Tuesday, October 06, 2009

DAP Alternative Budget 2010

DAP will be officially launching our Alternative National Budget for 2010 this week! For those interested in the National Budget and Economics, you are welcome to join us for the launch and press conference held by party secretary-general Sdr Lim Guan Eng together with our Members of Parliament and state assemblymen.

The details of the event are as follows:
Democratising Malaysia's Economy: DAP Alternative Budget 2010
Date: 7 October 2009 (Wednesday)
Time: 11.00 am
Venue: Rocket United Cafe (1st Flr), 18 Jalan SS2/63, Petaling Jaya
A copy will be made available for download from the DAP website after the launch, or a hard copy of the Alternative Budget can be purchased for RM15.

For those who are attending, we will appreciate a RSVP to Carmen Leong @ leongooikuan (at) gmail (dot) com to assist us with seating and light refreshments.

We will be submitting our proposals to the Pakatan Rakyat Top Leadership Council for consideration and adoption after taking into account the views and opinions of our coalition partners.

Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak will be announcing Malaysia's Budget on 23 October 2009, after the 3rd parliamentary session for the year begins on 19 October.


WY said...

Dear Tony,

As many would have told you by now, it is important to form a solid Pakatan Rakyat front. I wonder whether your fellow colleagues from PAs and PKR have been consulted on this document. If so, why don't you launch is as Pakatan Rakyat's alternative budget.

Whatever happened to the shadow Finance Ministry?

Unknown said...

Hope to see a budget that puts the individual ahead of the hegemony of the state. The time has come for a libertarian approach to economics in this country. Good job anyway Tony.

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Tomatoinc,

I believe each party should have its own positions in terms of policies, as we will have our own areas of emphasis etc.

However, as mentioned above, we will be submitting this to the Pakatan top leadership council for consideration and discussion, and following that a combined Pakatan budget, should the top leadership so decides.



Anonymous said...

Tony, I am still disturbed by the fact that PR is a coalition modelled, or look like is modelled after BN.

I hope to see one of you, or at least DAP develop to encompass a party of Malaysians. Not a coalition of representatives of different races.

Malaysian should be ONE country, not a split personality disorder syndrome!

Anonymous said...

PR should take a hard look at the automobile sector's ridiculous tax structure. Malaysians pay double of what Americans and Japanese pay for their cars. The high car prices have serious impact on high number of accidents as there are a lot of old cars on the road with probably unsafe tyre conditions.

jshin said...

hi, colour/design shud be more attractive lah... =P

WY said...

Dear Tony,

I beg to disagree. To offer DAP-PAS-PKR coalition as a viable alternative to the hegemony called BN, DAP must be able to bridge the differences between DAP and other parties , and sell the budget internally within Pakatan first, before 'selling' it to the country.

Firstly, this would avoid any unwanted controversy of unilateral announcement (ala Datuk Hassan in Selangor). Secondly, it promotes unity and cooperation, even though the other parties might have much or no contribution on this document. Lastly, it proves to us, Malaysians that DAP is no longer party for one segment of the society.

I sincerely hope everyone can think beyond themselves, and reach out for the greater goods.

marcus63 said...

dear tomatoinc,
coalition politics is not as simple as just registering an alliance ala' bn. there are many pitfalls PR should avoid, and learn from the mistakes of the bn platform. the biggest flaw in bn is the creation of a hegemonious party in umno, and PR should avoid this at all cost. let zaid ibrahim and his team of experts draft a charter that allows for healthy democratic coexistence among its partners, and at the same time write up a constitution with checks and balances, to ensure fairness for generations to come. look at the usa constitution for inspiration or even the british common law for that matter. brilliant minds and passionate hearts working together for a better nation is what scares bn because bn formula no longer attracts brains or hearts. do not fret...there is time yet for PR to come out with a great document for the sake of the country's future. because the current pm has no balls to hold ge13 until the very last day of his eligibility in office.

Anonymous said...

YB, why your budget doesn't include allocation for Eurocopter heli???
The news is that MINDEF IS READY FOR DIRECT NEGO WITH THE COMPANY and the signing ceremony will be this coming LIMA.
Aiya Yb!!! they don't care whether the procurement procedure was carried out or not. What is the justification?
The conspirator-PAT(Azizan Ariffin-he made a deal with the Eurocopter), KETUA Setiausaha Kementerian and the project team deal with the local agent ready working out their commission. They are pushing it through as they have taken so much from the company and the local agent....
Open tender should be initiated after the last suspicious deal!!!!

Manature said...


The EC has said no minimum requirement for coalition and I hope you will forward this message to the responsible parties that we Malaysians look forward to a more formal and organized Pakatan Rakyat so that in future elections PR will contest as one plus PR will have a formal manifesto so we voters knows what to expect.

P130 voter said...

I'll be attending the DAP organized dinner tonight (9-10-2009) and I hope to meet you there and shake your hand and give you a pat on the back for a job well done.

P130 voter

Philip Ng said...

Hi Tony,
A job well done to you and team.
I see DAP have a better formula for the wealth building of Malaysia.
Philip Ng

P130 voter said...

My very own judgement:

PAS will take care of the Social Aspect of Governance

PKR will take care of the Judiciary/Legislative/Administrative aspect of Governance

DAP will take care of the Treasury aspect of Governance.

This is the strength I see in the respective parties.

P130 voter