Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New US$1 Note

Will get back into the rhythm of writing soon. 

In the meantime, our new finance minister tries his best to convince the markets that our economy is sound and unaffected by the global economic turbulence.

The big question is, how much are our hard earned cash from EPF, Khazanah and other government investment vehicles going into the stock market at this point of time to support the Bursa index?


zewt said...

hahahahahahaha.... brilliant photo!

NEO said...

Well, it is "OK" if our hard earned $ in EPF, Kazanah and all the funds use to support stocks in the Bursa which have strong fundemantal and contribution to country economy!

But our hard earned $ should not be use to "bail out" tycoon which are linked to BN leaders.

For example, Rinhill, Gamuda & etc!

As I Was Saying... said...

Recent remarks by CIMB CEO Datuk Nazir Razak that Mahathir is a "financial genius" after Bush prepared a bailout plan which eventually rejected by Congress must be worthy of note.

Mahathir's mastery plan of bailout via EPF, Khazanah and etc (you name it) during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis has been condemned in the most strongest term by Washington as being "unethical" which will breeds corruption, cronyism and nepotism. However, Malaysia is the only Asian country managed to survived the Asian Financial Crisis without the help of IMF or World Bank.

Now, Bush is doing "the Mahathir" with his bailout plan. Hypocrisy? Should be.

Mahathir is a "financial genius"? Well, that's something for you to think about.


Anonymous said...

i never the gov is so generous to bail gamuda. i don't think gamuda need their bail afterall, and i never heard gov dump money in bursa to bail "stockholders" (company made in ipo, not bursa)...

btw, maybank carried on with the purchase of bii at 510 rupiah, and good news is rebate 500mil!....

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether there will be a similar look on the 'new' RM1 note......

Anonymous said...

today i seaching property, i wandering it drop like US market.
It look likes nope, Cause to many owner still holding it. chinese always had a characteristic that always "wait, later will go up again! hold first hold first" that is why so many chinese burn their hand on 1997 crisis.

one thing until now i still very doubt of, why buy house need bumiputra and non bumiputra?

why they dont set it to MALAYSIAN?
like that the bumiputra lot price will increase and then BENIFIT the bumiputra, RIGHT?

the Second hand value between bumiputra lot and non bumiputra lot was so much different!!!

I hope Selangor state can start it first without the different.

I believe definately a lot bumiputra Owner are very welcome it.

Bring this idea to all MALAYSIAN.

Anonymous said...

anyone get burn on hand on 6 oct 2008 stock market?