Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Candlelight Vigil for Teresa & Other ISA Detainees in PJ

DAP Petaling Jaya will be holding a candlelight vigil for Teresa Kok as well as all other ISA Detainees this evening. This is part of a nationwide effort by all DAP offices throughout the country to seek the release of all ISA detainees as well as the abolition of the draconian Act.

We'd like to call upon the public, regardless of political affiliation to join us for the candlelight vigil, to show that we abhor such cruel and undemocratic laws being practiced in Malaysia.
Date: 16 Sep 2008 (Tue)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: DAP Selangor HQ, 77 Jalan 20/9, Tmn Paramount, 47300 Petaling Jaya
As traffic may be heavy, space is limited, please park your car a distance away and walk in to join us. Please bring your friend and forward this message.

See you this evening!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Do you know any public transport that can reach DAP Selanor HQ?

Boodyboy said...

Hi Tony,

Do you have a map to the place? I might be able to make it for tonight since i missed yesterday's celebration.

Anonymous said...

We may be living apart and unable to be there with all the well wishers. Our thoughts and prayers are with Teresa.
More and more overseas Malaysians are convinced now, we no longer have to put up with the evil beasts (UMNO). Keep the candles burning!

Anonymous said...

Map to DAP Selangor HQ can be viewed at the following link:

The nearest Putra LRT station is Taman Paramount.

Anonymous said...

hi all,

aloha to the new goverment..ops...opss anwar lost his list..maybe today on 16 September 2008 What An War meant is that he has establish his kerajaan langit :)..but Barisan Nasional is still kerajaan Malaysia and will become stronger after all this.

gosh i think all those who trusted An WAR has been deceived.. his psychological game to create uncertainty did not rattle barisan leaders. come on our elected leaders have faith in BARISAN so should we.. HIDUP BARISAN!!!

tony pua by the way why dont u challenge ayahanda Tun Mahathir on his posting on "MALAY UNITY AND MALAYSIAN UNITY" or better yet debate with him... Tun is honest in his postings .. maybe tony pua is also honest, he tells the truth but maybe just not the whole truth but only u can answer this tony but actions do speak louder than words :).. anyway care to comment on his article tony or would you remain silent and not give attention to it.. coz if give attention to it then u may need to tell the WHOLE truth :)

anyway congrats on the establishment of your KERAJAAN LANGIT ... semoga pari2 meraikan kerajaan idaman anda.

i wonder who is the prime minister in kerajaan langit AN WAR(PKR) @ Ayah PIN(parti teko air gergasi) :P

Anonymous said...

Lighting a candle outside your house is a good enough symbol. Let all streets light up in outrage against her continued detention...other countries' detention without trial laws allow for 7 days at most. The BN is really done for now.
-siew eng

Anonymous said...

Is Mail Hash I M ,
if u have balls, u urself should first challenge YB Tony, why ask him to chaleenge Tun M instead?
but i guess, YB Tony will have no time for this Is Mail Hash I M person.

Anonymous said...

TDM was once expelled from UMNO by TAR/Bapa Malaysia when the former asked the latter to resign and also suggested to the latter of turning our constitutional monarchy into a republic, after 13/5/1969.

Later, his famous book, 'The Malay Dilemma' got banned, but of course, the ban was conveniently lifted when TDM became the PM.

In the 1980's, TDM misused ISA to suppress opposition within his own party. An English daily was also temporarily suspended because it published an article by TAR which was critical of TDM's attempts to stay in power.

Early this year, I discovered a book which was critical of how TDM ran the government and it was authored by TDM's nephew who is also an UMNO member.

After PRU12 on 8/3/2008, TDM expressed his unhappiness over his successor by leaving UMNO. It's only recently that there is news that he's returning to the party. Note that the usually vocal former PM has been rather silent over the recent ISA detentions.

So, is there really a need to debate with TDM?

I believe most of the rakyat would rather have him enjoy the rest of his retirement.

Anonymous said...

The 2008 Operasi Lalang has begun. Next target Anwar Ibrahim.