unfortunately, the Deputy Finance Minister was clueless about the project and requested that I refer the matter to the Prime Minister's Department. I managed to raise this issue again yesterday in Parliament during the committee stage debate on the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. There' certainly more to come on this topic, watch this space.


Donplaypuks® said...


We are all thoroughly disgusted with this yet again U-turn by Najib's Govt on the matter of open tender for major public expenditure contracts.

I am sure the deal is not in the public interest and the question of the Official Secrets Act being contravened is very, very strong. How did Naza know about Matrade's plans to the exclusion of other construction and property developers?

Please file a police report and a case against the Govt, Minister and Ministry for failure to be transparent and comply with the Govt's and Treasury's rules and laws on open tenders which should be the norm and not the exception.

Besides the question of this cozy sweetheart deal for Naza TTDI, please raise this question iN Parliament:

Does the cost of $625 million for the proposed Matrade Convention Centre include the capex fit out cost - F&F, Equipment etc. If it does NOT, what is the total cost of this project including capex?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

it is interesting to note the government under
successive prime ministers have the same modus
operandi in doing work or in giving out projects.

i am amazed by all the effort and funds wasted in
employing spinning by using pr firms and long
list of cybertroopers.

to say that the incumbent gomen wants to progress
with a corresponding spin - rakyat di dahulukan
/kpi thingy whatever and on top of it the gomen
appoint a minister in charge of kpi thingy and had
a flying honcho from mas and a host
of high flying machais to do the high faluting
executive monitoring.

all the spin generated and with the busy cybertroopers
spewing venoms and expletives in every pro gomen blog
upon nik aziz and his dap cohorts cannot hide the ugliness
and stupidity of the gomen operational policies.

the days of gomen is always right and might is right
is now eroding before our eyes. in the previous years
gomen can hide the policy decisions by elegant silence
and simply not dishing out news of the ugly part ie
selective truth aka spinning in the msm. nowadays
there will always be pro bono analysts that write
in blogs. if one popular blog does not publish send the
same material to many many blogs until they get published
in msm or neutral or opposition minded blogs

it is an accepted fact that our neighbour down south
is superior in all aspects of government operations and policies management. The wisest thing was the gomen should have copied the good policies -like calling for tenders on privatisation.
our gomen [ at least the toyo gomen did] send people
to advanced nations on a mission to study better methods and technologies.
the question that need to be answered is- did the toyo gomen employ
the best practice and and policies for maximum public benefit. Obviously toyo failed in this area and this explained why he is on the street now!

I do not intend to delve into the social cost and benefit of
public policies because our ministers and level 4 boys appeared
to be well qualified in economics and graduated from top universities
to boot.

At the end of the day is the quality of the policy decisions up to par
that can propel the country to a slightly better level?
Obviously not. The current policies management seemed just like
the well announced rakan muda thingy introduced in the past. the
gomen of the day spend near about rm 90million in operations in 1980 s but
the returns to date is never released. My estimate probably under rm 3 million!

on the part of the rakyat we can only give feedback, hoping that somebody up there will
take notice


Anonymous said...

I got a tagline for GE13.

Tidak ada Reformasi, Tidak ada GST, Tolak Barang Naik...

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua,

Here is something far more important that you miss to mention.

It's bad enough when Matrade/Minister do not know how to count, and another bad thing when they think we are stupid. But the need of a 3rd party (NAZA) to tell Matrade that they need a new Convention & Exhibition Center. That’s fucking beyond me. HELLO....., we are talking about MALAYSIA TRADE. Bloody hell our future business is in their hand, they are in charge and they are stupid. That's fuck up.

Exporting maid in 20 years??? Are you kidding me, do you think our kids qualify. They can’t count and can’t understand simple English. MAYBE INDONESIA.

God Bless Malaysia