Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Khairy Asks "Who is DAP?"

Many would have read Khairy's UMNO Youth speech by now. It contains some marked changes from UMNO Youth speeches from the past. Less "ketuanan Melayu", more "open competition". Whether the rank and file will pay heed to his "clarion call" will determine if UMNO survives or perish.

But the speech wasn't all about the need for change, he took the opportunity to hentam the Pakatan Rakyat parties as well. More specifically, he whacked DAP:
...who is DAP, really? Masking its almost mono-racial character with the chimera of a multi-racial platform - when in truth, DAP's priorities are unmistakably racial.

"After 40 years of Lim Kit Siang being a parliamentarian, the opening of one Malay branch was deemed fit to shout about, as though it was an astounding achievement. DAP is multi-racial only in name, for its actual agenda is couched in racist sentiment," he said.
I hereby openly challenge Khairy to name 1 instance where Lim Kit Siang or DAP uttered anything that is remotely racist. All our statements are available publicly both on our blogs, or the party's official website. Khairy should point out any article or statement in there by our leaders, which are so called "couched in racist sentiment" to back his claims.

Unless of course Khairy feels that when we talk of UMNO leaders being corrupt is a racist statement, or when we berate the stench from the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal as racist, or when we seek to protect the constitutionally guaranteed rights of minorities of their freedom as racist. Then, I would have really got nothing left to say.

Otherwise, if Khairy is unable to bring up at all any iota of evidence that DAP is racist, he should just go hide in his corner and play with his marbles, and stop making baseless statements to stir racial sentiments.

Khairy should look at himself and UMNO in the mirror, and count for himself the number of times the term "Malay" is stirred, and the manner in which all policies and speeches revolves around the race supremacy and dominance concept, instead of the Malaysian concept, and then decide who is the real racist party in this country.


KoSong Cafe said...

Sorry, I did not bother to read nor hear Khairy's speech. It was partly shown on tv when I was having breakfast this morning in an Indian restaurant... can we escape from not listening to their broadcast?

After more than 50 years of the same, what is new? 'Change' would be just a word for a slogan, 'One' would be just a number, which is open to different interpretations, nothing worth rejoicing because of its hollowness.

Rosmah's 'sayang' to make up for Perak's grab? Try being partial to a child and one can see the reaction, and no goodies can undo the discrimination.

PKFZ will be swept under the huge carpet, lifted by a helicopter and pushed in by a tractor, as illustrated in a cartoon seen in Bernard Khoo's blog some time ago.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Khairy calls DAP racist and Anwar a chameleon. I would have thought he wins both labels hands down. When faced with extremist Malays who believe they own this country, Khairy becomes an ultra Malay who spews super-racist garbage. When he is playing to another gallery, suddenly he becomes moderate and all inclusive. Sick.


Anonymous said...

Khairy is only trying to fish for votes !
He knows he is at the end of the road and
especially now without his father-in-law to decide things in his favour plus
importantly without the postal votes in the next GE.
He knows he cannot count on the minority supporters in UMNO after taking into account of those who supported the other
two candidates.
What happens to his Oxford education now ? May be after the next GE he will go back to Oxford to do his Masters and then his PH.D. Still he will never get the double first class that so many Singapore's ministers have.
A con man will always be a con man, just remember his past utterances.

Anonymous said...

You are right YB, Khairi should go at one corner and play marbles. Anyway,let me tell you , no point arguing with an idiot as you will never win.
As a Malay, I know one thing for sure -that without the LKS factor in Malaysian politic there will be unabated abuse of power by BN/UMNO and ordinary Malaysian should thanks LKS sacrifices in protecting the people. The truth is DAP has done the right thing in politics and I hope you guys remain focus in protecting national interest. Khairi can go to hell as far as I am concerned. What has he done for the nation? Zilch......!!!!!

Alfanso said...

Anyway, DAP should try their best to change the racist remark.
They should talk about Malay problems more frequently.

Kian Ye said...

Good day, Tony!!!

Regardless of what KJ spoke in his speech, it's his right & freedom. As long as it's within the context of LAW, then, I see no issue.

Why are you getting so agitated over what KJ had said??? By you reacting towards his comments only show the negative side of you.

Afterall, you're now a wakil rakyat & being a wakil rakyat, you should be composed & steady enough to handle such provocation.

The way you reacted by publishing this piece of article could bring several uncalled-for judgements upon yourself. The following are some possible backlash of which could happen:

1) DAP is indeed a mono-racial party. If KJ'S statement is NOT true, there ain't any need to even retaliate, blog or discuss. There's a saying which goes..."One will feel thirsty if one has eaten the chili". Makes sense???

2) Tony Pua is NOT composed enough to handle provocations. Being a leader, there are mountains of such provocations ahead. If you can't even handle KJ's statement, what's the purpose of staying on in politics? You might as well return back to being in business. Correct???

I hope my comment will help & thus, make you a stronger person. Your current mentality & attitude seems too weak to cope with any provocations.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is not to be trusted. I see UMNO as a racist and an extremist party.

Many events / incidents are directly or indirectly connected to UMNO. UMNO is a true chameleon trying to deceive the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

DAP is indeed a racist party solely champion's for the chinese.They are good at playing drama.

Anonymous said...

Tony, look at KJ's remark objectively-his remark is a mirror reflection of many many malays' view especially in the kampongs.Consider it a failure if after 50 years DAP still can't attract sizeable malays,nomatter what you said.Now go and do something extraordinary to overcome it

Yeo Eng Khean said...

To Khairy and UMNO, DAP's clarion call for a MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA / MALAYSIAN FIRST is 'mono-racialistic' ... whereas UMNO's SUPREMIST BIG BULLY 'divide-n-rule' over multiple non-UMNO BN component parties are 'multi-racists' politics !

Anonymous said...

As a Muslim, I am embarrased by the nonsense spouted by Khairy and Hishamuddin.

Every year, they stir racial sentiments and always using the keris to threaten others.

Our religion teaches us to treat others with respect and as equal.

I apologize to my fellow Chinese, Indian and lain-lain for the headache that these 2 have brought.....I am sorry.

I am sure Allah will show them how to behave as human beings.


Anonymous said...

DAP is racist..achieving racial superiority through hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

thought the question was

'who is khairy'

old manhathir

Richard Loh said...

Take the poll:

Is UMNO A Racist Party

Anonymous said...

Look at Singapore and then look at what Singapore wish it was - Switzerland - that is what DAP would have delivered if they ran the country with the resources it had. EVERYONE is better off...

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony

In psychology, they call this
kind of defense mechanism

It takes one to know one.

Phua Kai Lit

Unknown said...

If you bring up corruption or inefficiency in any government institution, racist UMNO will tell you that you are attacking a Malay institution hence you are a racist. This is corrupt UMNO definition of what constitute a racist.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

honestly deep down inside you do you think the majorities will change for the better? i don't think so lah

Anonymous said...

DAP wants to turn malaysia into one country that rich and famous like singapore..hhehehe...mimpi laa..dont bring your dream into our country, u all (DAP) are hungry with power and wealth...and the rakyat can suffer for u all (DAP)

munir chong said...

YB, I know khairy is a crook but sometimes crooks do speak the truth. If DAP is for Malaysians for all races, it should have become like PKR -where there are a lot of ppl from all the various races. DAP leaders also need to speak Bahasa Malaysia better & more often too, as it is the national language and the medium you have to use to debate well for us in the parliament.

charleskiwi said...

It takes one to recognise another Khairy !
Also why is the pot calling the kettle black ? Sure LKS is not late Tan Sri Dr. Tan Chee Khoon but you will never be either not even in your life time.
Sure there is no late Tan Sri Dr. Tan in the current opposition parties but neither has UMNO.

Anak Malaysia said...

What is wrong to champion for certain race when that race is being suppressed.Remember,Lim Guan Eng fought for a young MALAY girl(alleged culprit is one of UMNO's leader) and landed into jail.Khairy, you talk of other being racist,you lagi racist!Mampus kau dalam GE13!

Anonymous said...

Don't sell sand to Singapore for more development ,is what he is advocating ,just like pariah Mahathir, otherwise Malaysia will look far behind.
It is just like telling a faster runner to run slower so that the slower runner (Malaysia) will be seen as the faster one.
This is Khairy just like pariah Mahathir.

Ahzeez said...

I totally agree with what Alfanso said... if we start talking and highlighting their problems then maybe DAP won't be seen as a racist party anymore. Afterall, how wrong can you go if you let them hog the headlines everyday? They may even beg you guys to stop talking about them once and for all. :-)

"Alfanso said...
Anyway, DAP should try their best to change the racist remark.
They should talk about Malay problems more frequently."

Anonymous said...

khairy has turned over a new leaf....give him a chance tony....haha....

you now sound like khairy before 3/08. Sour....

Khairy will save Malaysia!

Sal-a-din said...


If DAP is truly multicultural why does the DAPSY web site resemble the Sin Ciew web site.

And why did LGE bungle KBP by carelessly accepting the first payment from that dodgy developer?

LGE never found time to set foot in KBP but found the time to go inspect pig stys in Perlis.

And now LGE has backed down from his arrogant debate challenge.

KTK 1 - LGE 0. Say it aint so!

Taken in totality all these and many other little episodes since GE-12 only add credence to the son-in-law's claims.

You on the otherhand will always be cool in my book.

Anonymous said...

Anonyous said: Who is Khairy?
Albert said: Tke off the K and it is callled Hairy.
Without DAP LIM KIT SIANG the Parlimentariansince day 1 this country will be worst off especially corruption, racial discrimination, jobs opportunities and many others.
As hightlighed earlier, who was the MP who fought for the Malay girl who was under age got rape? Was there any BN leaders came forward to fight for her? No, NO NO.... the grandmother and the girl went to MP Lim Guan Eng .....who subsequently was put to jail thru kangaroo court. TP had forfeited all his MP benefits until the last GE12 LGE was elected and become CM of Penang.