Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Times Must Be Really Tough

The picture I think speaks for itself ;-)
(I got it via email)


pneoxian said...


Anonymous said...

What do you think? time is not tough?.I dont see the politicians doing anything about it.Ownself business if one goes hungry?

Carling said...

This is the time I think Pakatan need to show the public what it can and will do to improve the economy.
BN has been known for decades as pro business while Pakatan has been labelled "anti business" by many businessmen for putting in so many conditions (which I believedd are good in the long run)
Can Pakatan find a solution to Perak asap ? Politics is killing the economy.

Shawn Tan said...

I like the cat. Makes me think it's fake though.

Anonymous said...

The floor is so clean, this is not in KL...

Anonymous said...

That's WHY Pakatan Rakyat today have to "PAKAT" even if differs widely in ideology & backgroud in order not to be ending like these....!

Anonymous said...

its in the korean subway near hanguk stn

Anonymous said...

With the global financial crisis transforming into a global economic crisis, the humorous picture of human, dog and cat begging at the pavement is very apt!

Everybody need a bailout ASAP

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony

Let's see ....

1. Man = ordinary rakyat suffering
from economic recession
(and soon-to-be economic

2. Dog = Concerned intellectual
like yourself ("Country
going to the dogs")

3. Cat = Politically-connected Fat
Cat waiting for big
bailout by the ruling
regime (nothing to worry
about. Completely

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

the cat already comatose or in state of rigor motis

Anonymous said...

The dog is too well fed and healthy. It cant be begging :)

Anonymous said...

It is definately not is Bangkok BTS SKYTRAIN walkway at Ma Boon Klong to Discovery mall,Paragon and Siam Square area.And the cat is definatey super impose but not the lady and the dog.

Anonymous said...


BN is pro business for selfish ends. They are Mr 10% and close an eye to allow they to bypass the laws. PR is not anti business if the business is according to the law.