Monday, January 22, 2007

Pak Lah's Losing It?

All within a week, the normally resilient Pak Lah is showing major signs of weakness. Despite his statements having undergone the sanitisation process in the local media, they are clearly reflecting his weak leadership as well as his inability to maintain a grip on his party, government and the country. Unconvincing responses given by Pak Lah on two separate issues over the past week painted a stumbling and fumbling Prime Minister.

1. US$50 billion fund-raising exercise

Copies of official documents have been circulated on the Internet with regards to a purported US$50 billion foreign fund-raising exercise by the Government. Check out Sdr Lim Kit Siang's post and Malaysiakini here. These documents implicated both the Pak Lah and Bank Negara conducting this exercise via dubious local and fraud-implicated foreign agents. The question then is, has the Malaysian Government been duped?

Instead of answering the question, Pak Lah's response was a incredibly weak “"I don't remember taking any (such US$50bil) loan. And I am the Minister of Finance.”

What type of answer is that? You either approved of such an exercise, or you didn't. You don't “don't remember” a US$50 billion fund raising exercise!

2. New Straits Times Publications (NSTP) – Utusan Malaysia Merger exercise

It was clear from earlier media statements since December that the Prime Minster and his deputy were pretty much behind the move to merge the two UMNO owned media entities in Malaysia. After much “deliberation” and sniping behind the scenes by UMNO Supreme Council members as well as Ministers themselves who objected to the move, the merger exercise has finally been called off.

This was after it has been reported in the media that the Supreme Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of aborting the exercise (43-8), despite the Prime Minister and his deputy voting in favour. It is probably the closest one can get to a rebellion within UMNO.

And what was the Prime Minister's public response?

He claimed that the decision to abort the proposed New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd (NSTP) and Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd merger is the “best decision”. The Prime Minister said he had had reservations when the proposal was first mooted. “But I thought it was best to give those who proposed it some time to consider it carefully.”

Again, what type of lame response is that? After supporting the proposal at the outset, he now says that it's the “best decision” and that he “had reservations”

It doesn't at all inspire confidence that the Prime Minister of the country don't remember if he had approved a US$50 billion whatever. How do you take a Prime Minister seriously, when he gives lame excuses when backtracking from his own proposals, claiming that he had doubts about them in the first place! Take the above with the very personal “old man breaking Khairy's rice bowl” comment in international press much earlier, it is no longer a question of tolerating a mediocre prime minister, but one that's fumbling badly and clumsily.

A prime minister who does not inspire any confidence will become a lame duck, just waiting to be hunted. The only question then, will be when?


Trashed said...

The rate AAB is going, he will be a liability to the BN in the next General Election. The other BN parties are probably squirming as they will lose their popular support more than UMNO.

UMNO may want AAB to be still at the helm so that the shenanigans behind the scenes, run by the Little Napoleons, can continue unrestricted.

But, it is up to the electorate - you get who you vote for.

Anonymous said...

agree. can't stand the 'i can't remember' answer....that sounds like 'i can't remember but IT MAY HAVE HAPPENED>>>>>>'
also, yeah he + dpm was super sokong abt the NeST-UM merger now 180 degree.
he need a new press sec lar :D
i mean in the US or even SG, ministers what more the PM, are briefed about current issues and suitable replies~~~~~
sei lor~~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

He is just play-acting, pretending to be a village fool, while scheming and plotting to bring down his opponents. When the time is right, he will launch his "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution" to net all those who dared to defy him, the Omnipotent One.

Anonymous said...

I hope such a cunning liar would be sacked by the voters in the coming general election. He has no idea how to lead this country. He only cares how to make money for his family and UMNO cronies. One of the most corrupted PM in the world - a fact many still not willing to accept!

Anonymous said...

Read this : Khairil Jamaluddin - Mad Rasputin or Genius Boy.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming mandate given to this PM was because of his perceived honesty capital. That capital has been heavily depleted for the last 3 years with firstly lack of result of his promises and secondly evidence that the practises of corruption in ineffienciency continues. It was never really about his ability.

What is startling is that this PM does seem to be aware of it given his poor response to such issues. This lack of self-awareness is sure sign of weak leadership skills, that it will be observed and paid attention by an even more critical public is a sure sign of apathy at the top which will permeat throughout the government and frankly the entire privilleged class of people in this country. It means that not much will change in the end and prehaps that is the worst self-delusion of this PM.

Anonymous said...

when was the last time he remembers anything.

he supports the current suit against the bloggers. yet, he does not do what he preaches.

remember the RM30.0 million yacht issue. does he has the guts to sue for defamation if the paper does not retract the allegation afterall he has said that he did not order the yacht?

I have so much respect for him early on but those seem like distant days.

goodnite and good luck malaysia.