Friday, June 06, 2008

Job Vacancies @ The Rocket

The Rocket is the monthly newspaper published by the Democratic Action Party (DAP). While the standards and quality have improved in the months leading to the March 8th elections, financial contraints meant that we had to rely heavily on volunteers and freelancers to do a fair bit of the work, plus the publishing schedule often getting out of whack.

Well, I've been tasked to take the Rocket forward and create a professional outfit which will further raise the bar for the DAP. The Rocket publishes regularly in English and Chinese, and occasionally in Malay. Now and then, a Tamil edition will appear. I'd like to change that, and we are now looking to hire a young (we'll take the young-at-heart as well ;-)) and dynamic team to make this happen all within the next few months. Longer term ambitions will include online and broadcast capabilities.

For those interested, you may apply for the available positions here via Jobstreet:
Be quick - we are trying to finalise the team if possible, before the end of the month. ;-)

P.S. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified


NEO said...

How 2 Apply?
Part Time Position Available?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

All the very best to the Rocket
With readers plugging in to all the right sockets
Without having to pay so much as to be out of pocket
But doing its task of exposing all political rackets

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060608
Fri. 6th June 2008.

Anonymous said...


I often wonder why when the British Government use the same 10 Downing street for so many of its prime ministers for decades and yet we keep building newer and more expensive palatial palaces for our prime minister

Is this the example of 'prudence' shown while the poor rakyaat suffers

Anonymous said...

Come on Malaysia... apply job and support Govt in waiting .

I just join DAP member

Anonymous said...

Clicked on the GENERAL MANAGER POSITION... and it looks like teh person who did this ad needs Engrand lessons...

"Only shortlisted candidates will not notified for an interview."

"will not notified????

Bentoh said...

Wait... we talked about Press Freedom kan?

So How "free" do you think the Rocket will be? :) Will it be purely a rant to the BN? Does it serve as a mirror to the DAP itself? If so, will it be a pro-party-leader one? or a much balanced between those not-so-mainstream and those mainstream leader? ;)

Anonymous said...

Is the KDN not limited for circulation to DAP members only? Or is it now converted to an actual newspaper KDN like the Star, NST and the Sun?
Political party newsletters can only be circulated among members only although all curi-curi sell them at pasar malams, newspaper stalls and food courts, etc. heheheh...
so which is which????
i am a MSM journalist with over 30 years experience in newsprint media having also worked in Singapore and Australia.
i have always voted for DAP in every election when I am in the country and able to and have previously subscribed to the Rocket.
am willing to provide some useful advice for free if needed...heck will even buy u a free lunch while at it Mr Pua.
if u just employ young kids, one word of advice, they are too 'gung-ho' and will give u lots of 'lawsuits'. u need some older ones with lots of experience to rein them in.
i am speaking from over 30 years of newspaper experience Tony. a mix of young and old, the old to provide training and advice and the young can dash around with their extra energy.
cheers...and best of luck...

ryansoh said...

"Longer term ambitions will include online and broadcast capabilities."

I am surprised it is not the other way around, and the print magazine is the longer term ambition instead?

NYPT said...

kok ben,

its a DAP newsletter, of course its not independent....its meant to be exclusively for members only. They are not suppose to distribute it to the public.

Pluboy2 said...

i will be interested to contribute part timely.. may contact me through my blog..

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

my age will not allow me to qualify for any of the positions available but i would still like to contribute any way i can. i would like to know the place to purchase The Rocket.

Anonymous said...

"i would like to know the place to purchase The Rocket."

Actually, I agree with that complaint. Getting copies of The Rocket is not easy. It is MUCH easier to get copies of Harakah and Suara Keadilan... puduraya bus stand also can la.

I guess DAP should be commended for ensuring that only DAP members can get access to The Rocket, since technically that is what the law requires...

... but then again, I am a member (although not active at the branch-level) but I also find it hard to get copies.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am looking for a temporary / part time job somewhere in Petaling Jaya Utara. But I have no place to stay right now. I am currently in Kuantan.

Wong Keat Wai

d'Frog Prince said...

what some readers commented were quite true, how can an advertisement have "wrong" sentence? And it is still not corrected yet, sigh....

anyway, I am willing to offer my services as translator from English to Bahasa Malaysia (old school ler) and you can get me via my email. and, I do hope that PR government will utilise the loopholes as provided in the law to get news published in a mainstream way, something about State government are allowed to publications to disseminate information.