Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Minister Rejects Own Crime Survey

My earlier post "Home Minister Supports KPI Minister" focused on the fact that Dato' Seri Hishammuddin supports the thesis that the crime index will inevitably rise as the confidence in the police is returning to the people. One of the basis we rejected this thesis is the fact that the Home Ministry's own surveys indicated a total lack of confidence in the police force!

Some of the survey results are as follows:

Jul 09: Out of 9,319 responses, 95% felt that their safety is "not secured"

Jul 09: Out of 10,060 responses, 97% "do not feel safe"

Jul 09: Out of 9,261 responses, 94% felt the Government "has not done enough"

Jul 09: 63% felt unsafe because they have been victims of crime,
while 36% have read crime stories

Sep 09: 76% felt angry/pissed when seeing the police (!);
only 12% is respectful or impressed with them

Anyone reading the above survey results can only come to 1 conclusion. The rakyat doesn't feel safe in the country and have little or no confidence in the Police. Mind you, the survey was conducted by the Government, not by the opposition! What's more, thousands of people responded even if you give a reasonable margin of error, not just hundreds. Hence we asked in Parliament, "how can the Minister say that the confidence in our police has increased, resulting in a temporary spike in crime index, as more reports are being filed?" And we were of course, accused of "politicising the issue".
Tuan Lim Kit Siang [Ipoh Timur]: Terima kasih. Kita di sini dan tidak ada sesiapa yang mahu mempolitikkan hal keselamatan rakyat negara dan janganlah semacam tadi ada Ahli-ahli Parlimen yang mahu memperkecil-kecilkan perkara ini dan kita akan memberi segala sokongan terhadap apa usaha-usaha yang boleh memberi sumbangan untuk menurunkan kadar jenayah yang serius.

Kita tidak boleh menafikan adalah kadar jenayah serius atau mempersetujui bahawa perlu masa kalau kita mahu kembalikan satu keadaan yang selamat tapi kita perlu mengakui keadaan sekarang sangat serius khasnya website Yang Berhormat Menteri sendiri di mana 97% yang berpendapat bahawa dengan landskap semasa Malaysia bahawa mereka tidak rasa selamat dan bahawa 95% yang berpendapat bahawa keselamatan rakyat tidak terjamin dan bahawa 94% berpendapat bahawa kerajaan tidak ambil segala tindakan usaha yang perlu memastikan keselamatan rakyat pada tahap yang terbaik.

Ini semua bukan rekaan atau ciptaan parti-parti Pakatan Rakyat. Inilah reflection perasaan rakyat yang tulen dan itulah apa yang kita perlu tangani dan adakah sebab itu kita mahu tanya sama ada kerajaan rela untuk ambil segala usaha yang perlu seperti Yang Berhormat Menteri apabila mengambil alih kementerian ini pada mulanya ada umumkan mahu review semula 125 perakuan royal commission enquiry tetapi oleh kerana bantahan daripada pihak polis nampaknya Yang Berhormat Menteri pun berundur.
And this is the reply which "floored" Lim Kit Siang - the Minister in essence, rejected the findings of his own Ministry's survey!
Dato' Seri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein: [...] Tuan Yang di-Pertua, akhir berhubung kait dengan jenayah ialah berhubung kait dengan poll yang disebutkan oleh Yang Berhormat Ipoh Timur tadi. Poll KDN mesti dilihat dalam konteks sebenarnya yang disebutkan oleh Yang Berhormat Pasir Salak tadi. Kalau sekiranya kita ambil bulat-bulat macam itu sememangnya akan mewujudkan satu persepsi bahawa hanya 1% sahaja rakyat Malaysia merasa selamat tinggal di negara ini berdasarkan kepada poll KDN.

Akan tetapi yang saya hendak jelaskan tinjauan pendapat yang dibuat menerusi IKDN merupakan portal kementerian, satu tinjauan pendapat secara rambang bagi mendapatkan pandangan orang ramai secara umum. Semua pihak yang berkepentingan seharusnya mempunyai pertimbangan yang sewajarnya memandangkan peratus responden yang menyertai tinjauan pendapat itu 10,060 iaitu 0.037% daripada penduduk Malaysia berbanding dengan jumlah keseluruhan penduduk di negara ini seramai 27 juta orang. Dengan itu peratusan rakyat yang berpendapat negara ini adalah tidak selamat tidak menggambarkan melalui poll IKDN.
What can you say! The Minister actually said that the 10,060 survey respondents constitute only 0.037% of the population! There's a reason why it's called a "survey" not a referendum!

(Note: For those who are keen, you can read the entire debate on crime in the Hansard here, from page 168 to 185)


P130 voter said...

Your Honourable Petaling Jaya Utara, the govt is giving silly answer so that the opposition bench can use these as future bullets to shoot at us during the next GE. Kindly archive these silly answers and hope you have a field trip during GE-13.

P130 voter

Sick of Koh Tsu Koon said...

BN always have creative excuses to reject anything that is unfavourable to them even though it is accurate and true.

Ngan said...

Pakatan should carry out the survey on a bigger scale. say 1 million malaysian from the city to villages. Prove Keris man that he is wrong!

Donplaypuks® said...

Kerismudin has time and time again proven he is a mouse of high cunning and low intellect.

The day UMNO/BN Ministers pooh pooh the findings of their own sponsored surveys and spindoctor about it is the day we know this Govt cannot last long.

This is what you must challenge them on daily in Parliament and in by-elections and show them up for the hypocrites and incompetents they really are!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

When the objective being a minister in the government is not about the interest of the rakyat but opportunities to amass wealth and scr@W up the rakyat you will never get any sensible answer to anything.

It will always amaze you and how some people still support and vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Macam mana boleh cakap sesuatu yang meruntuhkan imej kerajaan kalau telah dilantik menjadi sebahagian drpNYA..!

Inilah persepsi cara pengurusan..mereka in yang salah..carilah sebab bagi menghujahkan supaya nampaknya boleh diterima...! Yang menyeleweng...tapi carilah sebab yang amat terdesak walaupun dah jelas amat jenayahnya...masih macam-macam boleh buatpun bagi mempertahankannya..!

Inilah yang menyebabkan Rakyat Malaysia perlukan "Reformasi"....!
bagi menegakkan "Keadilan dan Kebenaran" unutk semua ...Tunggulah...Masa akan
memberi jawapan Kepada.."Kebenaran dan keadilan.."

Anonymous said...

Yes I support the minister's view -our crime indek should be the lowest in the world,not like as surveyed.

Anonymous said...

Again, no mediocrity surprises me when it comes to BN politician. Princeton PHD grad can give the shamefully mathematically wrong answer what else cannot happen?

The issue really is why can't PR turn these mediocrity into something more substantial? PR in particular is suppose to be filled with bright people like Tony, but while most are good and competence, its remarkable and the exceptional that is needed to turn these opportunities to reality. Political entreprenurialism no less to achieve the goals by GE 13. Nothing less.

Not fair? Of course its not fair. Who says it ever going to be??

Simon Seow said...

Like this die lor, TV and Radio have to do survey on all 27 million Malaysians to know their ratings lor

democrazyman said...

wow.. that keris boy really amazed me, again. if the crime rate is acceptable to him, does he really do anything as a minister at all?

ryansoh said...

I don't see why the opposition should be ashamed to politicise this issue at all.

It's one thing to debate about punishment vs rehabilitation, but it's quite another when there is widespread loss of confidence in the police force and not enough police personnel doing police work.

So there's a need to spend more money and look better doing the job (best achieved by actually doing the job better), it's the failure of this government to acknowledge that and get going.

You can't get something done when in denial, it either has to be acknowledged or forced upon.

This should be a main campaign issue, and the charts and stats will look v nicely right next to the stories of neighbours, friends and relatives being robbed or preyed upon due to the lack of police deterrent, resources and investigations - a direct result of the failure of Barisan to invest and reform.

Since they will not acknowledge it, they must be forced to change. And change comes by voting Pakatan.