Thursday, June 11, 2009

PKFZ: Ong Tee Keat Under Pressure?

I read the Malaysiakini report on today's press conference where the Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat announced the set up of some all new task force to probe and resolve the Port Klang Free Zone issues with more than a slight tinge of amusement.
Asked if the transport ministry could take action against past transport ministers involved in the project, Ong replied: “I’m not going to put the cart before the horse”.
I was hoping for at least - "If they are found guilty, action will definitely be taken against them."
Asked why did PKA wait until now to act, despite the audit report being ready by February, Ong told reporters to refer to the website in the future for an answer.
Whoa! The answer speaks for itself.


Anonymous said...

White paper on PKFZ scandal must be tabled in Parliament for debate.
Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up for public hearing, call upon key figure involved for questioning.
This scandal amount is astronomical high.

Anonymous said...

Those culprits should be charged in court irrespective of ones title tun, tan sri or datuks. With this, corruption could be tackle to certain extend in the future.

anna brella said... horse OTK?

Does the UMNO/BN/KTK* KPI-benchmarked Transport Minister still not realise that all of his Ministry's horses have by now bolted off from those wide open PKA stables and are now most allegedly grazing comfortably, far-away out of his reach, on those plush green rich grass banks somewhere out there in the sunset of the distant horizon of not cloud, but real, cuckoo-land?

* Gerakan's Koh Tsoo Koon aka ex Chief Minister of Penang and now an unelected democratic reject of the Malaysian People.

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

marcus63 said...

tony, business101 recommends that to solve a problem, you set up only 1 taskforce and empower it to take charge. this cunning idiot by setting up 3 taskforces very clearly only does it for ssandiwara purpose, while his cronies continue their raping activities. decision making by committee means they can blame each other but at the end nothing gets done because no one has the power. ultimately it goes back to otk.
in fact, if not for you guys' persistent heckling and expose via the 4th estate (only the non-umno because those controlled blacked out the story), these guys would just sleep on it. they did try though by passing the buck to the macc, but what a joke that was given the bad rep this organization has. hk icac equivalent my foot.

Anonymous said...

Quan quan xiang wei. It is pure that actions will be taken against the culprits. Issuing unauthorised financial support letter is criminal. Some Khoo Kay ... guy actually asked public to give OTK breathing space. I would if it's RM12 or RM1,200 or even RM12,000. But's the amount is RM12,000,000,000 (RM12 bil). I bloody work my ass out, paid my taxes, dealt with unfair laws and procedures, earn my keep fairly and do not think will ever make 1% of the RM12 billion in my life.

I believe OTK is sincere when I start seeing people going to jail for stealing taxpayer's money.

Anonymous said...

Got name like Ong Ta Kut, of course won't tell you all anything la. Don know why people go to his press conference, cannot even ask question, always very rude and now even tell people to go read the site. So next time, tell him to release press thru Bernama la, you people just pick it up from the internet and read la. Why give face go to his PC? Waste of time and petrol! Celaka fella!

anna brella said... would not use the word "sincere" in the same breath as "OTK". Or even "accountable" and UMNO, "professional" and Malaysian civil service/PRDM or even "competent" and BN.

That would be unfair to all those people/organisations who do embody those four significant words.

But you are right on that allegation of theft. Time for the Malaysian People to stop playing the game of Monopoly with public finances and send several people straight to jail, without stopping any more at GOes or collecting anything else from the public's Bank, for a CLEAR case of fraud through collusion and cover-ups, insider dealing and abuse/breach of trust.

And to also carry out some high-profile sackings of certain public officials who appear to have been clueless and/or negligent during their watch and so were CLEARLY incompetent to cut the professional mustard in their trusted public oversight roles.

And like that iceberg analogy, I bet there are many more such scams potentially concealed under a sea of public fraud, and which total loss to the public purse from them would most likely make the current, apparently mind-boggling fiscal stimulus package of some RM60bn, pale into the insignificance of only being peanuts by comparison.

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

Anonymous said...

no wonder everyone want to be in gomen service now. so many task force positions to join. no datelines to report as long as got something to report. the longer one take, the higher the chance of promotion to minister dept, or even post. job criteria is to be able to take the heat. lost count the number of task forces we have now. after some time, everyone forgets. this is the problem with the general public & BN has played this very well.

strange answer tho. who is the horse & who is the cart. we are talking about wasting tax payers money. it is a case of c-b-t of the worst kind in our history.

all the talk by otk has gone down the toilet. now he has to shut up or he will be shut out.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Ong Tee Keat is potentially the oppositions greatest weapon.

His position on PKFZ is clearly a stand for transparency and democracy, even if BN politics and sensitivities get in the way of some more direct statements from time to time. However establishment players (i.e old school BN) are clearly uncomfortable with this challenge to their gravy train.

If OTK goes down through lack of support, this tells 'old school' of both sides that they can get away with ripping off Malaysia simply by clubbing together.

On the other hand, if OTK's attempts on PKFZ are used as a benchmark it will ultimately destroy some of the legacy BN politicians and ALL Malaysia wins, including the sincere politicians...on both sides... a win win I think.