Thursday, March 10, 2011

MRT: McKinsey for Value Management Study?

Hazlan Zakaria
Mar 9, 11 4:56pm

Fresh from churning out Pemandu reports, some of which proposed the building of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), consultancy firm McKinsey & Co has again been hired - this time to conduct a Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) study on the value management of such a project.

Basing his question on a report in The Star today that said Mckinsey would now helm the Spad study into the matter, DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua (right) questioned the impartiality of the arrangement.

"Will McKinsey do a fair analysis of the cost benefits of the MRT system, when it is part of the Pemandu project that, in the first place, proposed the MRT system? While there may be no direct conflict of interest, one has to wonder how fair and unbiased the report is going to be," Pua (right) told a press conference in the Parliament lobby today.

In light of this, he called for all studies carried out now, and in the future, to be done openly to make sure everything was above board

"This is no national security issue, so we must publish all studies to be done, and yet to be done, openly to see if they are done in a fair and transparent manner," he said.

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RAKYAT said...

Can Malaysia request for an independent valuer appointed by the United Nations to do the evaluation? Instead of paying the cost to private company,why don't pay it to UN to engage one? Atleast the fee will go to UN for some worthy cause or help to contribute to UN's financial.

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to know how much has the government - Khazanah,PEMANDU, etc - has spent on McKinsey for the last 5 - 10 years. Out of this, how many of these engagements were on direct negotiation and not on open tender.