Thursday, April 10, 2008

Famous Last Words

Thanks to TV Smith, I found this hilarious collection of famous last words (made before the 12th General Elections were held) ;-)

The one that I liked best was probably related to my party boss ;-)
“Do you think Penang people are stupid to support him (Guan Eng)? We Penangites are not stupid” - Pak Lah
Or maybe the one from the former MB of Selangor ;-)
"Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo yakin kekuatan jentera Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri serta BN negeri ketika ini cukup bersedia untuk menjadikan Selangor negeri sifar pembangkang (zero opposition) pada pilihanraya umum akan datang."
Heh... ;-)


NEO said...

The one that I liked the most was related to Tony Pua

"Reporter: Tony, what is you chance to win in PJU?"

"Tony: 50% : 50%"

lan said...

yeah, serves them right. They must be at least embarrassed after being so arrogant saying they can win big

ong said...

Sin Chew got one article today talk about Johor people at page no 6, they said Johor people get nothing after the BN win, but the YB there mostly go into the Cabinet, Johor people must be jealous the Selangor, Perak, Penang...people. We select the right party, and now we (the rakyat) get rewards, not the YB only.

Starmandala said...

Ha ha, glad I didn't curi TV Smith's classic collection of 'Famous Last Words' for my own blog - looks like these jokers will become immortal - at least in Cyberia.

Thumbs Up. Tony!

I guess Khir Toyo's words have proven prophetic. The BN flers are now the Opposition in Selangor - and they are indeed Zeroes.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. There you have it. Pure unbridled ARROGANCE to the core.
I know there are plenty more statements like these. Someone should compile them into a book. :)

Anonymous said...

So, who is stupid now? Penangites are 'not stupid' except......

Tony, we must thank the inventor of internet for sharing with us. We should also thank Google for sharing. Make use of these wisely.

Anonymous said...

But the most famous last words are from Lee Hwa Beng on losing said he forgive his enemies and at the same time took a shot at his church members!

Anonymous said...

I thot there is no value to the article. Time to move forward.

Anonymous said...

perhaps the 'sifar pembangkang' is refer to 'sifar' BN MPs & ADUNs which they are the true 'pembangkang' right now in our beloved Selangor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
Some other famous last words to add to your collection:
Chew Mei Fun: "I thought NEP already abolished?"
Badawi: " I am here, I am here, I am here"

Anonymous said...

another one ... " my dad fixed me up " =)

Anonymous said...

These nincoompoop politicians are flip-flops and the rakyat are very bored of their politics.These old brooms need to be changed or else it stinks.

Fadhil said...


TV Smith missed the big one from AAB, `Saya pantang di cabar!'

Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:29pm, perhaps the value this article might be this - those words were uttered by some powerful people who were entrusted to administer the country, which is no trivial task. some of these people remain in power, and even those who don't remain powerful in their respective circles of influence.

if they could be SO wrong about the very thing that ensures their political survival, what makes us think that they could be less wrong about things that concern us all, i.e. the direction of our nation's economy, racial relations, social development, and so forth?

that some incumbent politicians at that time could be so far removed from reality should be cause for concern, to say the least. whilst they continued dreaming away thinking that they're doing such a great job, the country continued to lag behind its competitors.

that said, i do look forward to more interesting and thought provoking posts from YB tony p in future =)

Anonymous said...

Do not get too excited or you will end up like them.
Strengten the party is important but protecting all individual's interest is a must including foreign worker's human right's issue.
Malaysia has way too many issues to fixed!

Anonymous said...

Hey, another one. "Read My Report Card" - yeah, all red marks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come on, don't sit back and dream about the "sweet dream" of the 8 March Election anymore. Show some results now.....

Malaysia'e economy is virtually dead! Look at the KLSE, the volume is so tiny. Besides that, all MNCs and FMCGs that I know are turing into defensive mode; they are very conservative in spending now, and they don't feel good about the country's economy anymore.

The country has no time for internal fighting anymore, you as MP cum DAP's Economic Advisor, please bring Rakyat's voices to the Parliment, invite the UM-NoNo to build the country together, the country's future is more important than their seats now.

If the country have future, their seats will have future. Otherwise, not only their seats, the Party also in dangerous...

BMahendran said...

those will be remembered as the final words of loosers, winners wannabe :p

Anonymous said...

Tony, I'm your true supporter. But your recent post are not necessary. It has been more than a month, time to move forward!

Golf Afflicted said...

Eh guys,

I've been getting a lot of the "move forward" posts. Yes, I appreciate the fact that we need to move forward - believe me, we are cracking our heads to do so, but that shouldn't at the same time stop us from looking back at a little history recent or otherwise, taking things a little easy on certain issues and talk about things not related to "moving forward".

Unless you want me to turn my personal blog into a "press statements" issued blog, or alternatively, a diary of which investor, which government official or which economic paper I'm writing today, there will be a mix of stuff here, i.e., if I find something particularly funny, I don't see what's wrong with blogging it.

;-) Tony

Anonymous said...

I think people are restless about what the opposition can do and want to see some real plan. From the start, voters knew they were voting against BN but they don't see the BN learning their lesson or changing. BUT opposition is also offering few substantial REAL plan for change. Remember how KJ and Pak Lah got into trouble, over promises..

Its definitely unfair to the opposition now the way expectations are. There are some real concrete changes but the expectation were/are bigger They want to see Khir Toyo in jail, Zaki NOT getting CJ job. Yet Nazri is still mouthing off, Johari Baharom is even demanding more power for himself.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with it at all. i enjoyed it so much :D

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

why your blog separate from the DAP website?

maybe better to split: (1) political blog (2) personal blog.

just curious.

Anonymous said...

Those famous last words are part of history. Don't we ever forget history, for many things always come back in similar fashions!

Sadly, after March 8, despite all the united fronts put up by the three strange bedfellows of PR, we are seeing cracks in their fundamental desires.

The issues on islamic state and hudud laws will eventually lead to the breakup of PR - history repeats itself!

The crown prince of Kelantan has also made some shocking remarks!

Anonymous said...











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Anonymous said...

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O yeah, Mukhriz?

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Anonymous said...

Don't count the chicken before they are hatched!This statement was narrated to me when I was young and those arrogant politicians are eating their own words now.