Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Minister Sleeping at Home?

Remember on December 4th last year, when the Home Minister, Datuk Syed Hamid Albar announced that he is appointing "an expert in criminal studies from a local university to do research on crime rate in the country in an effort to convince the people that the crime rate in Malaysia is lower than that in several other countries" such as Japan and Hong Kong.

Hence I took the opportunity to ask the Minister in one of my oral questions on the status of the above "study". The reply was as follows:
Untuk makluman Ahli-ahli Yang Berhormat dan Dewan Yang Mulia ini, perkara ini masih lagi dalam peringkat awal perbincangan di antara Polis Diraja Malaysia dengan Universiti Sains Malaysia. Memorandum persefahaman akan ditandatangani dengan pihak universiti berkenaan sebelum sebarang tindakan susulan diambil.
Sigh... despite the fact that the study is obviously contrived, the above really shows how much importance the Ministry is attaching to fighting crime in this country. Even a "study" announced since early December, has after more than 3 months, not even started!

It was after all, the Government who harped that crime in Malaysia is "all perception", when in "fact" we are much safer than many of these countries. The statistics provided were all debunked by the DAP MPs.

What is so complicated with such a study that it takes more than 3 months to come up with a "memorandum persefahaman"?


amoker said...

Well, it is quite hard to lie. USM's study will be subjected to scrutiny and will jeapordize its academic standing if the details dun match. It obviously won't because it is not a matter of perception. Syed hamid just refuse to ackonwledge that.

BCTan266 said...

In the block where I live in Rawang, there are ten houses and no less than 7 break-ins and thefts, mine included, have happened during the last 3 months. And their MOs are getting more daring - using chain cutters to break through the gates in the dead of the night.

And I know of six ladies who have had their handbags snatched, stolen or necklaces robbed during the last 12 months; three of these victims are my nieces.

I am an Average Joe who lives in a modest neighbourhood; and the ladies too who have had to go through the trauma of their respective encounters are your average lady next door and students.

If an average chap like me has such stats to quote, then think of the cases multipliede a few million folds.

Musa, Hamid, Pak Lah and Najib, things are just too telling of your incompetence and the state of affairs in our fair land. I think you guys ought to stop lying to your selves and US.

Do something coz the economic crisis will only compound the problem as more will be driven to desperate acts and resort to criminal activities.

Anonymous said...

How to wake up the thinking cells of this Botak, he has'nt any.
Judging from all his statements, only his mouth oozed out shit and his brain stayed stagnant.
Don't waste your time with him YB, my dog has better intelligence.

Anonymous said...

YB, you think this joker will really entertain your request ?

We don't want any "cut and paste" crime rate study, we want ACTION.

Anonymous said...

I think UITM will do a better job :)

Anonymous said...

HI YB tony
Good of you to write and good of you to ask we the citizen appreciated very much.
On the hind side if this has not being the case, you won't be a YB anymore.
I would suggest to all of you to be very well prepare and ever ready to rule this country and don't disappoint us.

Anonymous said...

Dear great readers,

Yes, the way forward for a better Malaysia is for us as the "Rakyat" to be well prepared to vote for the PR govt and take over from the corrupted BN parties in the next 13th General Elections!

"Change We Need" for this great country call Malaysia for All Malaysians.

DAP - A Democratic Party for Rakyat Malaysia.

chriskooi said...

YB Tony Pua,
Not only Home Minister, a lot of them are sleeping.

PS: I saw you in Parliament today. You look so thin, eat more. Get some tips from Gwo-Burne Loh.


Anonymous said...

I know some famous minister or prime minister sleeping in parliament

Shawn Tan said...

lol.. it's the government lar.. getting something done in 3-months is lightning speed.. so, don't expect that to happen.. give it at least about a year, assuming somebody cares enough to push the proposal through..

Anonymous said...

YB, thanks for following-up on this issue. Our home minister has other more pressing priorities than the safety & welfare of all Malaysian taxpayers. Crime is affecting everyone regardless if they're a pakatan or BN supporter.

I think the more pressing issue our minister has is his head. He seems to be losing more hair each day. Tony, wear some sunglasses when you pose your questions to him. I wouldn't want the glare of incompetancy to blind you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

If there is a will, there is a way.If you strive hard to do something,you can really make a difference, it is the attitude and determination that count.Crime is bad in Malaysia,judging from the statement from the top cop and the bald head, I doubt they have the will to do something about that. Their excuse will be "short of manpower".In private sector, if you give lame excuses to your boss about not achieving something...you will be booted out of the company but in this case, our cops are the king of this country. They fielded hundred of personnel trying to stop Pakatan ADUNs from entering Perak DUN Building and they still say that there is not enough manpower...remember Bersih canglelight vigil? Manpower is aplenty in this case.
Dear fellow Malaysian, Dacing party is beyond redemption,wake up please!If you haven't registered as a voter, please do so..this is the only way to bring down Dacing government.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money and time to do studies...look at the Royal Commission findings on police (most of the good proposals are not implemented).

Crime rate in M'sia is really so BAD that it is probably one of the key reasons why "brains" are leaving the country (yet the Govt has the gall to say we have lower crime rate than S'pore and Japan).

When I was working in S'pore for more than 5 years - never heard of anyone I personally knew got robbed or burgled. Back in M'sia (SS2, PJ) for less than a year, three neighbours' house got broken into, snatch/slash thefts near my house and sister-in-law got robbed in front of the house at 4PM...

No need to do any studies - total waste of time.

CRIME RATE in PJ is really, really BAD...

Anonymous said...

Perbincangan awal dan persefahaman?

Ini tak masuk akal? after 3 months nothing happen? What that bald dude been doing? sleeping on couch???

Its a laughing stock. I think, Syed Hamid should change profession and become a stand up comedian. Better still.

Anonymous said...


you still dont get it, dont you.

its darn complicated coz they have to devise a study to make sure the cops come out smelling like roses even if its winter time.

if an idiot can say someone is ISAed for her own safety and after such illumination of stupidity and still remain as Minister, you can just conclude that the whole freaking cabinet is useless to the core.

Anonymous said...

NO hope.

Anonymous said...

hi Tony & everyone,

someone just sent me a youtube movie of a robbery (taken by owner's CCTV) at 2.57pm afternoon, Tmn maluri, 4 days ago.


as we can see the robbery took place around 2 mins, the robbers walk around in & out.
what make this more sad is... This house just behind Balai Polis Taman Maluri.

maybe this could serve as another real solid proof that the country is NOT safe at all.

Anonymous said...

Heard from my parents that they witnessed a snatch-and-run on a westerner last week. Some dark skinned guy cut the straps of the white guy's backpack, snatched and ran. The white guy was left helpless as all his travel documents and money were all inside. I have not seen trace of the reporting of this on papers YET. Tourism huh ? HA~!HA~! NO HOPE !!! Those politicians are just gonna rob our money off and migrate to somewhere else. And We are all left in this Bolehland with some people who just don't understand and blame on us.

Anonymous said...

If BN government still not awake, we people in Malaysia should stand together fighting crime. If police is not doing their job, we people in Malaysia need to defend ourselves by stop taking foreign worker.

I believe the statistic is truth, the crime rate in M’sia as whole is low, but crime in M’sia city definitely higher than Singapore and Japan.

Anonymous said...

dont worry, we know government always tcing(talk cocking)

what they do just the pocket got money and publicity.

We not dumb. the crime case increase. i heard many of them. even it happen infront my own eye.

People always trust BN, cause that person had not been rob, chop or kill by the robber yet... this malaysian style. when the thing happen to them, only they trust.

We had to made the BN collapse one time, then only they learn the lesson.

As i know, mostly the BN elected MP almost all are RICH. dont believe? try to check it up!! what it care is to get the menteri position and money in the pocket!