Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Call For Emergency Parliamentary Session to Condemn Attacks

DAP condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent acts of defiling the places of Muslim worship

This morning, two mosques along Jalan Klang Lama were found desecrated with pig heads being found in their compounds.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms such despicable acts which are not only insensitive to our Muslim brothers, but is clearly an act to incite racial hatred and sentiments in our multi-racial and multi-religious society.

Ordinary Malaysians of all faiths and creed must not be entrapped by these acts which motives are clearly to enrage Malaysians into conducting similar tit-for-tat acts to create destroy the peace and tolerance in the country.

We will like to repeat our call upon the Government to convene an all-parties meeting, including all political parties, religious bodies and civil society organisations to unite as one to condemn such attempts to sabotage the future and unity of Malaysians.

We also call upon the Prime Minister to convene an emergency Parliamentary meeting for all Parliamentarians from across the divide to condemn without reservation the increasing incidence of arson, vandalism and desecration at all places of religious worship including mosques, suraus, churches and temples.

The Government must no longer dismiss these incidents as “minor aberrations” or “minor damage” for they have much broader implications to our nation-building. We must nip the increasing religious militancy in the country in the bud, before it escalates to a point of no return where properties are destroyed and lives are lost.


KY said...

Hi Tony,

"What goes around, comes around"

I foresee this coming & I'm pretty sure you foresee it too.

Now that churches had been bombed, surau had been burned & mosques had been thrown pig heads...."It's all FAIR & SQUARE now". All dues had been settled (I hope).

Now, time for PEACE!!!

Anonymous said...

Why only to condemn?

I thought Members of Parliaments duty are to make laws to secure the happiness of the country's citizens?

Anonymous said...

I really think this is the work of foreign Al-Qaeda led Islamist fanatics - trying to cause hatred and chaos amongst different culture, like in Kenya, Nigeria, Iraq, Kashmir/India and Pakistan right now. This has never happened before in Malaysian history, towards such hatred by desecrating places of worship. Al-Qaeda, through its footsoldiers, whether local or foreign ones, urgently are targeting oil-rich Islamic-ruled/partly Islamic-ruled countries, and the dynamism of multiculturalism in Malaysia (and also oil-rich Indonesia - for its South East Asia's base) is hindering its global Islamist imperialist project!

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)


Purple Haze said...

I am saddened by the comment by KY. Peace will not be achieved if one party takes action to settle the score as it will never lead to "fair and square" 'cos there is no referee. The Middle East is prime example.

But on this incident, I believe that it is not "pig's head" which was deposited but "wild boar head".

That is a noticeable difference as wild boar's heads can only be obtained from hunting. Which means the people who did this dastardly act have access to gun licences and going into the interior jungles.

That narrows the list of suspects somewhat.

Anonymous said...

When Najib announced his respond to this problem is to announce things with his KPI/NKRA, I realised that this problem is the same problem as crime in this country. All BN/UMNO can do is throw money and some people/agency at it which will eventually fail like the police and crime.

Najib legacy is already set. He stands in the way of necessary cathartic change. He is, for all intent and purpose, Malaysia no 1 problem..

Does not matter what happens in the short run, it can't be good no matter what. So better to hasten the disaster that has to happen regardless.

Anonymous said...

KY >> it never is settled "tit for tat".

how do you know (or not) Amno didn't hire someone to desecrate the mosques themselves?

Anonymous said...

maybe DAP or the catholics authority started the churches attacks first.why dont u think of that first.

people make noises when the church's attacks happen but keep quiet when mosques are being attacked. equality? haha hell no

why only think umno or muslims are behind any conspiracy..why not dap,or the christians.or the hindus...racist

KY is a loser..he must be stupid and lazy,when malays outdo him in academics or economics.he simply blames the nep hahaha wonder he's such a racist idiot

Anonymous said...

I find the reaction to these incidence to be truly remarkable. Basically most people, muslims and non-muslims alike believe these are the work of provocateurs? Why?

At the heart its because because most people knows that May 13, 1969, that changed the course of history in this country was the same. THAT means that everyone inadvertantly admitted that they know that UMNO rule for the last 42 years is based on lies - its illegitimate.

Is it a wonder so much has gone wrong over the years? Illegitimate regime ALWAYS ends. Nothing permanent can be build based on lies. So how long can it go on? Not much longer...

KY said...

What I can’t UNDERSTAND is that why is PAKATAN RAKYAT playing the same tune as BN?


(1) When CHURCHES & GUDWHARAS was attacked, PAKATAN RAKYAT & its’ supporters pointed fingers at UMNO (BN). When SURAUS & MASJIDS was thrown BOAR HEADS, the same group of people pointed their fingers at UMNO (BN). Instead of pointing their fingers here & there, why can’t PAKATAN RAKYAT be more INNOVATIVE & CREATIVE by coming-up with something more CONSTRUCTIVE with their WILD ACCUSATIONS??? Finger pointing is NOT the way to defeat BN. If PAKATAN RAKYAT have the HOTS for finger pointing, I reckon they take their fingers & shuff it up their own ARSE (or atleast Anwar Ibrahim’s arse).

(2) When other component party leaders within BN (MIC, MCA, PPP, etc) followed PROTOCOLS by keeping their MOUTH SHUT regardless whether they are HAPPY with an issue or not…..PAKATAN RAKYAT constantly come attacking saying it’s “STRING PUPPET ethics”. However, when the notorious ZULKIFLI NOORDIN comes out saying what he felt sincerely inside his heart regarding an issue, PAKATAN RAKYAT says he should follow PROTOCOL by keeping his mouth shut!!! PAKATAN RAKYAT frequently preaches DEMOCRACY but when ZUL NOORDIN practices it, he gets a “Shut the FARK UP memo”.

Ain’t PAKATAN RAKYAT the same with UMNO??? You answer it yaself.

Zul Noordin = Democracy said...

Memang betul apa yang dicakap oleh si KY.

Pakatan Rakyat aje tahu mengutuk bila orang lain buat. Pada hal, bile mereka sendiri yang parti celaka ni aje tahu diam diri.

Pala butoh punya Pakatan Rakyat. Macam ini punya sikap mahu tadbir Malaysia kah??? Mimpi lah ooii!!!