Thursday, June 10, 2010

10MP v NEM

In the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's speech today announcing the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP), he said that "the 10MP has been formulated with various new approaches towards becoming a high income and high productivity economy, in line with the New Economic Model (NEM)."

However, there are many elements within the 10MP which are clearly either directly contradicts the principles of NEM or fails to take the principles into account. I haven't had time to write down my thoughts yet, both The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini have jotted down my comments earlier.

DAP claims 10MP contradicts NEM
By Adib ZalkapliJune 10, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, June 10 — DAP lawmakers criticised today the Najib administration's 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) blueprint for failing to reflect the prime minister's New Economic Model (NEM) framework unveiled in March.

“The most obvious contradiction is the fact that in the New Economic Model, it is clearly mentioned that everything is based on merit, competition and need whereas the 10MP very clearly inserted a chapter that says Bumis are to achieve and continue to target 30 per cent corporate equity and wealth as well as in property, jobs and so on,” said DAP publicity chief Tony Pua.

The NEM aims to transform the country into a high-income nation and is one of the Najib administration’s major agenda.

It was drawn up by the National Economic Action Council (NEAC), chaired by Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz.

When tabling the 10MP today, Najib had announced the formation of a high-level council to be chaired by him to plan, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of the Bumiputera development agenda.

He also unveiled efforts to improve Bumiputera property ownership through Pelaburan Hartanah Bhd and redevelopment plans of Kampung Baru in the city centre to enable landowners to unlock the value of the property.

Pua told reporters that the announcement of mega projects with no emphasis on open tender also did not help in achieving NEM targets.

“In NEM, it has been expressly stated that there will be no tolerance for patronage, rent seeking and we'll be looking at the best proposals, best value for money, open tenders and so on but what we've seen so far is that projects are awarded on a direct basis to specific companies, cronies or otherwise,” said Pua.

“There is a big contradiction between what they say they want to do with the NEM and what is actually carried out with regards to the implementation of the 10MP,” he added.


Anonymous said...

ohh tony, don't you remmember the sentence ' cakap tak serupa bikin' you are not that naive, are you believing them all along.anyway malaysia is hopeless already and down at the longkang.

Anonymous said...

Someone should dig up the past Malaysia plans and look at what percentage of the projects got implemented successfully. I have been seeing these things for decades and most of the these things end up being duds. Even those that have resulted positively, a lot of it are incidental rather than plan - people making use of liberalisation that was unpredicted.

Seriously, these plans are nothing to get excited about anymore..

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

tony, good job yesterday at NTV7. Should appear more often lar....but then again, i am surprised they allow opposition to appear on TV...


CITIZEN said...

Oh! No! Our country will definately go nowhere by what the PM has announced. There will be little or no foreign direct investment.The government will pump drived the economy on its own,but then will there be transparencies? The govt will use its own income(derived from natural resources like oil,palm oil) but how prudent they are going to utilise it? The NEP,after more than 30 years,has achieved not much,except to rich the coffers of Umnoputras and their cronies.Other countries that do not practise NEP,like Singapore and Korea,are performing much better than us(comparing to the country reserve and Per Capita Income).

ctlim said...

In this time of financial constraints, it appears that 10MP has not looked at healing the ills. It seems to me like the "Doctor" is prescribing vitamins and supplements" to boost general health when the patient is suffering from TB... And the patient dies later while the doctor still wonders what happened!

So much can be done and needs to be done soon.

Donplaypuks® said...

10 MP - old, stale (oops, sorry, halal) wine in new bottle!! You bet!!( now everyone can bet on anything - just ask Vincent Rosemajib!!).

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Din Merican said...

Damansara Jaya residents still fuming over Atria plans

DAMANSARA Jaya residents are unhappy that the planning approval for the proposed development at the Atria Shopping Centre site was renewed without their knowledge.

According to Damansara Jaya Residents and Owners Association (DJROA) president Datuk Yew Cheng Hoe, they only found out about the renewal when tenants of the shopping centre were given notices to vacate the lots.

“We’ve been asking for the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) from the developer since last year but we only received it this May,” Yew said.

Tony, this will be a massive political issue. There is no justification to have this project in a residential area. I will campaign against Pakatan Rakyat and you will lose Selangor.--Din Merican

Anonymous said...

My main point with 10MP: If you need pay APCO exorbitant amount to learn to just USE Facebook and new media and fail at that, what chance is there for the same failures to actually help others improve human capital by increasing spending?

Frankly I would like to ask Najib, give a number on improving human capital and I will take the other side of that trade with all the money I have to bet against him..