Monday, March 30, 2009

Balik Mengundi


Shawn Tan said...

Production quality seems to have improved compared to a year ago. However, it's still a little cheesy for me - especially the artificial 'chemistry' between the couple outside the electrical store. Made my hair stand on end. eeew...

int said...

Balik infringe copyright as well, just like the last time with "Just Change"? Say it ain't so, Tony. Is AR Rahman a Pakatan supporter, or did he get paid for this?

I agree wih Shawn Tan about that particular scene with the young couple, but other than that minor thing I thought it's really well done - just hope that it's on the level this time la, with explicit permission to use the audio track. Now DAP big boy oredi okay, shouldn't "make dunno" with these things. (Unless there's a fair use clause at work here, which I really doubt there is...)

Unknown said...

well done. i think there are excellent. very touching & sweet. and i have emailed to all my friends.

Merdekablog said...

My friend and I held two seminars in US Michigan Tech University to share with the Americans about the corrupted government of Malaysia.

I made two short videos on the seminars and also the interviews with the students on their encouragement to Malaysians to vote for change in the coming by-elections.

Please click for videos:

Andrew Loh said...

i liked the chemistry!

cuteness. much better than the "just change it" video.

Steven Poh said...

Cool ad Tony. Nostalgic.

SK Tan Subang said...

well... mengundi again...

Ezam tcing again (talk cocking).
when undi come ezam come again.

BN people please use brain, do you know how many people reading news from internet?

Everyone know media prima (tv3, ntv7, tv8) and RTM is control by BN. Newspaper of government link and link with BN.
Are we dumb? BN educated, we also been educated.

yesterday i read news, karpal car been hit. then i saw the photo... PKR been block by police, BN people is free to demo.... WHAT THE FXXX the police doing? side way????

So? Rakyat! stand up and made your decision!!!
See what singapore do! had we saw they TCing (talk cocking). IT HAPPEN TO MALAYSIA. to many TCing by malaysia MENTERI!!!!

As i know, mostly the BN elected MP almost all are RICH. dont believe? try to check it up!! what it care is to get the menteri position and money in the pocket!

Akmal said...

i vote BN because of PAK LAH.

I vote PKR because of NAJIS.

how about you?

I prefer PK lah way more than NAJIS ways!!!!

True Fiction said...

SPR should be the one encouraging ppl to vote.

So was this necessary? I don't think so. The committed supporters would make the trip to vote without need of encouragement.

As for the content - I didn't like the reference to March 8. The waves of the "Tsunami" has ebbed. Time to roll up your sleeves and deliver/start the cleaning up.

As for the emerging exuberance i.e. was this video necessary? - I am wary of political parties/government that spend money needlessly because of moral hazards.

Take your complaint on education spending. You lamented too much on hardware, little or none on software. Well, you can extract a 10% cut on a supply contract but you cannot siphon 10% off a teacher's salary.

l藍海 said...


Anonymous said...

salute n support ,
we need you all!

Anonymous said...

syabas! we support you all!

mut said...

Unrelated, but did you read the Msiakini report about some UMNO lapdogs from MCA saying the PLUS hiway should be bought over? I don't think they even credited the DAP for this.

Must be playing catch up with the DAP, Syabas! (they mustn't BE SEEN to be an UMNO lapdog eh? Woof woof!)