Friday, October 30, 2009

UMNO Tells MCA & Gerakan "Shame on You!"

This has to be one of the highlights of last week's parliamentary session, when a UMNO long-time backbencher from Sri Gading went on a rampage for 5 minutes against the MCA President who lost the confidence of his members, and the Gerakan President, who failed his own KPI! Enjoy! (It's really quite funny!)

Make no mistake, Sri Gading's also the Permanent Chairman of UMNO!


Lai said...

Dont really get it. Why must parties' issues be debated during parliamentary session.

Low class.

Who cares about you parties..Start thinking for people.

and notice how many empty chairs were there

vinnan said...

UMNO shit turned the Gerakan and MCA into castrated dogs. Tell UMNO to go f;[' themselves

solidleong said...

This is the usual way how UMNO treats its partners. It is just a beginning as i believe more will come eventually. It's great to see and how those two get whacked by MP Sri Gading. Really made my day.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before UMNO is going to turn right. You may laugh at the comic of it but these guys are going to take over UMNO and MCA and Gerakan will leave BN. Its already for sure.. Thanks to Najib mental mediocrity the result of NEP and Mahathir's grand design

Anonymous said...

Tony, My wife and i are supporters of DAP, we have been voting in DAP for many years.

We are very disappointed you are supporting that in secondary school level all schools should be of Malay medium. Are you suggesting that the Chinese independent secondary school can be banned???

Please clarify specifically what is your stand or rather DAP's stand in this Constitutional issue.

Thank you.

P130 voter said...

Dear PJ Utara MP, please tell Sri Gading MP why bother with Parties that combined have less than 10% of the total Parliamentary seats. He should be more concern with those that have more than 33.33% seats.

Those Little DOGS-ON-LEASH irrelevant parties are of no concern to M'sians by and large.

P130 voter

Unknown said...

This parliamentary rampage shows that certain Chinese chinless imbeciles in BN's fold are boneless themselves. They need Umno's elites to give them what they look for. A ministry post and an ass's shin facade upon their faces.
That's why they are looked down by their own colleagues in own component. Such as party Gerakan, its president has got the bloody gut to accept the back-door ministry post given by his PM. Should he be staying at home and studying hard why they had lost to DAP? No point of becoming a goody reciprocating seat of senator in order to get into ministry office given by PM through sympathy. Poor guy. He should get the asinine poke as aspersion verbal attack.
Back to MCA, its president OTK is in fact a hypocrite. He didn't act as he talked. He should get the gun fire from his parliament member. A man of chinless. Does he dare to fire back at the person who had fire at him? He dares not. He may say it is small matter, as long as he still the president of MCA. Those answers are expected. Because this is MCA. So what? This the resultant of working with Umno in BN. There cannot be properly parallel in one group within BN. He should be feeling ashamed did not walk the talk.

Yamashita said...

Why are the two parties still in BN? MCA and GERAKAN should withdraw from BN. UMNO does not respect them but use them to mislead the Chinese community as well as the whole world.

To UMNO, other non-malay parties are just for window dressing. Unfortunately, these non-malay leaders do not mind so as long as they are given ministerial posts or whatever in the UMNO regime. (UMNO regime and not BN regime cos' big brother UMNO is the one that decide our national policies.)

Recently UMNO MP from Sri Gading ferociously urged MCA and GERAKAN presidents to step down. What did that show?

Anonymous said...

But.., all the problem is b'coz of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

As usual no one in mca gerakan from president to the cleaners will dare to ask any umno warlord to shut up,most probably they will say the press play it up(sigh).

Anonymous said...

A very irresponsible politician who tried to gain political leverage instead of shouldering sympathies on the victim of the so-called "Malaysian MCA political" game. Why must we doing things and let others look down upon us?? I don't really understand... Please change for betterment of Malaysians. Im really disappointed with this kind of political game which brings no benefits to the Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

These two men whose unexpected encounter will take place sooner or later. They don't deserve public sympathy at all.
Onn as president of MCA, couldn't bow to forgive his comrade, Dr. Chua who was camera snapped of his hotel drama, is in fact a victim of political sabotage. Dr.Chua is considered an immoral man by Onn.
And KTK was saying that he wouldn't be going to accept any appointment of senator post after he had lost his election in Penang on 308. But after sometime, he had forgotten everything when Najib appointed him as KPI minister through back door as senator. His Shifu, Mr. Lim told him to consider it properly, he didn't follow him.
Muhamed Aziz's saying is right. An KPI minister without the standard of KPI record, how to be a good KPI minister? Might as well step down and provide for someone who is suitable for it.

Anonymous said...

This fellow with his over-the-top melodramatic display of screaming, yelling and outright rudeness has viewers asking one question: Is he psychotic?