Tuesday, September 09, 2008

DAP Inaugural Golf Tournament

Well, DAP Damansara and Subang Jaya are holding the first ever golf tournament to be held by the party! It's being organised by Hannah Yeoh, ADUN for Subang Jaya and myself.

I personally used to golf a fair bit, until I joined DAP some 2 years ago and I've only had chance to hit the ball probably twice since. But I've always wanted to try holding such a tournament (since I joined the party) and we are finally seeing it happening.

The details are as follows:
Date: 28 Sep 2008 (Sun)
Time: 1.00 pm (shot gun)
Venue: Kinrara Golf Club
Entry fee is RM300 per pax. Closing date 25th Sept or up to 120 participants (1st come 1st served). There will be plenty of prizes for golfing and lucky draw winners, as well as items for auction. While the list of prizes have not been finalised, the top prizes will include air tickets to destinations overseas ;-)

Plus, if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough, we could be on the same flight ;-) Fees collected net of the cost of organisation, prizes and gifts will be used to fund the community service centres in Damansara Utama and Subang Jaya.

Please download the entry forms here.

Rules & regulations:
  • Payment can be via cash, cheque or credit card
  • Scoring for the tournament will be done on System 36 / Stableford format. All tallied results will be final and complaints will not be entertained.
  • Buffet dinner, prize presentation and auctions will be held at the clubhouse at 7.30pm hosted by MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua and ADUN for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh.
Submission & Enquiries:
  • Please fax your entry forms to: (03) 7726 0443
  • For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to call Ally Pua @ 016-2208867, Edward Yap @ 012-2088967 , Wilson Leong @ 012-6351313 or email : dappju@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

It would have been better if you could organize the game after Ramadhan, may be you can attract some Malay golfers to participate. dh9753@yahoo

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how come all the DAP blogs don't link to each other? Jeff, Hannah etc?

That's a basic internet custom isn't it, to provide a hyperlink? It's the most basic level of how the Internet works and connects.

- it increases Google visibility
- it's shows solidarity

Freddy Toh said...

golf tournament ah? wahloueh!

got something cheaper or not? i really wish to take part in any competition organised by dap. but rm300 i cannot affordlah. i poor man. somemore everybody say golf for rich rich people only. wah, dap now rich rich people ar? or dap like mca umno see up up and see me no up?

if dap see me up up, please organise 'kiat guli' competitionlah. this one very cheap. i kampung boy sure can afford one!

Anonymous said...

too broke to play golf. make us rich first before you organize such an event.

Richard Cranium said...

Wonderful, Tony.

The last time you were somewhat "told" to return the very expensive gift-phone for just turning up at a corporate event, because of all the baggage it comes with.

Now, you guys are arranging a golf tourney with prizes. The prizes also likely came from corporate donors, no?

Well-wishers who want to rub shoulders with the new DAP "royalty" will relish the opportunity to do so.

Do you see something wrong with this picture? Sheesh, scratch the veneer and we still get the same BN.

Golf Afflicted said...


Dinners, Walkatons, footsal and basketball tournaments all coming up. ;-)

And for cryptics and critics, the party makes no apologies for seeking donations. We have accepted them for the past decades, and we will accept them with no favours promised, tacit or otherwise.

My simple service centre costs about RM10,000 per month (3-4 staff, rental, maintenance) to operate with zero assistance from government. The bill gets footed by me personally, and whatever I can raise from people who are willing to donate and share the burden.

The Golf event is anticipated to raise just about RM10k for my centre, which covers only 1 month's operations. (RM10k for Hannah's)

The DAP, unlike the other parties, do not get involved in business operations to make a profit (which will always raise conflict of interest issues) and relies strictly on public donations to survive. We have proven all these years that we are a party of integrity and the people have supported us because of that. It will be our own downfall should we turn our back to principles which got us where we are in the first place.

Most importantly, all monies accepted are NOT for personal interest.

And so for those who wants to take the pretentious, self-righteous high moral ground who can't tell the difference in the above principle, then I have nothing else to say.


Richard Cranium said...

"And so for those who wants to take the pretentious, self-righteous high moral ground who can't tell the difference in the above principle, then I have nothing else to say.", you say?

Well done, Tony. Spoken like a true BN politician -- cut off dissenting discussions, fold your arms, and hope the problem will go away.

Next time when the BN government so decides to call you DAP people names, don't raise a ruckus. Rightly or wrongly, when you signed up to run as MP, "your ass is the people's". There's no need to be accountable to your constituents.

If you want to raise funds for your service centers, call on your supporters on this blog. It will certainly measure how "popular" you are, when people put their money where their mouths are. I'm able, and willing.

Do this for a few months, and if all the hype about Sept 16 is to be believed, DAP would be in the government and you can collectively abuse the monies then, just like BN. History, from what I see so far, will repeat itself.

Arranging this elitist golf tourney and patting yourself on the back is self-serving. You remind me of my CEO who goes off on entertainment sessions, and say that it is hard work.

Most of your supporters will have trouble spending RM300. Or are you trying to tell us you are of a higher class than the rest of us working sods trying to make ends meet?

Omigawd, another pretentious golfer.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, golf tournament??? Seemed to be quite "atas" kind of activity (is DAP moving towards BN-type of activities?) Be careful of political backlash (even if you genuinely meant well) - politics is about perception...

General public is struggling with daily expenses - there you have newly-minted "opposition" MPs/ADUNs playing GOLF...(even if it is for charity/donation - can use things like recycling and etc...) Remember the public stigma with GOLF - for rich and famous (it is not about moral grounds/principles, it is about PERCEPTION...)

Anonymous said...

And so for those who wants to take the pretentious, self-righteous high moral ground

... well-said Tony. Your actions indeed speak louder than words.
Keep up the good work and your high spirits.

Anonymous said...

hi Tony really think the game should be organized after the Raya . We should include our muslim brothers . Then we can have one big happy family having a great 'MALAYSIAN' time playing golf together . It is worth a thought
bye Golfer

Golf Afflicted said...


There's another tournament organised by DAP Kinara in December. We have to space out sikit so that it doesn't clash. ;-) Hence our Muslim comrades can enjoy the game as well then.

(This is our first attempt, and Kinrara gave us a good offer during this period, so we cuba-cuba first la ;-))

As for other sports tournaments to be held, don't worry. We will organise different activities to cater to different crowds and interest groups (as mentioned in my earlier comment).

Street basketball being organised for November, dinner in December.

Tony ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, now my idea of a PKR-DAP friendly DotA competition doesn't sound so far fetched anymore! :D

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:33am, golf is a middle class game now la, not upper class anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to please everyone, go ahead and organise the golf tournament as it is one of the easiest way to raise money, for a good cause, of course. As you have said, there are other events for other interest group, no need to feel bad about it.

Anonymous said...

Dear all who think golf is a game only for rich/famous/rich BN/elite, I feel you all have miss the point and not being fair. Our YB here purpose is to raise money to operate a service center to cater to your needs, not to show that he belong to the group of elitist. Sometimes I feel that you all feel 'allergic' to people who are a bit well off than you and condamn everyone who drives a mercedes, camry, perdana as being BN business cronies. Come on, there are a lot among us who actually go to school, study hard, work our selves up the economic ladder, and deserve every penny than we earn. You should not harbor discontent against these people but ask yourselves did you go through these processes when you have the chances? I earn a decent living but I am still a strong supporter of YB here not because he is an elite group, but because I can relate to his believe that he want to serve people of all races and of all financial standings, and that includes you!

Anonymous said...

walkathon is good... anybody can participate, doesn't cost much per participant and is more social.

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

Ha Golf - miserable giants chasing a small ball and hogging a very large swatch of land. Why should so few monopolize such a large plot of land? It is only a privilaged few who can 'enjoy?' this game at the expense of the less privilaged majority, hardly something that befits a DAP MP

Sze Jia said...

I think it's fine and okay for them to have some fun.. nothing wrong.. just a game though and don't politicize everything.. Richard Cranium, chill lar...

Anonymous said...

sze jia,

Have you seen the map of Subang Golf Club. Compare it with the surroundings. You can see that the huge swatch of land taken up by the golf club has taken land equivalent to 100s of factories and 1000s of houses. And all for the benefits of a privilaged few because they have the money to splurge. I would like to hear Tony Pua say something about that. I voted for him last election. I would hate to think my vote was wasted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

It is always useful to organise some activities to raise fund for your cause. But by organising Golf you are only opening your arms to certain elite supporters.

Why not organise activities which can attract mass participation such as walkathon or jogathon where you can have more interaction and create good publicty for DAP and PR in general.


Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
We should be more considerate and ,if we can, sympathise with our dap representatives, our fighters! It's hard for us ordinary folks to really imagine how they have to forsake so much of what they originally possess prior to their being elected, or what they could have gained if they had chosen to take another paths, or what hardship they are enduring now that they are fighting in the trenches. Service centers, aides, activities, etc, are the component parts of the logistics in their warfare, which is OUR warfare indeed, for a better Malaysia; and logistics ARE costly nowadays! We CAN contribute, only so much however, by helping to maintain, or to better if we can, OUR logistics!

Anonymous said...


In order to benefit all levels of rakyat, DAP should organize a run (like Penang bridge run) in Klang valley. Everybody including school student can join and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Wa lau eh. Even one golf tournament can become a hot topic. First of all, Bdr Kinrara GC is a public golf course (I am not a golfer but a sports person & supporter of all sports for goodwill & humanity). During the puasa month, all GC dish out all kinds of special promos as it is the off-peak season for them. Imagine if 67% of golfers are Muslims...that's a big chunk of business lost for 1 month. On a business stand-point, the GC & DAP are just doing each other a favour in that respect. Is this going to cost the rakyat any penny??? So, what's all the fuss about!!? The BN MPs who have gone gardening in Taiwan should be more of an issue than this one. Now, we are spending the money out of the country. DAP is spending the money within the country. We should generate a domestic economy...that's what attracts foreign investors in the 1st place!!! Sending the over 50 BN MPs to another country as a retreat will only benefit a richer country like Taiwan. Our poor resorts have plenty to offer. Why not go to Taman Negara where there is plenty of fauna & flora? The Taman Negara operators will make a nice profit & that money will be used for up keeping the resort, etc. Is this more effective?

I am a table tennis fan...hope DAP or PR will organise one too. Hey never know, we may find new talent this way. That's an idea. DAP or PR go on a nationwide drive to look for new sports talent by organising tournaments. Not all good talents can afford to go to Bkt Jalil.

Kian Ming said...

I don't get these criticisms directed against Tony. The reality is that political parties need funds to operate. Those service centers, as pointed out by Tony, are not cheap to run. Better that he organizes voluntary fund raising events like this golf tournament than to take money from people who wants him to do unethical 'favors' for them. Not all of his fund raising activities need mass participation. I'm sure Tony will also organize other activities which do not require such a high cost of entry.

Anonymous said...

What's the stake? 3-1-1 or 6-2-2('000)?

Anonymous said...

Golf is not only a sport. It is also a social game. I am no golfer but every sport has it's role in society. It is also an industry by itself.

Anonymous said...

To Richard Cranium:

Complaining about a simple game of golf and a fund-raising event. That shows your level of maturity. With people like you, no wonder our country is in trouble.

Even worse, complaining about your CEO in a totally unrelated forum. You seem to be sulking about your own life. Let me give you a piece of advice. GET A LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from people on the sidelines, spectators who watch and comment. This is the easiest thing to do, I am simmilar, and teh phrase I have is instead of touching the water with your feet just jump in.

Golf, walkathon, marbles, badminton are all different ways of raising money and all have their supporters and dissenters. In the end you choose whichever you want to be part of. BUT for all those on the high moral ground it is just like BN please understand the difference in Quantum and philosophy i.e. in the BN fund raising events you are talking millions & millions of ringgit, her you are talking of hundreds of ringgit and secondly BN is actively involved in business activities whereas DAP is not.

If you ever have a chance to read the history of Martin Luther King, he also had donations - it does not make him a lesser man - Gandhi also recieved donations - nether does it soil his legacy.

Let us remember that we are trying to make a better life for us and our children - to that end we have to stand up and be counted - put skin in the game - please remeber that I like salt fish curry and rice which you may hate but it does make me a lesser person than you !

Unknown said...

Hi Tony n Hanna,

Good for you both! To all those with high morals and rather condescending thinking, golf is not a rich man's game. That wrong perception has existed since time immemorial: it is just another sport. Those who criticize this fund-raising method, crack your own brains first, don't just sit on your fat asses, but come up with something with much faster cashflows so these poor DAP guys can pay their bills in their most honest ways! They deserve all the help they can get and we can give lah!

As for me, I am all for it, and I am participating - and I ain't no filthy-rich fella but a poor retired and unemployed (according to Her Majesty, now also "slightly retarded"!) Cina-qui! So please chip in everyone!

Anonymous said...

These comments/criticisms will never end. Many commentators are also the same people who will complain but never ever do anything about it. For example, they have a pothole problem but want their MP to come to their area to look at it, rather than go thru the proper channels (ie. write an official complaint to the council, check with the local councillor, no us then check with the local assemblyperson, if really no use then can try MP lah)... these people prob also smoke 2 large packets of fags a day (therefore spending more than RM16 a day) which adds up to RM480 a month and causing health problems to family members, but will not spend RM300 to have a fun day out with fellow golfers and contribute towards making Malaysia better.