Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something to Hide

There's no other ways to describe it. The government and administration of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, contrary to his promises and rhetoric, has no political will or even intent on becoming even mildly transparent.

One would have expected something as simple as a toll concession agreement between the Government and the toll concessionaire, which will contain no state secrets detrimental to the national security of Malaysia to be made available publicly to demonstrate a responsible and conscientious leadership.

But no, because the agreement which has been leaked to the public earlier will demonstrate the Government's poor governance, negligence and incompetence or worse, possibly strengthening the perception of corruption, the Cabinet has decided that all toll concession agreements are state secrets. Despite claims to the contrary, the leaked document essentially revealed that the Government is obligated to guarantee lucrative profits for the toll concessionaire!

Now, what type of Government will do that? There's only one answer. It's a government that does not work or perform its duty in the interest of the rakyat. Instead of securing the best services for the rakyat at the best possible prices, the Government is instead working towards taxing the rakyat the maximum amount tolerable to ensure huge profits for large, often politically connected corporations.

Despite the routine excuses given by the hapless Minister of Works, Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, it is clear that the current Pak Lah's administration has something to hide and cover up. It is not a transparent administration, and such types of opaque government will only encourage and breed mediocrity, incompetence or worse, embezzlement and corruption.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you fully that at the heart of this lack of transparency and accountability of the government. However, I believe the issue is more complex than simply just a case of collusion of concession holders and politician, deplorable it already is.

The reason why the contracts were classified as OSA is because the terms are not easy to actually explain to the rakyat. These contracts/concession have subtle nuances and if open up for debate by laymans and hacks would have stopped the projects in its tracks.

For example, many people think guaranteeing toll rates and volume is not legitimate but it actually is common practise. However, guranteeing toll rates and volume while the concession holder is also the main contractor is NOT. As you said, its guranteeing profit no matter what the cost, the risk.

The real reason why the toll agreement are wrapped under the OSA under the excuse that rakyat cannot appreciate the subtelty, IS to avoid explanation of the actual corruption at the very beginning.

What this whole issue point to is at the heart of it, the sophistication of UMNO corruption, that is far removed from accountability to the people. If ordinary bumiputera understand how sophisticated the corruption of UMNOputras are, they would feel betrayed and marginalized and move closer to the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Revealing the contents of the toll concession agreement between the Government and the toll concessionaire will expose to the whole world the daylight robbery committed on the rakyat by their elected representatives. No politician in his right frame of mind will ever admit to cheating 'cuz that will spell the end of his/her political career.

For BN, it is preferable for the rakyat to suspect that the government is negligent, incompetent and corrupt rather than to confess and show concrete proof that it is indeed so. Hence the OSA will be used until kingdom come.

At the rate things are going, Malaysia will soon overtake the Philippines and Indonesia for the dubious honour of being the most corrupt in ASEAN.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to vote out our sleepy, corrupted, uncaring and NATO (no action talk only) Prime Minister Abdullah Bodohwi. So far I have never seen any of his promises made before election being realised in practice. He tends to underestimate the IQ of Malaysians. The voters have been cheated once in 2004, and should not be cheated again in 2008! Wake up all votes, let us give the opporsition parties more power. The arrogance and ingorance of BN (Burden of the Nation) is simply unbelievable!! Bring back democracy and sack the useles Pak Lah!!

Anonymous said...

UMNO+MCA+MIC+GEREKAN = Rubbish Government only good at cheating the voters. I won't be cheated by BN (burden of the nation) anymore. It's time to terminate the most currupted hypocrite Prime Minister Pak Lah!!! Let us work together to topple BN!!!

Anonymous said...

My contribution to go with the topic.

Lame Basket.

Anonymous said...

Is that wig under the OSA?