Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Meet in Court!

Zahid and Pua cross swords again over defence deals

DEFENCE Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Tony Pua (DAP– PJ Utara) have crossed swords again over the procurement of vessels and armoured personnel carriers (APC) for the armed forces.

Both men said they would not hesitate to haul the other side to court over defamatory statements made over the procurement of the military hardware.

“If you want to bring me to court, I am willing to meet you there but I, too, am ready to take you to court over your wild allegations,” Zahid said when asked by Pua about the purchase of six patrol vessels valued at RM6bil.

He said Pua should not have made unsubstantiated claims on his blog or through media statements.

Earlier, their argument started when Zahid said he would not compromise on the country’s security by divulging details of the procurement.

On his part, Pua stressed that he was not touching on military secrets but was instead seeking details about the deal following an increase in the purchase amount by 26% from RM5.35bil to RM6.75bil.

“We want to ensure that this does not happen again,” Pua said, adding that he would not hesitate to take legal action against Zahid over any “wild allegations”.

Zahid said the higher purchase price was due to the cost of fitting the vessels with the appropriate systems, and not due to certain parties “pocketing sales commission” as alleged.

He said Pua had failed to present evidence of wrongdoings despite being requested to by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Both sides traded words again over a deal between DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd and FNSS Turkey over the purchase of APC that cost RM5.8bil.

Zahid said the deal was for the purchase of “baseline” APC which did not include the cost for the necessary weapons and communications sub-systems depending on their combat roles.

To a question by Salahuddin Ayub ((PAS–Kubang Kerian) on the difference between the defence budget of Malaysia and Singapore and neighbouring countries, Zahid said that it would correlate with the gross domestic product and defence needs of each country.


PJU Voter said...

Aiyah TONY....why talk so much then? Just SUE only lah. Talk this & talk that but ending-up NOT suing is as good as all talk but no action lah.

Why??? U scared u will lose in this Court battle ar???

Be a man & walk your talk instead of talking your walk.

TK said...

can you read? because i think you cant. the title of this post is pretty clear on Tony's next course of action

Anonymous said...

Yes - if you are going to do something just do it. no need to milk it like a small boy saying i am warning you etc etc

looking forward to your post saying that zahid has been sued.

Anonymous said...


You better get tight pants and undies. otherwise U will also be sued until your undies drop off. want to borrow my younger brother's pANTS?

CITIZEN said...

Sue him(Zahid) till his pant down to show what moron minister we have in the cabinet.
He(Zahid) is using usual tactics to sideline the issues.Tell me for a normal APC,do we need some extras(like sophiscated armours) on it?
Tony is just trying to understand(as an MP)and for the public duty to seek clarifications on such huge purchases for the defence ministry and the glaring difference of pricing and this goon minister trying to twist it into another issue of defamation.
Worst still,he is using dirty tactics of character assisination(accusing of Tony being a spy of Singapore and a criminal)which we will see(in the court proceeding) if it is true.

PJU Voter said...

Hi Anonymous 4:57PM,

Fuyoh!!! I very SCARED leh. Hahahaha.

Come & get me lor. Talking so much but cannot do it is likened to talking, talking, talking...BUT....cannot walk.

"Fai Tit Lah". I'm waiting leh.

Anonymous said...

Ayayo! stupid Defense Minister! where got meaning everything so secret even cheating procurement also secret!
Stupid Malaysia! Don't tell us that even member of parliament also cannot be allowed to to know Malaysia Defense procurement!?
No wonder Defense Policy also not debated in Parliament!

Anonymous said...


Typical UMNO and MACC maichai. Now scare and wanted to cry like MACC officer. Before TBH passing, like MACC act big and when he pass away, his ghost are haunting MACC and PJU. Ha2

Militaryman said...

Stupid idiots, no sane countries in the world would divulge their ACTUAL military strength.

Only a traitor would want to expose the country's ACTUAL strength to others.