Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On Public Transport, Privatisation and Open Tenders

After speaking on the 5% real property gains tax (RPGT) and the proposed goods and services tax (GST) during the committee stage debate on the Ministry of Finance, I moved on to 3 additional topics - insufficient funding allocated for Syarikat Prasanara owned by the Finance Ministry, which owns RapidKL, the concern over the "second wave of privatisation" announced by the Prime Minister in his 2010 Budget speech as well as the Government's procurement policies which are opaque and open to abuse.


Anonymous said...

YB< I want to ask you, Is it safe to fly with Air Asia.
Tell me who audited their safety and airworthiness.
Let me remind you as before anything happen to Malaysians as well as foreigner, pse wake them up and there are too many stories untold pertaining to flight safety.
Our Airline must be open to public scrutiny. Some one need to bring this issue up......

Anonymous said...

Dear anon,

Audit MAS's safety first before audit AirAsia. MAS's planes have much longer life span than the average airlines and AirAsia's =)

Anonymous said...

MAS or AirAsia...., just audit both.

No matter what, both airline are carrying Malaysians & foreigners..!

Even new planes can kill. Go watch Discovery Channel & National Geo. "Air Crash Investigations"...!

Don't forget to "audit" the pilots & crew too....!!!!!

Equally important...!!!

jokersland said...

I think you are asking the wrong question.You should ask the consern on the "second wave of piratation" not privitation.