Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's Make It Legal

Did Pak Lah just endorsed the New Straits Times (NST) suit against the two bloggers? Did he argue that the NST was justified in its case? "They cannot hope to cover themselves or hide from the laws," he said. Was that a hint that they are guilty?

As argued earlier, it's not my place to determine the merits of the suit against the bloggers. I do however think that by making the suit, instead of seeking alternative means of settlement first, is a clear attempt to muzzle parties who raise issues or facts unreported by the media, from an angle which proved uncomfortable for the Government and its mouthpieces.

For those who are very curious about the contents of the writ of summons to our fellow bloggers, Politikus has kindly made the necessary legal exposures on what NSTP and co believe the alleged defamatory posts infers, and what NSTP and co have suffered.

In fact she has done a little more for the legal illiterates like me, by giving a fairly thorough explanation of the law on libel and defamation in words and sentences a lay person can understand. ;)

So let's not get sued, let's make ourselves legal. ;)


Anonymous said...

The PM statement sound quite clear that his tacit view and approval was obtained BEFORE the suit. This means that it literally proof that the bloggers are NOT guilty of libel and defamation!!!

In other words, this is a case of bullying with the approval of the PM no less...

Anonymous said...

yeay green light to reveal all!

click here :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Blog readers,
Don't believe in a bit what Tony Pua says. He is setting up this Blog and 'EDUCATION MALAYSIA' to pursue his own selffish sinister goals. You can observe from all his comments in both Blogs having these common thread:
1) Boasting and showing off his Oxford qualification - while he was lucky to be in Oxford in the first place cos' he gets only 3 As.
2) Boasting about his success of being a CEO of a listed IT firm. The fact is his firm CyberVillage is a small fly money-losing firm with high possibility of going bankrupt soon. He is earning SGP10K a month (a mere middle manager Singaporean pay), boasting he is making big bucks financially while at the same time not paying a dime to shareholders or dedicating enough energy to revive the company.
3) Tony boasted he knows so-and-so and he is of the same upbringing, alumni or same 'batch' of these high flyers in order to boast his own values.

So his hidden goal is to sell himself and set himself up for something bigger financially. Guys, have your eyes openned with his sinister agenda. If you are in doubt with my comments. Do some research yourself. Ask yourself, what good has Tonby done to his country.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

hey you, frankly i do not care what Mr.Tony have done for this country.As long as Mr.Tony is NOT from blood sucking BN or incompetent MCA.
Mr.Tony really have hidden agendas.So do all of us.that is to get rid of pukiputras.Now that i have mentioned it,it is no longer a hidden agenda.

The badawi is always a " saya tak tahu " man.How come this time he can gives a clear answer?Now the owner of NST is the pukiumno.He had been consulted.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

CORRECTION:Mr.Tony really have hidden agendas.So do all of us.that is to get rid of pukiputras ( umnopukiputras) what i meant is the umno NOT the innocent malays.

My sincere apologies.

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