Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zahid Unfit To Be Minister

Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi’s malicious lies and his refusal to apologise for spreading falsehood about me makes him unfit to be a Minister and proves UMNO’s rotten at its core

Last Friday, Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi accused me of having been previously arrested and charged in Singapore, and as a result was unable to become a Member of Parliament there. He further alleged that due to my good relations with certain authorities in Singapore, I was released and insinuated that the deal was for me to become a Singapore “agent” and infiltrate Malaysia.

I had immediately called for a retraction of the above baseless and malicious allegations, as well as a public apology within 24 hours. However, over the past 72 hours, I’ve heard only a pin-drop silence from the Minister, which not only makes him unfit to be a Minister but also proves that UMNO’s leadership is rotten at its very core.

Zahid Hamidi is unfit to be a Minister not only because of the complete lack of honesty and integrity, but also because it shows the failure of his Ministry’s military intelligence to be able to filter fact from fiction, hence raising concerns as to whether he will be able to fully protect our country from external threats.

Instead of answering to the rakyat on questions posed to him, the most senior ranking UMNO vice-president attempted to tarnish my reputation and insinuated repeatedly that I’m not loyal to this country and that I’m acting in the interest of another country. He even argued that if I should join the Territorial Reserve Army (Tentera Wataniah).

Let me just say that Zahid Hamidi has no right and is in no place to question my loyalty to Malaysia. If it were at all true that I had joined politics in Malaysia for personal interest or the interest of a foreign country, then surely it would have been easier for me to join a BN party like the MCA, which has a track record of producing top leaders charged for corruption and abuse of power. Instead, by joining an opposition party like the DAP, I’m only subjected to persistent threats and abuse, like the leaders before me who have been subjected to authoritarian punishments like the ISA.

Every person in this country demonstrates his or her loyalty differently, and not only through the Army. I’ve chosen this path to fight for the rights of the oppressed and the impoverished.

Is Zahid implying that all the BN Members of Parliament, nearly all of whom had not joined the Army less loyal to the country as well? That appears to be his thinking because he has said as much that the non-Malays of this country are less patriotic because they have not joined the Army. Despite the controversy over his slight on the minorities, he has refused to apologise.

As a result of the Minister’s refusal to apologise, I have instructed my lawyers today to proceed immediately to file a suit against Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for defamation and spreading malicious falsehood.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Just sue the bugger off. People like him deserve no mercy whatsoever.


Anonymous said...


You have been cited future finance minister according to BN zealots, so if they Zahid has damage you that you will not become Finance Minister as they are scaring the Malays with, you deserve to be paid the size of Daim Zainuddin's fortune - say US$10billlion according to some...

Unknown said...

Hi YB - Over the years our Minister has grown fond of making mis-leading or unfounded allegations and statements with impunity.

Starting with the senile old man who accuses Suqui of being a communist setup and this hopeless Defence Minister accusing those who dont join the Army as less patriotic etc.

I hope you can sue his socks off if he is just shooting his mouth off as a lesson for the rest of the foot in mouth minister.

I wonder if the Singapore Government will reply to his insinuations?

Anonymous said...

As usual we are too busy trying to get out of this country than to listen let alone argue with crap ministers. Suppose somebody got to do it...Can you imagine if you have to rebuff this kind of childish statements made to the public...what hope to we have

Anonymous said...

This is a useless hippo in the cabinet and wasting rakyat's money. A hardcore racist and number one dungu Minister with Ph.D(engki).

PJU Voter said...



Aiseh man, SUE only lah. Till now also got no action. All talk only. For what??? Syiok sendiri meh???

Talking a lot but cannot execute their talk is only fit for a story teller, you know?

Anonymous said...

Sue him and sure YB when you look at Zahid face and you know he looks like an idiot anyway and talk rubbish!

donplaypuks said...

Yes, I agree. This turncoat is unfit.

On an unrelated matter, PM Najib said the toll at North Pantai Expressway (NPE) had been reduced to $1 per toll.

However, this is not entirely true. Before the reduction, you paid $6.40 per return trip, say Subang Jaya-KL-SJ for 4 stops (2 each way).

After ther reduction, you pay $5.80.

ONLY the toll about 2km before Sunway on returning to SJ has been reduced from $1.60 to $1. For the rest you still pay $1.60 per toll stop! I have today's toll receipts to prove it!

The overall reduction is about 9.35%.

So YB, you should check the basis on which the NPE concessionaire (IJM?) will be compensated to the tune of $90 million and whether it is each year or a 1 off.

I think PM has used Apco spin to try and put one over the overtolled Rakyat!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Oh for god sake Tony.. just because Zahid attcking you, you think he does not fit to be minister, and you should be one???
You think you are damned smart.

What I can see you only interested in money and government contracts cos all you have commented and looking at is government contracts.. why? cos it is not going into your pocket or DAP or PR is it?

You guys politicians make us puke...

Jonas Lee said...

Dear Tony,

I am convinced there is a huge demand for real public-servant leaders in Asia in view of (a) the acute shortage in supply of such leaders currently and historically (b) Asia's rising prominence in the global economy.

In view of your issue with the defense minister, a smarter way to deal with these people is to not dignify their lies with a lawsuit (these days, everyone can go to court without anything of consequence). I advise you to encourage this minister to be more reasonable, sane and act as a role model for today's children. Show your love and concern for him (short of tearslah).

Then the whole nation can see that you are indeed a role model for aspiring politicians.

Wong Chee Shing said...

Statement by:

Wong Chee Shing (Age 27)
(Petaling Jaya Utara resident and MCA Youth Petaling Jaya Utara Member)
24 March 2011.

I refer to YB Tony Pua’s statement reported in The Sun (23/3/11) that if at all he entered politics in Malaysia to get wealthy for personal interest or the interest of a foreign country then surely it would have been easier for him to join the MCA.

I am born bred studied and lived in Petaling Jaya Selangor. Being a PJ resident, I have over the years participated in some local social activities to promote the wellbeing of PJ Community.

As a result, I have participated in local MCA Youth activities and witnessed how MCA helped and contributed to the public. Therefore some of my friends and myself have decided to be members of MCA Youth of PJ Utara last year.

As to “get personal wealth”, MCA does not and can not provide the platform. If one ever achieves wealth it is due to his or her own efforts. Just as YB Tony Pua who apparently got wealthy in Singapore, I believe is not with the assistance of the PAP or DAP.

Tony Pua is not an original PJ resident and Selangor-ian, but voted in as the YB for PJ Utara representing all PJ Utara residents. We welcome him to PJ to serve us for now and at the very least we expect him to respect PJ residents like me. There are rules to follow when you live in a community like PJ. The offensive statement made by him if at all can be made as a PAP member in Singapore and should not be made in PJ or Malaysia.

• I have some Singaporean friends who told me that the day Malaysia and Singapore are at war, they will push the Singaporean defense line to Batu Pahat, Johor. That worries me.

• With DAP and PAS working together and forming an Islamic State in Malaysia which ultimately benefit Singapore, that worries me.

Perhaps these are the areas the YB should look into and not pass statements to insult fellow PJ residents and Malaysians. After all allowance received as a Parliamentarian are from Malaysian taxpayers.

Looking forward to YB Tony Pua’s apology.

Anonymous said...

Tony,PJ residents can vote for DAP or MCA in as they see fit. But dont insult my PJ resident friends who are MCA members. Some of us have contributed to the nation and also voted for u in. If you get mugged or roughed up in ss2 my friends will help you out.Relying on NS trainees from Majulah Singapura may be too late. By the way can u help us Malaysians who worked in Singapura with CPF an earlier premature withdrawal? i believe you have a good working relationship with the Singaporean Authorities

Anonymous said...

Tony , do you know much about your own DAP? you are also not quite sure what dap is all about let alone MCA. it is not mca has not done anything may mca did not do something for you when you needed it.

Rizzoli said...

Anon 8:21 AM

I note that Ahmad Zahid was careful not to repeat his allegations outside Parliament?

Wassamatter, Datuk Seri? Cat got your tongue? Or you decided that discretion is the better part of valour?

thala said...

Aiyah....TONY need to SUE becos' he need $$$. Should TONY win the Court battle then he'll be able to bail--out his 10-year old Beetle from the workshop mah.

But for all you know this case is going to be "STRIKE OUT".

You can try TONY but I guess you'll be the LOSER.