Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forum: Surving The Malaysian Economy


Speakers :
  • YB Tony Pua – MP PJ Utara
  • YB Tian Chua- MP Batu
  • YB Nik Nazmi – ADUN Seri Setia
  • Ms. Tricia Yeoh- Research Officer to MB Selangor
Date : 20th March 2009
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: SS15 Dewan Serbaguna MPSJ, Subang Jaya
Admission is Free

See you all there! ;-)


asar said...

Tony, can you do something about filthy Uptown? Rubbish everywhere, clogged drains, dirty backlanes.

And the haphazard parking! Goodness.
Its getting worse man!

Anonymous said...

surviving the Malaysian economy...things are only be getting worst than better especially for most of the smi/sme not only loan are hard to be approved. The stimulus plan has made matter worse.
By doubling the Levy on foreign worker and employer paying insted of employee paying previously has increase the cost of doing business especially for most smi / sme. adn idirectly increasingthe pay of foreign workers ??!!for them to send back ??? With the situation now smi are strugling. How on earth by incresing the existing foreign worker levy help us.Does the goverment think we can retrench all foreign workers overnight and employ local worker in this so called 3d (dirty / demeaning / dull) industries like restaurant / cleaning toilet etc ???

Anonymous said...


Will the topic of discussion in this forum focus on how we the public can survive the recession (what we should do, can do, etc), or will the discussion focus on what the government should be doing?


Anonymous said...

Yes..! The BN Government now is seriously,studying the BUY-BACK North-South-Expressway proposal....!

Hopefully,Rakyat Malaysia will enjoy more TEH-TARIK/KOPI-O along the day....!

The question now is HOW SOON...HOW LONG..our dear boss!Don't tell that Pakatan Rakyat..shall do it first...!

Still believe,There is a WILL, There is a WAY..!Life will find a way out..excetp samilulu...!

May God Bless Rakyat Malaysia..!

Anonymous said...

Makan free?

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

哈哈。。。找个会Photoshop 的男人,不过我的确看过几个女生,恋爱后变美了。

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

Tony, How do you think of the mini budget table by Najib lately? looking forward for your analyst of Malaysia mini budget soon.

l藍海 said...

u r right....yeah....i knew it....yeah....okay.okay....mmm....yes....yes....u r correct.....

Anonymous said...

Please engage in more constructive criticsm. Enough of politicking!

Sad to hear some YB saying, "too late", "too little", please wake up this useless YBs, know arm chair critics , condemning is not constructive criticm. If no good, provide suggested solution and not by myopic in nature.

Look at Anwar Ibrahim, what does he provide beside daily politicking? What we need in action, real action , not quoting noble prize winners story in Dewan Rakyat! Remember Anwar is one that cause us to pay our loan by double during the 1997/98 crisis for increasing interest rate and heightened the NPL, following IMF recommendation. He is a weak in economic crisis management and he got no experience to handle to current crisis beside his drama! What "kidnapping of ADUNs" got to do with stimulus package! If Anwar SINCERELY believe in kidnapping, please by all means lodge police report! We are sick of your politicking.

Solve the severe crisis with the heart of Rakyat, not for political power and self interest!

- We need job!
- We need to make ends meet!
- We can starve but some expenses cannot avoid!!!!! such as :-

- House rental/loan repayment need to be made
- Utilities need to be paid
- Children schooling expenses eg, transportation fees, their meal need to be paid
- Old parent to take care
- Medical bills to pay

We surely not interested in your Perak politic
We not interested of your Altantuya
We not interested in Hudud

All YBs and ADUNs earn between RM20k and RM60k per month comfortably, please think of us Rakyat (that put you all there)

We just not interested all your policticking!

Fed up!!

Anonymous said...

Same sentiments here -based on the last comment left by the other reader.
Dear Tony - Still awaiting your response to my last e-mail.
Hope u hv not misplaced your list of promises to the ppl of SS2.

Unknown said...

Your forum was too political and focused very little on how we could survive the economy.

The rakyat do not need solutions that will only work if PR takes over.

The rakyat need an opposition that questions government policy so that it can be improved, and gives people real, effective ideas - not politically charged ideas.

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Klang Valley,

Ideas are ideas, whether political or otherwise. what's key is whether they are doable or not.

But yes, we couldn't do an entire session on the alternative plans, although we have them, and you'd have read them here, and in other blogs.

But with only 15 min per person to speak, for me at least, it's important to weave a integrated story. And when we are criticising, the reverse of the criticism will be the solution.