Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dress Code Again?

There's a serial love affair between PAS and dress codes, particularly those of the fairer sex.

We have heard the Kelantan Menteri Besar raised the issue many a times in the past, and now, the PAS Youth Movement wants the same thing implemented in the Pakatan Rakyat state governments.

Malaysiakini reported that "PAS Youth moots Islamic law in Pakatan states".
PAS Youth is keen on implementing hardline Islamic laws that ban gambling, limiting sale of liquor and introducing dress code for office workers in all Pakatan-ruled states.

In taking the first step towards introducing such laws, PAS Youth will organise a seminar in August to discuss the possibility of doing so.
And the Deputy Youth Chief, Azman Shapawi Abdul Rani went to the extent of saying that DAP will be willing to consider such laws since "not all leaders in DAP have the same position (against such laws)". He quoted the example that:
“If we look at the DAP leadership in Penang, they are very open and tolerant. They also raise the allowances of religious teachers,” he said.
Ummm... sir, the DAP leadership in Penang is indeed "very open and tolerant". We have raised the allowances of religious teachers because we believe in religious freedom, we recognise that Islam is the official religion in this country, and religious teachers have their place in society.

Hence by the very very same reason that we are "very open and tolerant", it'll necessarily mean that we cannot implement laws which are clearly "closed and intolerant", e.g., Malaysians fined up to RM500 for wearing "offending clothes" such as tight fitting blouses, jeans, shorts and mini-skirts as per Kota Bahru.

There are a lot of common issues which Pakatan Rakyat component parties can focus their energies on, including ethical and moral issues such as fighting drug abuse, crime and Mat Rempit menace, as well as building a kind and compassionate society which are clearly more important than issues such as "how tight is your blouse".

If there is continued and increased lobbying by PAS leaders for implementation of laws such as the above, it will at some point make Pakatan Rakyat coalition untenable. I for one, dare say that despite having won Petaling Jaya Utara parliamentary seat with nearly 20,000 majority, it will be among the first to fall in the next elections, should an "open and tolerant" society which we strongly believe in is threatened.


aawilliam said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Saudara PR Yang Berfikiran Progressive,

I demand that you ask PAS Leadership to tell it's PAS youth leaders & members whom made this announcement to resign immediately from the party.

I also demand that DAP & PKR contest in the next elections in the constituencies where PAS is running. Make it a triple threat. We electorate will in turn teach PAS a huge lesson & throw them all back to Terenganu where they belong & increase the seats for DAP & PKR respectively.

We hate arrogant preachers & ultra fascists!

Anonymous said...

wow, who knew "open and tolerant" could have such contrasting meanings! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Tony, I and many others, including liberal Malays and women are counting on PKR and DAP not to betray us to the PAS Taliban/Al-Qaeda wolfs (in sheep clothing though)! As you said Tony, there're more urgent things for the good of all rakyat, rather than just to focus on women and girls' clothing (the veil is not compulsory in Islam anyway!) They keep on wanting to primitively and barbarically implement religion by the "sword"! And these Mullahs should know that Malays and Muslims are diverse, besides Malaysia is not an Islamic nation-state! And we should be thankful that we have such dynamic multiculturalism and diversity! But one thing we should not have is, and to stand up firmly against, is to be dominated by Taliban/Al-Qaeda homogenous way of thinking and life, which seemed to be increasingly influencing unhealthily these pathetic PAS youths!

Noor Aza Othman.

Anonymous said...

You've said the right thing Tony in sounding out what DAP feels about PAS Youth wanting to revive the Islamic state issue which the PAS professional leaders have successfully phased out. PAS youth is playing a dangerous game and mischievously trying to link Penang govt's raising of salaries of religious teachers to possible support of Islamic laws. How naive they can be. Let PAS youth continue to make irresponsible statements such as these to show the people that they want this country to go down the path to Taliban country. That's the last thing this multi-racial secular oriented society which PR fights so hard for will want...NO ISLAMIC LAWS FOR PR STATES, PAS YOUTH...NO SIR...IF YOU WANT ISLAMIC LAWS, THEN BY ALL MEANS GO TO IRAN...CERTAINLY NOT MALAYSIA.

Dr Tang Weng Heng said...

Dr M always laments that people tend to have short memory. Not so long ago, we have the Umno Youths and Keris-muddin. Now we have the Azman Shapawi brand of religious fundamentalism, dangerously bordering on extremism.

As a constitution-loving Malaysian, I truly hope that Azman Shapawi does not represent the view of majority Pas members in particular and Malaysians Muslims in general. If what he uttered was another incident of Youth wing politicians playing to the gallery, then the more moderate members of Pas/Muslim community should come forward to reassure Malaysians on the direction we want our society to move forward. Let's learn from others' mistake and not maintain elegant silence.

Mr Tony Pua's concern is fully justified. Further wrong moves will undo the progress that we made on March 8. Malaysians voted for a progressive, liberal government. Dear Encik Azman, it's time to leave the old brand of politics behind.

malayamuda said...

Does he want everyone to dress like him and Hadi Awang ?

He sense of dressing SUCKS !!!

Bentoh said...

hah, just in case you didn't read it...

I not sure how people will react over this entry... but I guess maybe 40%? or 50% of them gonna diss you as an Islamphobia... ;)

anyway, I refuse to think that DAP and PAS leaders couldn't work together... but sometimes it's this kind of issues that make people getting more and more worried...

And no, I don't fancy the idea of dressing code, no liquor no gambling no this no that scribing in the political instrument called law under the name of GOD~~

Anonymous said...

What is this PAS people trying to prove?

Are there no more greater issues for them to handle?

Cantonese saying "sek pau mo yeh cho"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you that the chances of you winning on the next election will be low if the PAS implement the dress code law. I only hope there is more PAS leader like Shah Alam MP. As of now, I think DAP needs continue focus on the welfare of the lower income Malay at Penang.

Anonymous said...

The news came from NST.. must be MLM to twist the real meaning and make Pakatan Rakyat stir again.
*If you read Malaysiakini Malay version it will be another different meaning.
*Dont let MLM twist the meaning and believe it.Jus like Karpal singh case been twist about Royal affair.

Satria Asia said...

Pas patut keluar saja lah dari PR ni. Tak habis-habis dengan Islamisation diaorang. What are they trying to do? Turn his country into a Waziristan?!

tzuohann said...

"Misalnya di Kelantan PAS menguasai negeri manakala di negeri-negeri pembangkang lain yang bukan diketuai PAS, pelaksanaannya akan disesuaikan dengan undang-undang negeri di samping mengambil kira majoriti masyarakat setempat," katanya.

Jelasnya, walaupun ada di kalangan pembangkang terutama DAP masih tidak sepakat berkaitan pelaksanaan undang-undang sebegini, beliau percaya masih ada ruang untuk pelaksanaannya memandangkan tidak semua pemimpin parti itu mengambil pendekatan yang sama.

"Kalau kita lihat pemimpin DAP di Pulau Pinang amat terbuka dan bertoleransi, termasuk menaikkan elaun guru KAFA," katanya.

While the first paragraph does mention that they will consider the majority's situation, which is nicer than the english version of the same report, I still feel strongly that how one dresses should be one's decision.

But then again, walking butt naked on the street is not gonna fly with a lot of Malaysians including those who say tight blouses are alright. Are we willing to go that far, if we are not, lets not take ourselves too seriously in telling someone else that their standards of what is too much too seriously.

But I agree, there are more important issues to deal with than figuring out how we should dress, and if the spoon should be in the right hand and not the left.

Anonymous said...

PAS is really but stupidly showing its true colours so early in the infancy period of Pakatan.

PAS should realise that per capita Kelantan has the highest incidence of HIVs, STDs, rapes and incest in the whole country.

PAS leaders should make a lawatan sambil belajar to Muslim countries like Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. They will find more girls wearing mini-skirts than tudongs. Go to the beaches there and you will see more bikinis/G-strings/tongs than they have seen faces in their meagre lives.

PAS leaders must realise that non-Muslims voted for PAS not because they are the good guys BUT becos BN blokes are worse.

A PKR/DAP coalition in the next general election will wipe PAS and UMNO out with its CAT - Competent, Accountable and Transparent government.

Tony - do not be afraid. As long as DAP stands firm on the secular state issue in the Pakatan government unlike MCA/Gerakan/MIC leaders who lost their manhood when TUN M declared Malaysia an Islamic state, the PJU voters will continue to support you and DAP

May God gives wisdom to our DAP leaders on how to handle these religious extremists.

malayamuda said...

there are many Taliban/ AlQueda states in the world. Many shout Islam but practice the total opposite in daily life.

Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afganistan, Pakistan etc are all model Islamic states where PAS and PAS Youth leaders may find home in.

I suggest PAS lets Malaysia become a Turkey. If they are so unhappy about things in Malaysia, they might as well migrate to the countries mentioned above where they may find peace and happiness

AnakMelaka said...

Well Said Noor Aza Othman!

Tony, it's important for PAS to understand religious freedom and Malays leaving UMNO do NOT equate to Malays embracing PAS (Taliban wannabes)!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder whether SJK(C) has no dress code, sells liqour at the canteen and has gambling machines inside the classroom.

Cruise said...

Ya. Any freelance job ? I majored in Economics and spent 10 years over
as a marketing head of a 1000 staffed FMCG company.

I used to meet Erica oncein a whilke at the Damansara service centre.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is what Lim Guan Eng means when he says Pakatan Rakyat is not yet "FORMALIZED". If it was formalized then there will be a clear and publicly well-known agenda to work towards, like a broad-based "TODO" list, e.g:
1) repeal certain laws
2) reorganize affirmative action policies
3) reorganize oil policy

If such a crystal clear platform were present, then utterances from PAS' grassroots like this would not cause any panic because it would be taken not as a PR platform, but a more "localised" statement. Their lower-rung leaders do have to make statements like this to placate the PAS grassroots.

I think it's important to keep in mind that the mention of secular state sends chills down the spine of some faithful PAS members, the same way the thought of Islamisation sends chills down the spine of us "liberals". For them to back down on Islamic State is like DAP backing down on secular state.

Quite frankly, in the long-term, it's not clear how PAS and DAP can coexist in a coalition, unless one (or both?) is worn-down and absorbed into PKR. That's why it's important that PR quickly develop a proper agenda, instead of just making noise about grabbing Federal power through crossovers.

dragonfly said...

A KJ wannabe...trying to improve his strips. Voting for PAS does not equate to giving a blank cheque and imposing values on others. Why don't this Azman give some brilliant ideas to get Malaysia out of this economic rot.

Patriotic1994 said...

Yes, DAP's stand is religion freedom and Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.

Now, let's try this way to say it.

"Religion freedom and Christian is the official religion of Malaysia."

Does it make you feel that you want to preach everyone and convert them to Christian?

Or, should you just stay as it loud but do nothing about it?

I think DAP need to tell and make clear that "how" the Islam is the official religion of the country and "how" it should maintain it so, not to progress to include more stuffs later. Otherwise, those that in power will think that everybody "eventually" will convert to Muslim, as the ultimate target.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper Beer & Cigarettes For A More Emotionally Healthy Malaysia!

Dear Bloggers, can we start a new campaign? also to request PR to lower the prices if they take over the federal gov.


Anonymous said...

I would not mind girl students wearing boob tube to school. In this hot and humid weather it is the perfect uniform

Seng said...

Please ...

Surely, there are bigger, more important issues than dress codes for both PAS and DAP to discuss ...

What about eliminating corruption? Isn't this more important?

What about the recent fuel hike? Has anyone monitored to see that the $56 Billion savings is being used wisely?

What about making Petronas Account transparent? Who is Petronas External Auditor? Why are there Missing Pages in Petronas Annual Report in the online pages?

And I'm sure there are at least 1,000 other more pressing issues.

RPK wrote a very sensible piece in MT about this issue.

And I must say I agree with him.

I understand DAP must make a statement. Let's keep that response brief. Let's focus on the more important issues.


Anonymous said...

I think PAS can address themselves as Malaysia Taliban and they should migrate to a completely Muslim countries like Bangladesh,Pakistan,Iraq and Iran because there are a lot of space and potentials for them showing their faithfulness and primitive thinking.I can't imagine these people with such overly conservative mindset still can exist in this MODERN,MULTIRACIAL, SECULAR NATION. I think these Religious Fanatics' brains can be exhibited in Muzium Negara or sent to research center for study purpose after they die.....

Jonas Lee said...

Don't Let PAS Frame The Religious Debate

Ideally, in any healthy democratic country, state and religion should be kept separate and this is enshrined in our constitution where we allow for the freedom of religious worship and belief. By implication, even atheists who believe in a materialistic world have a right to their beliefs as long as they do not harm others and themselves.
For the PAS youth leader to proclaim and presume that all muslims subscribe to hudud laws is similar to the situation where, for instance, the Catholics in Malaysia were to make it a law that all Christians, including Prostestants, wear the cross. While I am sure any power-wielding Catholic party is not so foolish as to do such a thing, I am using this as an example to show the tremendous problems of making religious values into laws for everyone.

Based on the latest controversy of PAS revealing its true colours, I think the best strategy is to counter a religious premise (hudud laws) ith another religious premise (the secular law respected and accepted by Christians or Buddhists or Hindus).

Here is the deep deception which religious fanatics are trying to deceive all faithful Malaysian citizens: that the acceptance of secular law is an acceptance of godless laws, i.e a system of justice without god in the centre of judgement. This is false and against the spirit if not the letter of the constitution. We have to obey traffic laws abd law of commerce but if you as a member of your religious fraternity wish to conduct business according to Syariah principles, well and good. Nobody is stopping you until and unless you impose your principles and laws on other people (who may be even more spiritual than you.)

In conclusion, leaders in DAP and Keadilan have to intelligently engage PAS in this crucial debate. And we have to deal with the root of it, which is not so much about secuar versus religion. Don’t let PAS frame the debate. It is about religion imposed on the religious versus religious as the freewill of the individual, whatever race or creed.

KinWah.lai said...

come on... lets tackle the crime rate then only we talk about the dress code and other stuff

by the way, is it follow the dress code got fuel rebate?

Anonymous said...

I only trust Sdr Karpal Singh & Lim Kit Siang will protest. Other DAP members are crazy for power. They wear songkok!

And Tony agreed with the high price of petrol.

Anonymous said...

haiyya guys why make this issue become so political & create islamophobia phenomena,
dont be so stupid lah by " kutuk mengutuk & salah menyalahkan antara stu sama lain ",i think its better if this issue discussed internally among PR leadership the way dont be so fast to judge PAS with the rude,bad& negative perception only.take the postive side also & i like the way like Dr Zulkifli, Ir Khalid Samad, Dr Lo'Lo' & others in PAS bcoz they are very open & moderate guys.

Jonas Lee said...

Sorry, let me reword my last sentence: "It (the debate) is about religion imposed on the religious versus the practise of religion as the free will of the individual, whatever race or creed."

If politicians continue to think this whole episode is about dress codes or religion, then you may ignore PAS's religious arrogance at your peril.

Anonymous said...


do you know is so SAD to see what PAS is doing now?

I hope the PAS leaders are reading our comments...


Anonymous said...

why u all think that pas going to become taliban.. what's wrong with taliban... they fight for thier country against us regime...
if us attack us, where then u go.. in the first line of battle or going back to where malay going to.. us or uk...come onlah men... cakap beralas lah sikit.. it's nice to talk here becoz we don't have to respond to what we said..
we all can't see the nice of islam.. let pas make it islamic law first in kelantan then u see what nice of islam is. take a tour there, don't just talk rubbish..
nor aza ur wrong about aurat ini islam.. kelantan is not the highest crime in malaysia. come onlah..if u want to comment about islam, please study islam first.. u talk about crime, bribe. so why don't u see at the punca masalah... u will know then it start with liqour, gambling and dress code..
so don't melatah tak tentu hala..sori bad english..


Anonymous said...

Before March, and whenever PAS leaders open their mouths, they were largely dismissed as simply, so much gas. But not always. Sometimes, Umno may carry out their ideas either through some administrative mechanism or individually if its members ran the local councils. Because some people do not take PAS statements seriously, the party gets to repeat them and usually through some lower-rung hacks. Then, some DAP members, peers of Tony Pua, like Ronnie, would say, the statements have only electoral purposes. Ronnie even starts calling PAS mullahs, bro. This - PAS gassing away, with policies carried out surreptitiously - must stop (recall the Chinese couple caught for immoral behaviour). And stop now. Once in government, PAS statements will be taken seriously, even if they are serious in intent. And nothing is more objectionable than for parties that rule on the basis of what to eat, what to wear and so on. This was how PAS ruled Kelantan - 4 years ago it almost lost the state. Now the party has the foot in the door in four more states. If DAP (plus PKR) will not stop PAS, then, as electorate, we will campaign to stop the DAP. This is not a negotiable issue.

Anonymous said...

Ireland is more talibanish than Malaysialah, stupid!

Anonymous said...

please stop talking nonsense about this thing's just HIS personal opinion what, not PAS stand in total.

why do we've to blame PAS all around and equate them with Taliban/Al Qaeda etc. when they only want the best for our Malaysian.

noor aza othman,

ur comment shows how shallow ur mind it is. the veil in Islam is compulsory. don't ever think as u are liberal so that u can say anything about Islam.

Anonymous said...

hmmm maybe a more accurate and detailed info is needed here..
for example i am sure that such dress code will only be applicable to those who profess the Islamic religion and will not be binding to non-muslim.

yes there are a lot more important issues to be tackled but still just because the PAS youth touched on the issues regarding the respectful way of dressing for Muslims, is still doesn't mean that other important issues will be forgotten or ignored.

and seriously if you said PAS should be removed from PR because of a suggestion to make a policy that would clearly will not be in the power of the state, well you just proved that indeed the myth that human only used 10% of their brain is true. well at least to you that is.

i am terribly surprised how a representative of the people could bring so much hate and fallacies to the mind of the people for such a trivial matter. oh and also for 'believing' and taking the information from the MEDIA.!!

Anonymous said...

If that so, that's mean PAS and DAP is having conflict of interest. How to maintain the Pakatan if we cannot pakat-pakat ma?

Anonymous said...

This PAS Youth really know how to self destruct. The worst thing is they are dragging the whole PR down with them. We Malaysian did not vote PR because of tight blouse.

Anonymous said...

Dear PR supporter (yes all of you)

1. veil is compulsary, ask any ustaz about aurat in Quran :D

2. For people lamenting on the idea, do you have any idea why it was proposed in the first place? Please ask them why, then you might agree :D

3. Which one do you prefer to befriends:
- rich + low morale
- poor + high morale

izinni said...

nak suruh pakai sopan-sopan pun salah ke? tak bagi buang duit berjudi sampai menyusahkan anak isteri dan masyarakat pun salah ke? nak bagi masyarakat sihat tanpa arak yang memabukkan dan membuang duit pun salah jugak ke?

btw .. tony .. you won the 20,000 over majority due to DAP supporters/non-muslims/malays only votes is it?

did you really think that DAP got what they have now due to non-muslims votes only, is it?

I am a PAS supporter who voted for DAP's Hannah Yeoh. In fact, I think Hannah is more open minded than you, who likes to harp on such issue in your blog. Just compare your blog and hers! macam langit dan bumi!

grow up! go meet your PAS friends (if you have one!) and truly ask them to explain these matters you so against of.

unless you really want everybody in selangor to wear skimpy clothing, drink and drive and work, spend all they hard earned monies on gambling instead on their family bla bla bla.

Nasib baik anda bukan MP saya.