Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Najib's Doublespeak on Betting License

Above is my press conference yesterday on the Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's doublespeak on the granting and approval of a sports betting license to Ascot Sports, owned by Tan Sri Vincent Tan.

The press reports are available at Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider.


Anonymous said...

The analogy to Bill Clinton's 'I did not have sex' statement is actually an understatement.

In the case of Bill Clinton, his act actually was not an impeachable offense and he was being railroaded politically.

With Najib, his action is an act of office and the lie should be an impeachable offense. A violation of his oath of office.

In actual fact, Najib did something worst than Bill Clinton..

Shawn Tan said...

800 Million? Such a familiar nice round number.

Anonymous said...

Najib Razak...the biggest lier backed by Rosmah, of course!


Unknown said...

I support Tony Pua....!!!

Unknown said...

Luckily malaysia have you as the loyalty citizen....way to go!! Tony Pua Boleh!!