Friday, June 06, 2008

Lost My Phone

Sigh. My brains must be getting totally scrambled. Lost my wallet which contains everything I had, IC, passport, cards etc. 2 months ago, and now I just lost my phone as well. Thank goodness I did a sync with my notebook about 2 weeks ago, which means that the bulk of my data remains intact.

Took a flight out to Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate the missus' birthday for the weekend after returning from the trip to Hong Kong. I must have dropped my phone in a taxi earlier. Anyway, I'm now "stuck" here in Saigon, and I'd be incommunicado til Tuesday morning after I get myself a new SIM card.

For those who needs to reach me urgently, email will now be the best method.


Anonymous said...

poor you. it must be the stress. LOL.

NEO said...

Can Claim from Parliament!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the work of the 'boys at fourth floor' can never tell

allen ng said...


Sorry to hear that but hope you won't lose the heart when you are back to Malaysia and hear that the escalating price of the fuel and other things.

Anonymous said...

sync with notebook?
it looks like u r using mac? ehehehe