Wednesday, April 23, 2008


A few of the leaders at DAP Selangor, including yours truly here, has decided to form a 'Graftbusters' team to assist in the process of identifying and weeding out corruption. The team is currently led by the DAP MP for Segambut, Lim Lip Eng and comprises of Gobind Singh, MP for Puchong, Lau Weng San, ADUN for Kg Tunku as well as other DAP Selangor Legal Bureau lawyers.

As reported in Malaysiakini, we are looking for civic minded individuals to email us the various cases of graft, particularly of public officials from the previous and current governments, together with the relevant evidence to enable this new team to take the necessary actions.

Many cases of graft escapes attention, in a large part due to the lack of whistleblower protection. In this case, where required, the anonymity of the complainants are protect while the Member of Parliament or State Assemblymen will take the lead in advancing the investigations.

We are not looking to replace the newly proposed "independent" anti-corruption agency (ACA), but instead to help it establish its credibility by presenting the relevant cases to them for their immediate action. The complaints which are supported with sufficient evidence will be presented to ACA, the Police as well as the Prime Minister's office.

You can submit the relevant complaints to any of DAP service centres nationwide, or with the advancements of technology, you can of course email us @ We would certainly want to play a constructive role in taming the rampant corruption amongst public officials in Malaysia. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the effort but I don't think this is going to work before ACA becomes fully independent, ethical, neutral, and with prosecution power.

I would like to question Zainal Abidin, CEO of the Grand Siaga Highway, whether he has the right to close the exit road built by the developer to force the residents in Bandar Mahkota Cheras to pay more tolls for him. It this considered an obvious example of corruption? Does he has conscience? I hope he can sleep well at night.

NEO said...

Hope this proposed Graftbusters is not a team of NATO "No Action Talk Only".

Interested to know the ex-MB of Selangor (name with two Mohd) given state land to individual or private company?

Contact Mutiara Court Apartment resident for more details.

Anonymous said...

All the best!

Anonymous said...

BN Govt.only knows how to enrich themselves and their cronies.
If they really care for the people and have good governance,Malaysia will by now be a First World country.
I sincerely hope PR Govt.can come to power in 13th GE and form the Federal Govt and put all those corrupted BN goons in jail.

chteng said...

Hi YB Tony,

Yesterday Shahrir said because oil price has rose to USD117, the petrol subsidies for this year will rise to RM40 billion. When I heard about this news I was wondering where he got this figure, his claimed seems unreasonable because RM has just made a new high with USD. Therefore the impact should not be too big, further more petronas income will also increase.

Today I read a news article from Singapore with title "Strong S$ helps relieve sharp spike in petrol prices" ( I then compared the currency difference between Malaysia ringgit with Singapore dollar, the statistic shown that for the past 6 months, S$ to RM remain within average of S$1 to RM2.3. Conclusion, the value of S$ and RM are rising in almost the same pace.

Based on the fact I derived above, I think Shahrir is trying to mislead the Rakyat and trying to make a fake impression that the BN government is doing a big thing for the Rakyat or may be an excuse to increase petrol price later.


Anonymous said...

Can any opposition MPs move a motion/proposition to repeal the brutal and inhumane ISA in Parliament? We still have voted MPs/assemblymen still lingering in the detention camp for no valid reason and this is absolutely unacceptable in a democratic country.

Unknown said...

Yeah, as a decent Malaysian, I will carry out my duty by reposting to the Graftbusters by DAP. Make sure you guys keep an eye on the so called "independent" ACA. FRankly, I don't really believe and trust in BN government anymore after so many empty promises for so many years. God...If without corruption, Malaysia will eventually be the strongest within the ASEAN region blessing with so many natural resources and work-force with no major disasters. Hope to see a new dawn for Malaysia when my return from the US!!!

KoSong Cafe said...

It is a good initiative but the political rivals will take it as witch-hunting. But then again, if the conscience is clear, decisions made according to set procedures, they have nothing to worry about.

I was at a government office to pay some bills and in my presence, a member of public gave the clerk a Rm50 note after the latter gave some instructions on what to do next relating to some documents for submission. When I was at the cashiers' counter, the cashier pulled a long face when dealing with me. Was it because of the number of bills I was paying for or because he saw what happened as well and was envious?

Honestly, this is the most unpleasant part of being a corruption buster or just an ordinary auditor who found some hanky panky - having to deal with a person caught red-handed and knowing the consequences he will face, even though he well deserves it.

It is good to know there are people willing to take up this unpleasant task. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Look at the toll plaza in Mahkota Cheras, so obvious that this is corruption cum day-light robbery by UMNO/BN to cheat the poor people, we must fight back, using Peoples power, Makkal sakthi!

Carol said...

Thanks for creating a graftbuster team. I left Malaysia because I was so tired of the "minum kopi" culture from the officials around me in my work.

Anonymous said...

It is a very good proposal indeed and this will help to improve transparency and raise level of governance and responsibility.

A word of caution.

To avoid abuse, you should first try to verify and acertain the complainant. Many a time, sore losers or sour grapes, if they have not been chosen or given projects by the government, they resort to irresponsible act by going to the media, lodging report to ACA, using blogs etc.

To prevent MP being abuse, you must make sure the complainant come clean. You should try to know the other side of the story. They must make declaration under oath they:

i) have no conflict of interest in the subject

ii) have not been directly or indirectly been involved previously in the subject

iii) if indeed has interest, it is only fair he must declare all the necessary information to you for your review before you take further action

In the past, many people have tried to furnish information on allegations of corruption to DAP with hope that the Opposition MPs will sensationalise it and then capture in the media.

Understand from grapevine that one such person has been a volunteer speaker, who spoke at few of your recent ceramahs of the 12th election. Strange and such a hipprocrisy what he spoke at your ceramahs is not consistent with what he has done. People ask what on earth DAP want to be associated.

Bear in mind, corporate governance has naturally been hightened and some corporate has taken the right path to do that. As such, if abuses of reporting of graft matter is not properly scrutinised, then you may subject to repercussion and embarrassment and your integrity and credibility may be affected.

Thread carefully.

Anonymous said...

great move. you'll never be out of work. so many grafters swimming in our shores.

Anonymous said...

with the police rm800 a mth salary...

what to eat if you dont let them take bride

please be considerate!

hellthy correction said...

for a start plz make known the amount of monies you guys collected during those ceramahs. Passing the hat around to collect money sure makes of suspicion any slips up. ANTI GRAFT YOURSELF FIRST before YOU WATCH OVER OTHERS.

berubahuntukmalaysia said...

If we don't show initiative on something a change will never come. So it's a good start. Whether it works or not it's another matter.

How problems going to be solve if we don't take the responsibilities ourself? Just running away from all the problems is not a solution.

So Tony and team, good luck in your quest to bust to ghosts out there! :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i want to know, who will be the corrupted ppl that graft buster investigate? Police officer? The DBKL's? How can we tell in details? Is already past and we don't have evidence!

zackdanial said...

Dear YB ,

You got yourself the first case . Please refer to The Sun , front page dated 25 April .

All the best to the Team of Graftbusters .


Anonymous said...

collect evidence, make it public n let us decide... u cant trust the system in place now. just dont get urself in trouble, u know what i mean... selangor needs a running gov.

Anonymous said...

作者 - 蕭國斌
(順帶一提,1986年大選,當時的馬青總團長紀永輝競選吉隆坡新街場區,對手是行動黨的陳國偉。當時那裡流傳一份傳單,內容是紀氏頭戴宋谷帽,在皇宮接受元首冊封的照片,在旁則寫著「戴宋谷的馬青總團長」 和「你相信出賣民族尊嚴的人嗎?」,選舉的結果是紀氏敗給了陳國偉。)

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB Tony

Diesel smuggling by fishermen in Perlis...& we (rakyat) have to pay the price for the crime? What kind of control-measure is unsubsidising the diesel? Surely, there are more effective or uncorruptable means of doing it. Who is going to control the so called welfare to the fishermen...something really fishy here actually.

In the kopitiams of somehwere in perak, we here of military bases taking out gov diesel (supposedly used for military vehicles) being sold at below the market price...what about the measures here...which in fact is stealing gov property (paid tax-$)...the cost of goods is virtually zero. You can delete this rumour if you like...I have no proof. Like I said, kopitiam talk.

Coming back to the diesel (you can tell I am a diesel user), the roadtax for diesel vehicles should be reduced to same level as petrol engines if the diesel become unsubsidised.

Anyway, it's bad excuse for unsubsidising petrol & diesel. Whatever money the public gain or save will in return generate back to the economy. Right now, people are scrooging as the cost to run the car has doubled. This creates a domino effect for probably starting from transportation of goods all the way to finished products, before reaching us consumers. The scale of increase is much more than just at the pump alone. It's a long chain of increase...which I believe becomes exponential, not linear.

I am not an economist but I am sure you get the gist of it. Hope you can voice this out during parliament one day. Thanks.

Marduk said...

YB Tony,
Would it be difficult to start with Mdm Jayathi's windfall of RM3,000.00? How about ECM Libra and the 18 Immortals(U-Tube)? Go for Marlins not ikan bilis! Happy Hunting!

NEO said...

Maybe it is time to setting up a PG-ICAC, PK-ICAC and SR-ICAC

"Independent Commission of Anti Corruption"


Anonymous said...


Good move...

But make sure there is follow up!

Unknown said...

It will be an uphill task, given he odds that come immediately to mind. Corruption is so pervasive that words like "duit kopi" and "kautim" have been ingrained in our everyday usage.

I doubt the ACA will ever be fully independent and the degree of skepticism will show how deep-rooted our distrust is for BN and the federal government. All of them no doubt have dirty linen to wash and it is therefore to their advantage not to allow the ACA to be fully independent.

Note how fast the ACA is these days in raiding the offices of those alleged to have committed various wrong doings. Kudos to the ACA...but, wait a minute. They are equally fast to exonerate the "investigated party" and with an explanation too. I must say that I am a skeptical party and blame the BN government for giving me this condition. Let the PM prove me wrong and I will be the first to publicly admit that I have been wrong.

I wish your team well and even if I don't have a case to contribute, your effort has my moral support. Thank you for doing all that you can to set things right. It's a slow and painful journey, if not at times thankless, but we will get there with every right-thinking Malaysian's help.

Anonymous said...

Am a resident of Ampang, and we are quite sick and tired of the little Napoleans running around MPAJ. Including their former boss, Mr Sapu-it-all. Sure, there are 'incentives' to make people talk but how to prove? Makes us sick thinking about the millions they sapu, probably billions if we go back further. Especially how they 'approve' development projects - plenty to investigate right there! (Used to be common saying that whoever becomes MB of Selangor will become richest man in Malaysia! Land deals lah) Can't we investigate his/her lifestyle. You know, like how the FBI check on their own for spies. Eg. if they just bought 3 Ferraris, where the cash come from ... cannot have so many rich uncles lah. Surely it's all trackable within the law! They Must be held accountable! (Even those no longer in office - expecially ex-MBs) Only and unless all this is done, then we can say we have a clean and transparent government. Carry on the good work! You have our support.

Anonymous said...

In view of rice shortage, eat less rice..

I would further say DONT EAT ANY RICE!

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB Tony

Would it not be fair to say that, should petrol/diesel subsidies are totally removed or even partially at present, the toll-rates should be either reduced or removed totally? This is in the case of most developed countries where there do not adopt subsidies (that's also because they are not OIL producing countries).

The toll within Klang Valley is actually an abused by the powers that be to suck from the road-users. Firstly, there is not efficient & proper public transport system. It would seem to be easier to build toll booths then to implement a good public transport system.

Secondly, look at all the traffic jam at the toll-booths at Damansara Toll & LDP-Toll. It appears the previous MPs were either blind or dumb (told to shut-up perhaps).

Toll for PLUS or North-South Highway or for long distance / outstation routes are understandable. But to toll the roads within the state & connecting intra-towns (SS2 to Puchong) is a daylight robbery by the government in cahoots with the concession holders to the public.

There is enough road tax collected within Selangor itself to bear the costs of the highways built or being built. This is not just private vehicles but also commercial vehicles...which is dominantly registered in Selangor/KL. It would be nice to know the revenue collected by JPJ/RTD...& how is it that these revenues are not sufficient to run the state highways without privatising it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but I think it will take another 50 years to wipe out the current mind-set or corrupt-culture the BN-gov created since 1970s. I am only proud of the years when Malaysia was under late TAR. To me, he was the only true Malaysian PM, for all races & fairest of them all...eventhough I was born after the 1970s! This is simply gathered from older folks who knew what it was like during the late TAR era.

Corruption is the most corrupt when a simple project costing say RM 1M becomes RM 10M, whereby the tax-payers are being robbed by those in power. It has become too obvious to the public. For this reason, it is also one of the main causes of BN downfall, which they do not admit of course. It all boils down to greed. Money & power being the root of it all. Rightfully said, there are also ego-heads amongst ministers & the prize is who can suck from the tax-payers the most. That's the trophy. There's more but no need to highlight will be endless!