Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip To Australia

Hi all, I'm in the midst of planning a trip to Australia, more specifically the cities of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney for about 8-9 days starting 18 September.

If there are Malaysians, university students or working professionals who would like to help organise a gathering/forum cum a mini-fundraiser in these cities, please do contact me so that I can make the necessary arrangements. I can be reached at

It will be my first trip to these cities. See you at the Land Down Under! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good morning Tony n family.
Business opportunity plz.... I want to leave my "beloved" country!

We all have been so "faithful" to our country & suddenly we are ungrateful, beggers, prostitutes & whatnot that comes out of these really "brainless" mouths.

And a new "Raper Organization" seemingly fighting for their rights. Konon...

"WHAT" rights?
Don't see you fighting for your poor!!! They don't even have Rm2 to eat, let alone own a company.

Stupid & bloody blind enough to "NOT" know who has been their Masters that runs the country for so damn long....!

And blaming others of not their kind for their own success...!

For sure go bankrupt. Spending like as if there's "NO" tomorrow...! Perhaps there's "NO" tomorrow!

Rakyat that's still struggling are the Losers la!
Suckers..., we all are!

Have a good morning yah!

Anonymous said...

Good vent our anger but it won’t help till we vote them out. Tell everyone u see daily to vote them out. Tell your neighbours , friends, relatives and even stranger to vote them out. Meanwhile prepare to eat ubi kayu(if still cheap like japaneses time)

Loh Tze Ling said...

Hi Tony, 8-9 days for 3 cities is not doing justice to them (if you're on a tourist thing, that is). I'd suggest Melbourne and Sydney for that length of time.