Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halal Chinese Food Caterer Wanted

Hi guys,

I need help. I'm looking for a reliable halal caterer to cater food for our DAP Damansara Dinner function in December @ Dewan Banquet MBPJ. The one we used for last year served terrible food and hence our search for a new one.

However, we are finding it very difficult to find a halal caterer who can serve a 8 course Chinese-style dinner... so if any of you out there knows anyone at all, please don't hesitate to contact my assistant, Carmen Leong @ leongooikuan (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks so much in advance! ;-)


Gill Giam said...

Hi Tony,

I have a Chef friend who is working in a good Halal Chinese Restaurant (non hotel) in Penang. And he used to worked in KL last time. I'll try to get the contact for you as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Check out Muhibbah Restaurant in Tamam Tun Dr Ismail. They have been operating for years and have always been popular.

Observer said...

It need not be chinese food. Why don't you get Malay food instead?

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi observer,

Purely logistical reasons. 8 course dinners give you time to spread out the food over the evening for 5-6 speakers and speeches.

A standard Malay dinner will last not more than 2 speeches as all the food's already served on the table at one go.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

ASCPA has been using this chinese halal caterer for its seminars & workshops. The name is Le Oriental Catering S/B. Tel# 03-79827749, 79811294, 79824922

Anonymous said...

Well, not sure helpful but PJ Hilton Chinese restaurant is the best halal Chinese restaurant in that area. Many people don't even know its halal..

leeliankong said...

Hi Tony,

May I know how many guests will there be for this event?

Lee Lian.

Chin Wan said...

Try this:

Golf Afflicted said...

We are looking to serve 80-100 tables.


True Fiction said...

not sure if H&H does good chinese food but we used them fr an office function and they were ok. Not great but ok for the cost.

Anonymous said...

try restoran dong yang at ground floor in summit next to kfc in usj

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony

"Yap Cafeteria" in Shah Alam
(Glenmarie industrial park area)
serves food of consistently
good quality. They have halal
certification. Try them!

Phua Kai Lit

Kenneth said...

Dear Tony, you can try
Mum's Place catering. It is reasonable and halal. We have already ordered a few times.

Med said...

Mum's Place is expensive. Muhibbah is a good bet. Consistent and reasonable.

Gill Giam said...

Dear Tony,
Tuk Tuk Authentic Thai Café and Catering
6012 366 3928


顶好集团 - catering service
can cater for 100 tables, 8 course, chinese and its halal.

hope the above info can help.

Gill Giam said...

SIANG SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, 6th Floor, Kompleks Pernas Sogo, 190 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-2699 6130).

Also halal-compliant,
Located at Sogo KL, Siang Seafood Restaurant is wholly owned and managed by Sogo (KL) Department Store Sdn Bhd
The restaurant is probably one of the handful Chinese restaurants in the city that boast a large Malay clientele.