Monday, September 22, 2008

Away in Beijing

I'm will be in Beijing til the weekend, mostly on holiday with the family with some investment meetings thrown in on the side. So I won't be as active blogging this week ;-)

And gentle reminder to all golf enthusiasts, the DAP Damansara-Subang Jaya inaugural golf tournament will be held on 28th September, this Sunday at 1pm at Kinrara Golf Club. Please send in your forms soon!


Anonymous said...

Are you with MP Tiong (Bintulu)?
Enjoy your holiday.
See how China promote tourism.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Have a safe trip to Beijing
And a well deserved holiday
Tell the world honestly how Malaysia is like today
From end to end not forgetting historical rural Baling

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 220908
Mon. 22nd Sept. 2008.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can lead by example how an MP can declare travel expenses & account for it. This will put some pressure on BN MPs when they go on their extravagant overseas business/shopping trips.

Anonymous said...

While you are over there, avoid drinking their milk!

Anonymous said...

Please kindly study China crime fighting and prevention methods. The system we used in Malaysia does not work. We have murder, rape and robbery every day. Someone think it is good to send all those serious criminals to isolated islands and make them work hard for their own living.

NEO said...

Be careful of formula milk sold in China!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said…

Assist by sending a message from China calling for....

We call upon all the Rakyats of Malaysia to sign a Petition to be sent to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to release RPK from his detention under ISA because there is a hidden agenda of a conspiracy of using his detention to silence him so that he could not further release more evidences against the real C4 murderers of Altantuya because all the accused persons were all fall guys of the real murderers because they all did not have a real & logical motive to commit the murder of the Mongolian Lady.


It is very easy to generate Police Reports against DSAI by using Penang Mamak Umno’s 25 Members headed by Wan Abidin Zain, who claimed to be non-partisan, using their uneasiness that most Penangites will now be boycotting Nasi Kandar one more round???

It is very Sad that the legacy of Malaysian Independence is reduced by this Moronic Flip Flop Coward into great disrepute and a laughing stock of the whole world and knowing very well that the UMNO Government has technically collapsed and they lost the locus standi to govern but yet he has decided to shamelessly still cling on to power via dubious means like hiding himself via using of the ISA and we cannot imagine that the Malaysia Moronic Flip Flop Coward has now stoop so low and using the Police Deputy IGP as his willing tools especially the Deputy IGP’s clearly taking side as the Police must be neutral and should be not politiking for him.

The Coward Moronic Flip Flop Chicken dare not meet DSAI face to face to settle matters but chose hiding under the use of ISA and that is what you have as a disgraceful cowardice leader for UMNO.

After 51 years MALAYSIA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE but backwards because of the Oppression from the UMNO goons’ divide and rule fear tactics the Rakyats have matured & you must see all this coming because All The Rakyats of Malaysia are all fed-up & can no longer with-stand the hypocrisies, bullshits, lies and deceits of these UMNO Clowns now in Power ok???

We urge all BN Components MPs with a conscience to do the necessary to make possible a New Malaysia for all Rakyats of Malaysia so that all our children and their children & their children’s children’s future will be safe and secured in the Country we all love and not be intimidated by those UMNO Clowns now in power with their oppressive & fear tactics and in the verge of making Malaysia a Police State if left unchecked otherwise. Save RPK as he is the midst of a conspiracy of the real murderers of Altantuya to silence him for good, instead of being C4ed he could be poisoned and worse off if he is on hunger strike by himself. The Acting IGP is defending the Police position after being made the tools of UMNO’s fear tactics & so he is now making lame excuses for being the Stringed Puppet to be easily manipulated by the Puppeteer, power that be. The Deputy IGP must be held personally responsible for the safety of RPK who has been heard to be tortured otherwise he must be made to eat his own medicine come the New Dawn of Malaysia.

Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes’ attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of using the ISA at their whims and fancies selectively against dissent & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia. ONE DAY THE MORONIC BOTAK AND FLIP FLOP AND C4 MUST BE MADE TO TASTE THEIR OWN MEDICINE OK?

All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008

The Social Reformer said...

go get that money my friend

WY said...

Hi Tony,

I hope your DAP colleagues are working hard to recruit Zaid Ibrahim into DAP. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


What happen to 916? Please enlighten us why PR failed to form a new government on SEPTEMBER 16?

What is DSAI's strategy?

Please Think Deeper.