Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crime Index Up Because Police More Effective

Yes, that's exactly what our KPI Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon said in Parliament yesterday. He was asked why was the Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan given such high marks for his performance, when the crime rate in Malaysia has sky-rocketed over the past few years, during his winding up speech for his portfolio on the Budget debate. As per the Hansard records (pg 78) yesterday:
Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon: ...Yang Berhormat Serdang.

Puan Teo Nie Ching [Serdang]: Berbanyak-banyak terima kasih Yang Berhormat Menteri, terima kasih Tuan Yang di-Pertua. [Ketawa] Saya hendak bertanya sedikit kerana memanglah saya berasa betul bahawa berbagai-bagai badan mempunyai tugas mereka. Bagi saya, sekiranya kita hendak membanteras rasuah, memanglah amat penting bahawa kita mesti memastikan PDRM dan MACC boleh berfungsi.

Akan tetapi Dewan Rakyat ini dimaklumkan bahawa Ketua Polis kita mendapat KPI yang tinggi sehingga 113.8%, dan saya hendak bertanya bagaimana Ketua Polis kita mendapat satu markah yang begitu tinggi. Kerana bagi saya sejak tahun 2004 sehingga tahun 2008, kes-kes jenayah telah meningkat sehingga 35.5%. Pada 1 Ogos yang lalu, semasa perhimpunan anti ISA dan memansuhkan ISA, ada remaja yang ditangkap dan terdapat salah seorang yang hanya berumur 13 tahun, seorang budak sahaja yang PDRM telah tangkap dan masukkan ke dalam lokap.

Dalam history Malaysia buat kali pertama, ada lima orang peguam, yang telah pergi ke Balai Polis Brickfields untuk menasihati klien mereka dan menasihati individu yang ditangkap, tetapi mereka juga turut ditangkap dan dimasukkan ke dalam lokap. Oleh itu saya hendak bertanya, bagaimana Menteri KPI kita memastikan bagaimana markah diberikan kepada Ketua Polis dan bolehkah menjelaskan apakah total mark untuk KPI? Sampai 1000 kah, sehingga Ketua Polis kita mendapat 113 markah? Terima kasih.

Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, mengenai KPI bagi sebarang pegawai, ini belum dilaksanakan dengan sepenuhnya di semua peringkat. Apa yang mungkin dimaksudkan oleh Yang Berhormat Serdang, ialah apa yang dikatakan sebagai peningkatan jenayah. Peningkatan jenayah ini ada dua aspek, satu ialah kadar jenayah yang dilaporkan.

Pengalaman dari negara-negara lain menunjukkan bahawa apabila pihak berkuasa, penguat kuasa menjadi lebih berkesan. Maka bilangan laporan akan meningkat, sebab dahulu sebelum sistem menjadi berkesan, maka orang awam enggan melaporkan.

Ada juga yang dikatakan anggota-anggota Polis yang tidak menggalakkan supaya sesuatu dilaporkan sebab... Kes ragut misalnya. Amat sukar untuk mangsa mengenal pasti siapa peragut itu, oleh itu mungkin banyak kes tidak dilaporkan. Akan tetapi apabila keyakinan orang awam terhadap pasukan penguat kuasa meningkat maka mereka akan tampil ke hadapan, itu satu. Yang keduanya, sistem untuk menerima laporan itu.

Based on Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon's enlightened logic, should the crime index increase further over the next few years, it is definitely because the rakyat's confidence in the police force has increased significantly due to the vastly improved performance from our police.

The question is, have the people's confidence in the police force increased so much over the last few years? Or has it actually been the reverse? The Ministry of Home Affairs conducted a survey just a few months back, and the result only shows overwhelming number of Malaysians do not feel safe in the country. Is that the confidence Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon's talking about?


Unknown said...

No body could have known how IGP Musa Hassan got his high mark of KPI score announced by KTK of Gerakan president.
One thing we could have known was that this is Boleh Land. Anything can be happened in this wonderful Boleh Land. The score of 113.8% KPI could be accepted by all.
A minister of KPI, reminds me a story I have read before in Reader's Digest many years ago.
"A president or might be a prime minister of a developed country. A friend of the president was jobless at that time. Desperately and earnestly wanted to look for a proper job, went to see his friend the current president asking him could he provide him a job, as he had got a family to look after. The president was kind to him and promised him he would help him out of joblessness." "Before the president's friend took his departure and said good-bye, the president suddenly got an indisputable bright idea in mind, and he said to his friend that he had found him a job."
"The job offered to the president's friend was a job to study why such a highly educated person like him could not locate a job."
The smart president eventually found his friend a job with reasonably high drawing emolument.
Remember this KTK was defeated in Penang GE 308? He said he would take up responsibility of his party mass loses in election. He wouldn't accept any ministry post offering to him by honoring him as senator which provides the path to be minister in office of Prime Minister.
Eventually our smart PM found his friend a job as KPI minister, how wonderfully he had accepted the appointment as minister in PM office. A job to make himself derogate and chinless. Should KTK know it?

Anonymous said...

Hi KTK, your are the least shameful guy in Malaysia Bolehland. (Sorry we all are in Malaysia only & not included Bolehland) How can a leader of a component party in BN make his entrance from the back door in Parliament.BN & Najib pls do us a favour, I'm vormitting listening to his explaination in the House, get him a teaching job at least he will be useful there and maybe less stressful for him and for us Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

to recap some NFA files and to say how koh tsu koon is fast becoming an outward liar himself just like his master!1.datuk krishnan(mic johor) murder 2.sajutha 3.kugan 4.altantuya (sandiwara) 5.PI bala 6.musa underworld connections 7.teoh (soon to be NFA) 8.VK Linggam 9.PKFZ etc etc.....and to give that IGP above 100???we malaysians have given him a minus infront of koh's mark! sdr koh u are a total disgrace to yr communities!

Anonymous said...

I want to go back to Najib 'misqoute' of 9% GDP growth bringing it to US$17,000 per capita until 2020. He nows says its 6% which only brings per capita to US$13,000.

If I recall, the original Mahathir Vision 2020 was US$24,000 per capita, NOW ITS US$13,000??

That is BN for you, they promise to deliver 10, give you 3 and say its 5 and that is what they original promise. That is not the worst of it. The 3 they deliver isn't by them entirely, they are just deliverymen, not the producer itself.. For being a deliverman, they take 20% of the 10 or 2/3 for themeselves. THAT is BN...

kl_boy said...

I really want to laugh at Tan Sri's answers. I do hope all the Pakatan MPs in Parliament smiled widely when our Tan Sri gave this answer. Please invite Tan Sri to the high crime areas in Klang Valley during resident meetings and repeat this in their meeting. I so can't wait to see the common people's respond to this statement :)

Anonymous said...

The question asked by Puan Teo (Serdang) has "NOT" been answered by that KTK fella.....!!!

"Why is there "ALWAYS" a need for these goons to compare us with other countries....????"

We are discussing about "Malaysia's" high crime rate lah.....!!!
Doesn't he know that..? Or just being spineless...????


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (1:11 am)

Do you really think it is a good idea to allow someone like KTK to teach the youths of our Country?


PJU Voter said...


What KOH TSU KOON said is indeed TRUE!!!

The crime rate had gone up is becos' the rakyat had regained confidence towards PDRM. Most people are willing to step forward to make a police report regardless whether it's a petty crime or robbery.

I used to view PDRM negatively in the past but of late, PDRM had been BRILLIANT!!! They performed exceptionally well. Their EXCELLENT performance of late had resulted the following:

1) Less Illegal Street Demo. Thus, we now have less STREET BARBARIANS marching on streets just to send some stupid Memo to here & there. These BARBARIANS had finally discovered something call EMAIL (faster, cheaper, more convenient & less trouble).

2) Less CANDLELIGHT VIGILS. While most candle merchants are facing BAD BUSINESS due to this factor; 'the rakyat' on the other hand is enjoying PEACE (finally, huh???). Those WANKERS who had been organizing these Candlelight Vigils had finally regained their EYE SIGHT. In the past, these wankers were a BLIND LOT & they thought by holding CANDLES would brighten-up their walkway. These WANKERS are currently enjoying the sight of SUN (something they NEVER knew what it was until now). Some of these WANKERS even thought their CANDLES had flew-up into the sky (referring their CANDLES as the SUN).

3) We have less people getting thrown into KAMUNTING RESORT under ISA. It's clear most TERRORISTS such as THERESA KOK, LIM KIT SIANG, KARPAL SINGH & LIM GUAN ENG had finally found out TERRORISM is NOT the way forward. However, there's one WANKER who hasn't change & his name goes by RAJA PETRA KAMARUDDIN(or RPK). This COWARD BALLESS WANKER ran & hide outside Malaysia instead (just like CHIN PENG).

4) TIAN CHUA of PKR is now a more OBEDIENT DOG. This DOG had finally understood the meaning of "SHUT-UP, SIT DOWN & BEHAVE". It's the PDRM which taught this DOG (breed: Tian Chua) all about being OBEDIENT. Woof!! Woof!! Shut-up Tian Chua!!! Good Boy!!!

5) TONY PUA no longer gets into TROUBLE with his silly actions & events. It's NOT that TONY had ran out of ideas but it's the PDRM which taught TONY how to be a WELL BEHAVE DOG or face the master's beating. This is why whenever one mentioned the word "POLICE" in-front of TONY, one can see TONY's pants slowly getting WET. Sources said TONY is now wearing DIAPERS as safety precautions.

6) The EXCELLENT performance of IGP MUSA HASSAN had made ANWAR IBRAHIM a better guy. We seldom hear stories of ANWAR IBRAHIM going around SODOMIZING jantan's ARSE. This is becos' the PDRM had taught ANWAR IBRAHIM well. These days ANWAR IBRAHIM had resorted to SODOMIZING DOGS', COWS', GOATS' & PIGS' ARSE as alternative solutions.

Based on my clarifications above, I strongly believe everybody will AGREE with what I have stated.

Guys & Gals...."No need to call me a GENIUS for the above clarifications". It's NATURAL!!! All we need to do is to OPEN UP OUR EYES & see FACTS. What had been stated above are TRULY INDEED FACTS!!!

Anonymous said...

KTK is now just pathetic. When even idiots think he needs help, you have got to know you are not in good shape.. He IS


Anonymous said...

KTK didn't even answer the question! He twisted and turned, I didn't even know what he was trying to say.


I thought this is the first MCE/SPM candidate to score 9As. At that time, MCE was very tough.

Unknown said...

PJU Voter, should you have the little bit of manner of your to thank Mr. Tony Pua's kindness for no deleting your unkind comment on his blog? Let you conduct vicious written attack isn't his intention to stop you. Because he is a true politician as well as parliamentarian.
Should you understand why he treat you good? He just pity you and your master who pays you to defame opposition leaders.
1) It purposely shows that your master is wrongly employing you to do the dog barking job for him.
2) Because you are stupid and unable to find fault of those persons in the opposition side efficiently your master hates most.
3) If you are a capable commenter, please do the job for your master nicely and properly. Go right ahead dig out more evidences effectively to prove those opposition leaders are actually committing something wrong and did the act of sodomy.
4) Don't just madly bark like a mad dog barking at wrong tree.
5) Please do some research about the opposition leaders untold misdeed malefactions, if there is any. Reveal them in the public, they will all gone as rotten meats. Then, your boss will be very happy, and gives you a raise.
6) If you are able, you don't have to do such uncivilized criticism insanely to disgrace your parents and family. Think it over! please!
7) Please, be a man of modern Malaysian or may be a good faith Muslim . Do something proper and constructive to help upholding the wrong. This country needs to be given a reinvented change.
8) Don't just simply waste your master's money for nothing. Other wise, your boss will be the dog in your dirty mouth. He won't like it if you take him as miserable dog.
9) A poorly treated cyber trooper like you, still cannot find what is wrong that your master wants you to do for him.
10) A literately cypher person like you, after 52 years of BN's rule, can you live tally like Tony, man of DAP? You can't! Sorry!
11) Ponder a little, please!
12) Thank you and cheer!

Anonymous said...

IGP got over 100% KPI because he got 'dirt' on 100% of the BN politicians in this 'beautiful' country of ours. eyes rolling....

KIMHO8 said...

As usual, he is a damn loser.
Can't help it!

Anonymous said...

KTK... dude you should go and re-study math and statistics.

PJU voter... you should stop working for the loser...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:26 pm

KTK has an undergraduate physics degree from Princeton University.
So, he does not need to re-study maths and statistics.

In fact, he shows his prowess in maths by doing the almost impossible i.e.
coming up with high KPI score for
a serial under-performer. Is this not mathematical brilliance?

Anonymous said...

Anony 10:34AM

Indeed, that is brilliant. I think he no need to restudy that, instead he should use the money to install a few CCTV or hire a few guards for places that need them. It would be a waste to use the money on him.

By the way, a person that have physic's degree doesn't mean he is good in statistics.


Anonymous said...

i love PJU Voter! coz everytime he comments, he makes me laugh so much. joker lah, the fler. hahahaha!!! i think YB finds it just as amusing and childish so he left it there to entertain us. tsk tsk tsk

lionel0008 said...

@PJU voter

Nice jokes.

If I had not experienced a HOUSE BREAK IN when a NEW POLICE STATION WAS RECENTLY STATIONED AT BDR SRI D'SARA, I would have believed everything u said.

My mum lost her hand bag in TMN MALURI due to snatch theft 2 to 3 years ago and the police at Kepong station had the nerve to say, "Go to Sentul to report or write as dropped wallet".

My mum chose the latter as Sentul is not near Kepong.

And that is efficient!?

Anonymous said...

The method of bulldozing to create a 'make-belief facts' does not work anymore. And....you yourself wouldn't convinced either, would you? The damage already done and Malaysians generally are more well-informed now. KTK, please tell it to 'your' PM and those 'stone-age' and bias medias. IT WON'T WORK, INSTEAD YOU GUYS MADE M'SIA LOOKS STUPID!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ey! Kosugoon..have you been to make any police report before or not? Tok kok..always tok bullshit..you know how the people go through life everyday ah? Go to police station u thought easy ah? Everyday people worried abt their safety..when things happen to you then blooooody leceh..oredi a victim, have to pay bribe sumore. Everybody angry and worry here but you tok like everything is ok. The reason issues were brought up b'coz we want to improve our living not b'coz want to whack you idiots..why you cannot see ah?