Saturday, November 07, 2009

PKFZ: MACC Refuses To Answer PAC

I had plenty of questions for the MACC Chief at the meeting with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) when he finally turned up on the 23 Jun after skipping the earlier session.

But it all came to naught as he stone-walled most answers with his "Seksyen 29(4) Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia 2009" where he's not allowed to disclose any details. Unfortunately the answers which they refused to answer relates to questions about they lack of results ("case closed") since the issue was first reported in 2004, and not actually on the details of the existing investigations.

Of course, the double-standards were obvious. And I lost my cool "whacking" him on it.
Dato’ Sri Haji Ahmad Said bin Hamdan (MACC Chief Commissioner): Okey Yang Berhormat Tuan Pengerusi. Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Pulai. Kita diminta datang untuk maklumkan status siasatan yang ada pada hari ini, sejauh mana yang kita sudah buat. Akan tetapi oleh kerana dapatan itu kita belum dapat kemukakan. Jadi kalau kita kemukakan sekarang apa yang kita dapat itu sorry to say pendapat tadikan, mungkin akan menjejaskan kes ini. Jadi untuk berlaku adil pada semua pihak, biarlah pihak perundangan dan pendakwaan membuat keputusannya. Selesai membuat keputusan baru kita kemukakan.

Datuk Haji Mohd Shukri bin Abdull (MACC Director of Investigations): Okey. Ingin saya quote kan seksyen 29(4) Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia 2009. Menyatakan bahawa, “Apa-apa sahaja aduan dan kandungannya tidak boleh didedahkan kepada mana-mana pihak kecuali setelah seseorang itu telah dipertuduhkan di mahkamah. Keputusan yang dibuat oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya”.

Dato’ Kamarul Baharin Abbas (MP Telok Kemang): Tuan Pengerusi, berapa banyak kes sebenarnya yang sedang disiasat? Saya percaya bukan hanya satu kes, mungkin ada beberapa kes hasil daripada laporan Pricewaterhouse ini, berapa kes yang sebenarnya sedang disiasat?

Datuk Haji Mohd Shukri bin Abdull: Secara umumnya, secara umumnya sebab saya tidak boleh jelaskan in detail. Kita ada melihat beberapa isu bermula daripada pembelian tanah sehinggalah kepada pemberian projek bangunan kepada Kuala Dimensi. So, ada beberapa isu yang kita siasat. Daripada peringkat awal sampai ke peringkat akhir.

Tony Pua: Saya hanya ada komen terakhir mengenai penjelasan yang telah pun diberikan oleh pihak MACC sekarang. Saya berasa penjelasan yang telah diberi bercanggah dengan tindakan yang telah pun diambil oleh pihak MACC sebelum ini termasuk mengemukakan kes-kes mengenai rasuah kah apa sebelum penyiasatan dihabiskan dalam kes-kes yang lain seperti Menteri Besar Selangor mengenai lembu, dengan mengenai kereta...

Masa itu boleh keluarkan tetapi buat masa ini dengan pihak PAC di Parlimen tidak boleh memberikan apa-apa maklumat tetapi dengan pihak awam boleh, kenapa? Adakah sebelum ini ia tidak bercanggah dengan klausa 29(4) atau apa? Saya tidak faham.

Tuan Pengerusi: Ini saya hendak minta maaf. Jangan bawa isu politik di sini. Selangor ini... [Ketawa]

Tuan Tony Pua: Ini bukan isu politik, ini penjelasan, penjelasan mengenai 29(4). Kenapa ada masanya boleh, tetapi ada masanya tidak boleh?

Tuan Pengerusi: Tolong jawab.

Dato’ Sri Haji Ahmad Said bin Hamdan: Tuan Pengerusi, saya ingat saya tidak perlu jawab dalam hal ini.

Tuan Tony Pua: This is contempt!

Dato’ Sri Haji Ahmad Said bin Hamdan: It’s not contempt. I’m not going to respond you. Ask me about Port Klang Free Trade Zone. I’m not going...

Tuan Tony Pua: I asking about your explanation.

Dato’ Sri Haji Ahmad Said bin Hamdan: No.

Tuan Tony Pua: Your explanation to Parliament…

Dato’ Sri Haji Ahmad Said bin Hamdan: I don’t have to answer to that. Thank you Tuan Pengerusi.
You decide whether he was or not in contempt of Parliament. I wasn't asking him the top secret specifics. I was just asking him about his selective application of the law as and when it suits him.

I was certainly pissed. It's no wonder MACC is in the state that it is today.


Anonymous said...

MACC's sole existence is to protect the corrupt UMNO-BN officials. There is an undeniable fact. PERIOD.

Change the Federal Government! That's the only solution to fight corruption!

Anonymous said...

Tony -
what did you expect him to say....that MACC has found plenty of incriminating evidence but they cannot take action because all the leaders of BN are involved....

suggest you try some other angles if there are any....good luck


Anonymous said...

agree with anon 9.12pm.

but how?

we, pakatan supporters, got money.
we, pakatan supporters, got spare time.

how can we help, yb?


Unknown said...

Dear Sir
BN lawmakers are used to be double standards in their political game. It is all that they try to cover up each other shit hole on purposes.
They are chosen to be representative for their constituencies carelessly by people and the nature of constitution designs them with order to maintain the welfare of the people there, but instead they try to work it reversely as though they are supposed to enrich themselves and their cronies in connivance conceivably on every which way they can get their hands touch on it. People are kind to them but in return they play them out relentlessly. A game of politic for them is just to make uses of the chances to benefit their own gains. Any promises they have made in the election day have all gone into the vanity without a repent.
A country is supposed to look after by them but, they instead destroy it mercilessly and with no conscientiousness.
PKFZ scandal is internationally wide spread via media and superhighway of internet.
Could it be having the chances to erase it away from people's mind? What kind of a nation like Malaysia other people from other sides of countries think and make their judgments toward Malaysia?
It is so shameful that the moneys spent on vanity and then many poor Malaysians suffer in the hardcore poverty condition. Their pitiful lives of poverty are man-made destitution. Their rights to share the world's wealth are deprived to nigh zero by a poor governing mismanagement run by a bunch of perfidious, vicious malefactors.
We can understand that no wonder you have lost you cool when your questions were not responded. But, after all thank a lot for your good work was carried out as upon dutifulness. Man of DAP. Well done!

charleskiwi said...

Do not talk modesty with prostitute !
They would not know what it is to begin with !

Anonymous said...

Keep going, YB Tony.

And keep posting the comments that reveal to the world their bodoh-sombong incompetence-arrogance.

inspectormonk said...


Cut out the rhetoric! It's not going to get u anywhere!

Why don't u just cite both of the MACC luminaries for contempt of Parliament? I just hope that your colleagues on the PAC will back u up on this.

Or follow the example of the demonstrators in Indonesia and raise this issue on Facebook. Get a million Malaysians to sign up with their views on the MACC. Be assured that the Malaysian govt is watching very carefully how events in Indonesia play out, now that President SBY has declared war on the "legal mafia" there.

Jaafar said...

The problem is that those in power (BN) and those entrusted with power(civil service) are not god-fearing. They forget about answering to Allah. They never think about death. They both worship the Ringgits.

People like them have lose dignity, shameless and care for nothing but money. This disease what in Islam is called the "love for the dunia".