Friday, March 18, 2011

Hishamuddin Must Apologise to Malaysians

DAP condemns the violation and defacement of the Al-Kitabs impounded by the Home Ministry in Port Klang and calls for the Home Minister to apologise to Malaysians nationwide on its complete lack of sensitivity

We read in horror in yesterday evening’s news in The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini which reported that “Al-Kitab defaced” and “Port Klang’s BM Bibles ‘violated’”. The Bible Society of Malaysia has claimed that the 5,100 bibles which were seized two years ago have been stamped by the Home Minister with a serial number space and the text ‘“Al Kitab Berita Baik” ini untuk kegunaan penganut agama Kristian sahaja dengan perintah Menteri Dalam Negeri’.

The action above has been done without any consultation or agreement from the importer or the Church.

We condemn the complete lack of sensitivity of the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein in the actions taken by the Ministry which had added salt to injury already suffered by the Christian community in Malaysia. Firstly, their bibles have been impounded for no valid reasons, restricting their freedom of religion and now, their holy book is being treated as anything but holy by the authorities.

In addition, the insistence on serial numbers to “control” the circulation of these bibles are as if they are subversive documents which are a threat to national security. The titular head of the Malacca-Johor diocese, Catholic bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing have denounced the condition as “crass forms of censorship redolent of the communist era”.

The actions by the Barisan Nasional Government to date proves that the call for “1Malaysia” which promotes a multi-racial and multi-religious inclusive society under our federal constitution which guarantees freedom of religion under Article 11 which provides that every person has the right to profess and to practice his or her religion and (subject to applicable laws restricting the propagation of other religions to Muslims) to propagate it, is but an empty slogan.

We call upon the Home Minister to immediately apologise to all Malaysians for insulting the faith of the Christian community, and provide an unconditional guarantee that such incidences, including the arbitrary confiscation of Al-Kitabs will never again happen in the future.


Anonymous said...

it shows that the BN govt has no respect for other religions in the country. what do their running dogs, MCA and Gerakan, have to say about this issue?

potonglancau said...

Ini negara Islam. Kalau tak suka boleh pindah negara lain. Go to hell !!!

charleskiwi said...

Can you ask a barking dog not to bark ?
They are born to bark regardless of the occasion and the Home Minister is no exception so are all the Umnos' morons. Just like the beast all they know is to eat or in the case of Umno is to to steal !

Pasanglancau said...

Potonglancau,you pergi mampus!
Kalau negara ini tak ada bangsa china,india dan lain-lain,sudah lama negara ini jadi jahanam!
Tak ada otak punya orang!

Anonymous said...

You sendiri pun pendatang apa hal nak menyuruh orang berpindah ke negara lain.Seorang Islam yang benar tidak akan mengeluarkan ayat yang meyingung perasaan kecuali dari orang yang fatwa yang lemah atau tidak waras yang dipelajarinya.Apa nama sesat kefahaman nya.

Anonymous said...

Ei, potong lancau dari afghanistan - balik jadi taliban, jangan buat kacau

Anonymous said...

PM Najib, don't ever preach about moderation to the world when your actions are deemed extreme! Cakap tak serupa bikin!

Matthew said...

@potong*oh gosh what a twat*

Too bad, your bloody biased constitution "carta" stated citizens are free to their own beliefs... Tak suka constitution tu? Scrap it, scrap the "Ketuanan Melayu" at once... You can move to indon too if you don't approve the minorities condemnations. Besides, your ancestors were all indons. Needless to say, non Islamics.

Oh wait, how can I forget. The concept of "Respect other religion" is completely foreign to Islamic followers despite how the Quran states otherwise

"“There is no compulsion in religion” Holy Quran (2:256)

Nayyyy.. what's the point. I doubt you even read English and done your own bible studying.

john tan said...

WTF....JUST BCOS OF A STAMP THIS ISSUES HAVE GONE BERSERK....RACIAL HARMONY IS AT STAKE....DO YOU WANT IT TO HAPPENED????All the racial agenda by the oppositions are making the rakyats beginning to dislike them...come this GE13 you can kiss good bye if this continues.

Anonymous said...

nice job... next time, stamp on all the pages.. kui,kui, kui...