Friday, June 27, 2008

Billboard in SS2

For those staying in SS2 or who passes SS2 regularly might have noticed the above billboard right opposite RHB Bank, at the traffic light junction.

It's huge billboard, initially put up with just the mugshot of the Selangor Menteri Besar, the Selangor Government crest, and the backdrop of the Shah Alam mosque, and interestingly enough, Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel (whom I had initially thought paid for the billboard).

When newspapers covered the story, with concerns that the state government was extravagant with its expenses, it was found that the billboard company, Setia Media was the one who put it up.

And when residents complained that the billboard would have been more useful if the representatives' numbers were published, the company put up both Dr Cheah Wing Yin (ADUN for Damansara Utama) and my contacts almost immediately.

I don't have a problem having my service centre hotline and email details published. But I thought it was rather odd for the billboard company not to have the courtesy to inform us in advance. Hence I wasn't aware of it till I saw it for myself last week as I was passing by. Worse, they even got Dr Cheah's constituency wrong - it is published as "Damansara Damai".

And possibly more importantly, the billboard company should state clearly on the advertisement that it was sponsored by the company, and the state did not pay for anything for it. This will certainly go a long way towards clarifying to residents that the local politicians did not waste precious tax-payers money to "glorify" themselves.


Anonymous said...

Becareful! Nothing is free in this world. The company that sponsor the billboard may be asking for favours inn the future.... (then you are no better than the BN or UNMO regime)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the billboard company should put a note that it is sponsored by them.

All this while I thought the Selangor govt put up the ads.

I just noticed the "Damansara Damai" error when I drove through there hours ago, thought of informing Dr. Cheah until I read in your blog.

The billboard company should make the corrections, and note on their sponsorship asap.

TsuChong said...

Is it legal to put up a person's picture or contract info without his/her consent?

Though not that serious in this case, some maybe further exploit this.

Prevention better than cure?

Anonymous said...

Setia Media, by right, should have put your picture instead. Hahaha.

This may have something to do with the billboards & the companies behind it fiasco sometime ago, involving MBPJ, under previous UMNO-BN state gov. Setia Media trying to please the new "masters"...typical 3rd world mentality.

MB Khalid should have said something about it...but prefer to have his picture up. More kiasu than toyo I say.

Somebody pls remind him that he is no with PR (PKR) & no more in UMNO-BN. Words on the street now is that he is just becoming like UMNO-BN...this is no good. This words are even in Perak. Not much complain about Perak MB.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of LAT !!! No offence to MB Khalid.

Anonymous said...

They have the sole right to glorify themselves, with all that money wasted on campaigning to win, and in the end to ultimately show that the glory is yours. can't find anything wrong about that really.

Anonymous said...

Quit bitching. Pakatan reps clearly have problems handling success. Perhaps PR should run seminars on how to handle the new found success and glory.

Anonymous said...

Tony & DAP ADUN,

I think this matter has to be sorted out and clarified. To some, it is amount to political donations or a link with a commercial company.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the PR government and more specifically the MB are showing their true different from the previous BN administration.

Tony, you and the DAP MPs and ADUNs must distance yourselves from this.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder whether the 'advertisement' is legal or not.

Based on my opinion, I think it is not.

Why complain, since now PR runs Selangor and MBPJ, so just tear down the 'advertisement'.

If not please do not tell us that there are other reasons behind it...

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

Pertaining to the billboard, the two most pertinent and important things to do are:-

1) Change the words "Damansara Damai" to 'Damansara Utama';

2) Insert 'This advertisement has been paid for by Setia Media Sdn Bhd.' or something similar. The statement should have a reasonably large font size and be appended to the billboard in such a way as to be fairly conspicuous. I do not actually know the full name of the aforementioned company.


Thing is: Setia Media could have on the outset just opted to put up a congratulatory message, like the ones we see from time to time in the MSM newspapers, e.g. thanking our Prime Minister for officiating the launch of some particular project; congratulating a certain marriage; indicating the honour of having a Sultan grace an event; etc.

Son Ma Chai said...

Typical standard operating procedure for currying favour:) here.

Make more sense if these billboard companies spent effort to take part actively in crime prevention activities to get better attention.

Burglary, robbery, snatch theft, house break-ins are almost daily event in Petaling Jaya.

Anonymous said...

The 1st impression to me from looking at the billboard is that Tony Pua & Dr Cheah sponsored it, taking the opportunity to glorify themselve & at the same time trying to curry favour the Menteri Besar. You may not mind what happened but my opinion is do not take this lightly, get Setia Media to apologize & clarify this through a press announcement

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Would suggest to take away that billboard, I always find that putting up the sole image of leader is a very self-centered act (even it is not designed by you guys), the billboard will give more a NEGATIVE image than a positive one, please take it down or change it to something more positive, let's differentiate you and the BN by class and standard. Please take it down or change it!

Chew, PJU

WY said...

dear tony,

in nz, there's a law for these kind of in-kind political donation and advertisement. it's essential to force upon election commission and advertisement regulators in order to ensure transparency of these kind of advertisement. i.e who Pay of it.

Political or non-profit billboards should have a label on who is paying for it.

Anonymous said...

In whatever you do, there must be a guiding principle.

What's your principle in this issue? Just because the company erected a huge billboard with the MB's photo and some kind words (blatant enough to do it without your prior permission), you think it's OK. Really?

As someone commented, nothing comes free, especially from a commercial company.

Once you forsake your guiding principle, you will be flip-flopping in your actions!

Full Time Mom said...


Why don't you call/ pay a visit to MBPJ to find out more? I believe billboards are under their jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

PJ is known as bill boards city, personally I do not think it is a compliments. Bill boards is a traffic hazard for motorists. Too many, it indicates there is something very wrong with the City Administration.

Under BN, bill boards in PJ flourish, now under PKR it seen more will be put in. Is PKR no different than BN in Money politics? I hope not..........

Anonymous said...

Would be more meaningful to have billboard co to use the space/sponsorship for useful numbers to the public - permanently. This will credit more to PR. These are just propaganda billboards. We are not in 3rd world country are we? How many people know the tel of MBPJ to lodge complaints? Security issues is another. Warn people of snatch thieves, car-jacking, etc.

Anonymous said...

I also find it janggal to see "YB Tuan Tony Pua". Another instance of aping the BN master-subject mentality.

Makkal Sakthi!

Siew Eng

Anonymous said...

Why put up email address when rakyat email you guys and got ignored?

Anonymous said...

This billboard gives bad impression to PR. It's seams like PR gov are just as wasteful as BN gov. What's the point clarifying in your blog, there are more people passing thru the Billboard DAILY than the visitors to your blog. Please recity this "small" things , I dont know if our MB is on top of this issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony..its good that you have clarified this and I hope the neccesary changes are made but lets not play the same BN politics of faces on big billboards while people are struggling with their daily lives..I think the Pakatan should have a different philosophy of selling themselves throught actions and not just words

Anonymous said...

Ini perkara baik ni. Selepas 308, semua wakil rakyat hilang. SYABAS terus meminta RM30 lebih daripada ammount air yang saya guna untuk bulan yang ke 17, tetapi saya tak dapat bantuan untuk membuat complaint!Sebelum 308, jalan-jalan sekitar kawasan perumahan Kelana Jaya bersih, sekarang MPPJ mogok kerja ke? Sampah dibiarkan beberapa hari, tiap-tiap hari Isnin bila saya keluar dari rumah, hanya terlihat sampah-sarap bertimbun-timbun kat tong sampah. Hal ini jarang berlaku sebelum 308. So, what are your fellow YB doing, Tony?

Unknown said...

whether the billboard shld there or not is another question. I welcome such information made publicly available. The previous state govt had a billboard on the road from NKVE near Damansara Utama with the photos and mobile ctc of the MB, MP and ADUN.

If PR MPs and ADUNs find such public display information objectionable, they shldn't hv contested in the GE in the first place.

I know at least of 1 DAP ADUN complaining of ppl approaching her and asking for her help, tell ppl not to pass her mobile no around,etc.. Such a far cry from the pre-nomination and campaigning period.

Most ppl I know do not need favours from the new state govt: only an efficient and corrupt-free environment to do their business. If that is too much to ask for, then we hv voted for the wrong ppl.