Thursday, December 13, 2007

V Ganabathirau

(Update II: Donation mechanism is ready. See post here.)

(Update: Due to numerous requests for information on how to donate to Gana's family from DAP Damansara branch members to fellow supporters, I'll be announcing details soon here on this blog this weekend when the mechanism gets ironed out)

Today is another sad and black day for Malaysia. You would have read that 5 Hindraf leaders have been arrested without trial under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA), exactly two decades after the last Operasi Lalang.

There appears to be plenty of such sad and black days in recent weeks. Who would have thought that the seemingly genial Prime Minister, Pak Lah, when he took over the reigns of the Government could have been such an incompetent, uninspiring, sleeping and heartless leader?

But enough about Pak Lah, I've ranted enough 2 days ago here. Now, I'd just like to provide a little more insight to one of those arrested, a little known unsung hero, 34 year old lawyer, V Ganabathirau, who hit the limelight recently as one of the core leaders of Hindraf.

As you may have read from the New Straits Times (NST) yesterday, Gana is a DAP member. What makes the whole ugly episode we saw today close to me, is that Gana is a member of DAP Damansara branch, of which I'm the chairperson. Gana joined me in March this year, and subsequently helped form the Taman Muda branch in Shah Alam, of which he is the advisor.

Having known him for the past 8 months or so, I can't claim to know him inside out. But there are somethings which I will vouch for him with my life.

Gana is not a racist. He is not a religious fanatic and neither is he in anyway at all, a terrorist as he is insinuated to be. Having known him well in recent months, he is the complete opposite of what the Pak Lah administration, through the mainstream mouthpieces will like to paint him to be.

Gana is a full-blooded Malaysian, who strongly believes that all Malaysians regardless of ethnicity must have equal opportunities to succeed. While some may quibble over the fact that Hindraf could have taken a greater multi-racial outlook in its position, no right thinking Malaysian will deny them the fact that the overwhelming majority of Indians in this country are severely marginalised and lives below or near the poverty line.

The way politics in Malaysia are framed at this point of time, it is unsurprising that the ethnic Indians found themselves having to stand up and be counted. They really have nothing else to lose.

Some will argue that I can afford to spend some time on politics today because I've made some money after having sold my company. However, Gana, despite having just started his own fledging law firm, found himself travelling frequently (i.e., at least weekly) between Teluk Intan, his hometown and Shah Alam where he now stays, in order to provide his community services to the needy and unfortunate. He even rented and refurbished a service centre in Teluk Intan with his own money, to carry out his services.

When I received cases at my own service centre in Damansara Utama, and was in need of legal services to assist the complainants, Gana offered his with absolutely no hesitation. For example, there was a group of 7 contractors who failed to receive payment from a housing developer, Gana took up their case and offered legal advise pro bono. When legal actions were required, I actually had to convince him to accept some payment from these contractors! Guess what, these contractors were all Chinese but race, as should be the case for all right-thinking Malaysians, never ever came into the picture.

Gana, the youngest of 3 brothers, is a son that would have made any family proud. He belongs to the Indian Telugu community and grew up in a poor family which just about made enough to survive. Gana never manage to have the privilege of completing his education at one go. After finishing Form 5, he had to take up various odd jobs to help support himself and his family.

That however, did not prevent him from investing his earnings and taking up part-time courses to pursue his ambition of becoming an officer of the court. His dream came true in his late twenties when he graduated with a law degree from the University of London external programme. He plied his trade as a legal assistant with a law firm in Teluk Intan before saving sufficiently to set up his own firm, having moved to Shah Alam late last year.

But all these while, he held political ambitions, ambitions not to further enrich himself by illegal and unethical means, but ambitions to help play a part in the betterment of his marginalised community as well as Malaysians in general. Having set up his own firm, it provided him, for better or worse, the flexibility to spend time on social and political causes. And he did it with all his heart and soul.

Gana was married not too long ago to a school teacher. And only just on Merdeka day this year, his first, now barely 4-month old baby daughter, was born. If Pak Lah has his way, by the time Gana is released from ISA detention, his daughter would be more than 2 years old. When Gana first pointed out his wife to me sitting in the court stands when he was being charged with sedition in Klang sessions court, you could visibly see tears in her eyes. Her fears have unfortunately come true.

Gana told me that his wife was a former Tamil school debater and is very politically aware. In fact, in the earlier years, she used to tease him that he only knew how to "talk" politics but never got his hands dirty. More recently however, she will half-jokingly tell him that she regretted having ever encouraged him to join the fight for a just cause.

Gana is a good man. He has sacrificed selflessly to help create a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, particularly for the underprivileged and marginalised community. He has rose quickly to prominence through sheer tenacity, hardwork, eloquence and dedication to the cause. 30,000 Indians from all parts of Malaysia walked the streets of Kuala Lumpur not because they had nothing better to do, but because they shared his cause, and they believed that "enough is enough!"

For that, Pak Lah who is clearly unable to hear, accept and deal with the truth, invoked the draconian ISA in the hope of sweeping all under the carpet.

Thankfully, Gana has a kind and loving family members who will help take care of the needs of the mother and child. The DAP, as announced by the party secretary-general, will be setting up a fund to assist the families of those who have been detained without trial.

My eyes were moist as I wrote this post. I firmly believe that Gana will be a stronger man post-detention. You would not have heard the last of him for a long time yet. I expect him to be a future leader of this country, a rare breed of the much needed righteous, caring, intelligent and dedicated kind who will only contribute immensely to creating a better Malaysia for our future generations. His personal sacrifices must not, and will not be in vain.

Share this story with others who need to see the other side of the coin.

(Footnote: I've been corrected that he is actually the middle and not the youngest son of 3 brothers. ;-))


Anonymous said...

Gana is a good man and the true Malaysian at heart. I can only see sincerity and warmth on his face. He is the hero of truth and justice.

I pray that he will strong in facing these tests set upon him. And I pray that his wife and family and all his friends and relatives stand shoulder to shoulder with this man

Dont worry Gana! There is God! Justice will be here and in afterlife! The good shall rejoice and the bad will pay!

Gana Sakti!

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you wrote this heart-rending piece on Gana. I have tears in my eyes and I am not Indian. When something so cruel and unjust happens, it increases the intensity of pain when you know more about the person behind the name. I hope DAP will do all it can to get these guys out. I am sure when Gana is free he will be a much stronger person and will be more intent on fighting this very just cause.....definitely a Malaysian leader of Indian origin...forget semi-value!!!!

Anonymous said...


What A Lulu said...

thanks Tony

Anonymous said...

n he is claimed and arrested as a terrorist

r v in hell?
virtue = evil & crime;
vice = angel & moral

Mr Gana, thank you & sorry

Anonymous said...

Luckily our Mr Big Ears is not Mr George Bush, or else Gana would had been sent to Gitmo for terrorist activities

Anonymous said...

If this was a video, it will make more of an impact. But good nevertheless.

NEO said...

Dear all,

Gana is a real Malaysian. I belief that the use of ISA by Maha Zalim Pak Lah will not be able to stop Malaysian from coming forward to demand for freedom as protected in our Federal Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I have just visited GoPetition and found a very interesting link:

My number is 60! I hope to see the number hitting one million!

MCA Phantom Member

Anonymous said...

bodohwi speak with fork tongue. No one is above the law, but he create two sets of law. umno crying for blood to be shed using the kris and one calling to use the parang for counter demonstration. These people are still free with no worries of being caught.

Fellow Malaysian

We are in trouble but not because of our doing.

The gomen is showing that they are above the law and the great power they have in their hands.

We must be prepared and be ready to defence our country and our freedom.

You know what it means, I need not have to stress any further.

Anonymous said...

From this posting, we can come to a conlusion that Ganabathirau, is not a selfish person and he is fighting for a cause.....we seldom see people in Malaysia, that we can accept as an Idol...I hope good people do prevail in this soil of Malaysia....All Malaysian, should stand united and fight towards a better democratic country...Hail Democracy..!!!

Unknown said...


Anyone that speaks the truth is a hero. Yet so many of us Malaysians are even afraid to speak the truth.

People who speak the truth, are patriotic Malaysians. sad thing is they are so many of us who dare not even do that.

Not many of us are as brave as Gana + all those detained under ISA one time or the other. At least we do not betray them, by continuing the chorus of lies. Discrimination is discrimination, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I suppose there is the dark side of Gana, his hatred of the Malays. He helped chinese contractors and daps but not his people or the Malays. That explains such an 'educated' fella getting involved in the racist hindraf movement

Anonymous said...

Gana = Hero
Pak Lah = Zero 0

All ignited by happy-go-lucky temple destruction I wonder?

Anonymous said...

"I suppose there is the dark side of Gana..."

How could u jump to this conclusion?

Just because he has been arrest?

Are you assume tat all arrestment must be reasonable?

Detained without prosecure is unfair to all and it is against fundamental human right.

Bless for all who under detainning ISA...

aawilliam said...

dear Tony,my heart feel the pain too,no words could discribe it.Be strong.

Anonymous said...

While there are heroes out there voicing out against the injustices the govt aka UMNO have perpetrated, there is 1 idiot over here rubbing salt into the wound. How do you think the detained's family would have felt if they happen to read the comment(wild accusation to be exact) by the anon above? Anyway, for me, it's fresh to have dissenting voice over here.

Anonymous said...

"My dear subjects, you all minnows can be rest assured that you are all guaranteed your freedom of expression. Don't doubt my words. Don't fret. Even if you are not my cronies, I'll still assure you your freedom of expression! ... and, and I also guarantee you, you will not have freedom after expression :-) Long live Pak Lah!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 553, Gana's dark side refers to his scheming anti Malay and anti Islam stance in the hindraf memo. He should be responsible for his action and in fact knows the risk of inciting racist slogan against the majority.
Why is pua not his room mate in Kamunting you may ask. Simple answer, he does not play the racist card, just politics, and you know politicians cannot be trusted, any politician including your bush or bliar.

Dan-yel said...

It's very heartening to hear that Mr Tony. I cannot imagine myself to have such a drive to endure such a travel routine. Such selflessness is only barely present in me, such sacrifice and perseverance can only be sustained by very solid integrity.

I wish I could him myself.

Golf Afflicted said...

I'm not sure where you obtained your information that Gana was anti-Malay or anti-Islam. As I've vouched above, he is definitely neither.

All his criticisms, are not too far from my own, that is, the blame is on Barisan Nasional, and more specifically on UMNO.

So please, the racist card was played by BN and UMNO, and not Gana. All Gana asked for was that the plight of the marginalised Indians in this country be lifted.

And for that, Pak Lah painted him as a racist, which you have obviously and unfortunately chosen to believe.

Its the real racists from the UMNO leadership who have marginalised the poor in this country, Indians, Malays, other bumiputeras and Chinese who should have been charged in court.

I will not be posting further responses to your comments here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony!

GobloKing said...


jangan talk talk lagi

nanti semua pun kena isa-ed..

u walk, u kena

u say something holo-causey, u kena big

u write something critical or deemed as bringing down the gomen, and kena the orang barat baca u tu blog, u kena Treason AND DAT one saudarax2 is lagi BESAR kena

Despite my terror at the TERRORS, I will say this

NO I do not support Hindraf

And I do NOT at all think that Tamil Tigers or Tamil Naidu is behind all this..

Let's just face FACTS

Our indian brothers and sisters HAVE been marginalized in our society ..and not least of all (or is it worst of all?) by their very own 1/2value!

They may have put up a misguided platform to do what they need to BE HEARD (dat one also so wrong ah?)..but ISA for 2 years?

So now I gotta ask this

Yang orang tipu Msia and Msians BIG BIG BBBIIIII...GGG time?

Those ppl - HOW?

can we ISA/OSA them to eternity?

I will happily donate them their entitlement of ikanbilis curry everyday if they go to prison.

On a serious note, where does one donate towards a hapless family whose ONLY wrong seems to be in believing they are doing RIGHT.

Sivin Kit said...

thanks Tony for a more insider look and personal perspective.

Anonymous said...

I am about Gana's age and a Malaysian of Indian origin too. There are many more Malaysians of all races who had gone through similiar life stories as Gana's. Then on the other hand we have people like KJ and the Education Minister and
Nazri, born with platinum spoons, and forks and kris in their mouths and start talking about suffering of the people. Now who is "anak jantan"?
Adversity unfolds resources. The older generation Indians may have accepted what happened to them in Malaysia as fate. The younger generation Indians are not the same.We have every right to demand to be treated equal.This is 2007, We KNOW we have rights. Our forefathers have been here for more than a 100 years. The Malaysia today was built by our grandfathers, fathers and us. Please show that only one race built this country. Because our forefathers worked hard, there is a country called Malaysia. Each and every one of us has equal right in this country.
Reading Gana's story is very touching, This is "Malaysian Dream".
Gana and the rest, you guys are my hero. I will talk about you guys to my children and my grand children.
Tough times don't last, tough people do. Truth will prevail.

Anonymous said...

To Ahmad Adullah Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, you have just killed a true Malaysian and bring suffer to his family. Your hand is filled with innocent's blood. May God protests you and give you a safe life and your family, because we aren't like you without mercy. We hope this innocent's blood can cleanse your sin and wake you up from sleep. Don't complain your ears are too big. It won't help if you are not using it. Do the right thing as God told you so. We all pray for peaceful Malaysia and we do not need your version of public safety made up of police's brutality. You are incapable of running Malaysia. Please don't insist. May God Save Us All.

Starmandala said...

Tony, I appreciate your excellent post on Gana, thanks for the touching glimpse of the admirable man behind the dreadful headlines. My heart goes out to his wife and family. May I suggest that in future you drop the word "draconian" when referring to the ISA? First of all, it's offensive and insulting to dragons, some of whom are extremely noble and wise; and, besides, it's a worn-out cliche. Instead, let's substitute adjectives like obnoxious, cowardly, infernal, barbaric, diabolical, obscene, uncivilised, unholy, or undefensible. I notice the SB has been reading this blogpost and leaving snide, unintelligent, and unfeeling comments. Come on, you guys - deep down in your hearts you MUST know that the only REAL terrorists are all on the government payroll! For the sake of your own posterity I pray that all of you acquire a conscience and come to your senses before it's too late - and your souls are consigned to oblivion - because you refused to acknowledge your own humanity. No human with a living soul could possibly do to another what you zombies are paid to do.

Sophie said...

looks like the water has really been muddied. can someone pls tell me gana's role in the totally ridiculous hindraf petition?

i dont think people should mix up the issues.

the hindraf chaps may be good people with worthy causes to uplift their down trodden brethren but their instrument -- crying 'ethnic cleansing' through their stupid petition -- was unforgivable.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi,

I hope you read Tony's blog as I want to say this to you.

I give you my word I will do everything I can in my power to get all my family members, relatives and friends to vote against BN. I will also tell all my friends overseas about your government so that the world can see your evil deeds.

Please be noted.

p/s: If Zam or Lee Chong Ming reads this, be a good boy and pass along this message to your master.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

My heartfelt thanks to you for giving everyone an insight on Mr. Gana. It drew tears from my eyes as I am too a Malaysian indian, and his story resembles mine.

Thanks again

As I Was Saying... said...

Hi Tony,

Glad to know that the DAP is setting up a fund to assist the families of those who have been detained under the ISA, especially my best friend Gana.

He will definitely come out a stronger person when he is release later on, and knowing him very well, you will not be seeing the last of him. I will not be surprise he will become a member of Parliament in the near future, fighting the wrongs and injustices incurred by the government.

Yes, the world needs to know the real Gana. And this is the real Gana, kind, hardworking, determined, dedicated, never-say-die attitude and a love for the people of Malayia of all races. I am the first witness to say that he's NOT a racist and terrorist.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Thanks for this touching post. I'm an indian and used to be a BN supporter over the past 20 years. I always voted for Sammy Vellu's MIC hoping that he can really fight for our rights. But since reading blogs like Malaysia Today, Lim Kit Siang blog, Malaysiakini, and yours, I have now finally 'WAKEN UP'!!

I now realised that MIC is truly a coward party that betrays Indians and works as a slave for his evill master called UMNO. I have started telling all my family, friends, neighbours, etc. that used to be BN supporters to vote against BN in the coming General Election. Since then, many of them have also been doing the same. We want to give a big slap to the hypocrite liars Pak Lah and Sammy Vellu. I hope more indians will learn from me and not to believe in BN anymore. BN has betrayed the nation for 50 years! The only thing we can help ourselves from being UMNO's slaves is to vote for opposition, be it DAP/Kedilan/PAS!

Ex-supporter of MIC

Anonymous said...

We must be united together to vote BN out. It will be just waste of time to write long paragraphs to attack back one stupid idoit who dont use his brain to analyze.

We will loose him anyway. But try to put the words to strongly send the message to all our friends whether bumi or non-bumi, we need a change in the present government and make and decide a rapid change to deny 2/3 majority in the highest chamber that’s the Parliament.

Our rights as a citizen is drawn down in our federal constitution. So in order to get back the rights we need more opposition MPs in the Parliament. So work on this element and excel deeper to inform all our friends that we vote for the opposition if you want to gain back all your rights and freedom.

I wish to send regrets and sympathy to the 5 great hero’s who have been detained under the most draconian law ISA. No 5 for the Hindus means great victory. All of us are going to see how well the No 5 is going to work from yesterday for our great intellectual persons.

The ballot is in our hands at the coming GE to decide the next government. So from the various incidents which happened to our fellow Malaysians by now everyones will agree that we need major and rapid change.

So cast your vote for the opposition parties (DAP,PRK,PAS) and give them the opportunity after 50 years to deny the 2/3 majority in the Parliament.

Unknown said...

Dear Tony , a heartfelt and meaningful article fr yr gd self ..

Mr. Gana , my heart goes all out to you for ur bravery , ur courage and ur sincerity in fighting a just cause for the better of our country .. and to the rest of the ISA Detainess , the leaders and all those whom in a way or the other contributed , my utmost respect goes all out to u guys ...

Wat a shame that our PM can authorized the use of the ISA !!! My vote of NO CONFIDENCE goes out to u , Pak Lah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geronimo said...

Gana, like all of us, including our Malay brethens, pay taxes to the government. All he, and HINDRAF, wanted was a fair shake in this fair land of ours. Notices were sent several times to the leaders, including Samy, but no one paid heed. The day of reckoning came, on November 25, which left most Indians no choice but to take to the streets to be noticed, and UMNO noticed, at last! Instead of getting to the root of solving the economic woes of the community, UMNO and its ilks decided to demonise the HINDRAF leaders and likened them to terrorists. So what else is new. UMNO has been famous for this. Remember SUQUI?? Mahathir chose August 31 2000 to crucify a decent group of people infront of the whole nation, likened the group to terrorists, and hey, Al'Maumunah too. And in the case of HINDRAF, Al Queda???? It was of course later changed to LTTE. To all Muslims in UMNO, remember what God told Moses on Mt Sinai. In one of the 10 commandments given to Moses, it was stated that "THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOUR". Mr Prime Minister, being a religious person like yourself, you have committed a mortal sin, and ye will be judged when judgement day is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Please get someone to send to Gana a neck collar support in case of urgent need.

Anything is now possible.

BA should now get act together for a solid front.

Anonymous said...

YB Chong Eng is in solidarity with the Rakyat to face this yet another dark moments of our history:

Go Saudara Ganabathirau!

We must insist that this has nothing to do with racism. All Malaysians suffer, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Kadazan, Iban, everyone everywhere.

Jack Said

Anonymous said...

Malaysia may be colourful, but certainly what saudara Gana and the others did was not based on colour.
I pray that their families will be strong and see this thru. Truth in the end will prevail. I have voted BN all my life. I pledge that my family's entire 5 votes will not go that way come 12GE. And also, my relatives, my neighbours, and their neighbours and their neighbours..... like wise will not be wasted.

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang’s speech highlights - New Deal for marginalised Indians and all marginalised groups

Anonymous said...

this entry is racist.
tony phua is racist. DAP is a racist party. malaysia is the only country in the whole wide world where political parties are formed based on race and ethicity. all malaysians are racist - stop pretending.
comments left here are racist.
this is a racist blog - period!

Anonymous said...

"half boiled egg. said...

his entry is racist.
tony phua is racist. DAP is a racist party. malaysia is the only country in the whole wide world where political parties are formed based on race and ethicity. all malaysians are racist - stop pretending.
comments left here are racist.
this is a racist blog - period!"

You are a racist as well...?

Stop pretending as well.


Anonymous said... tony, the way you know gana may be different comparing to other people..its good when he help people and he is not racist...but the 'things' he asked is just too much and too bizarre..there's no other people in other country in this world could ever think the same idea he think because its so ridiculous..why did he asked reimbursement from uk government for sending indian here in first place?lets see..if the indian still in india..what would happen?its a 3rd class country which is lower than malaysia..dude..come on..face the fact..did american ever sue the british and spain for sending them there?did australian ever sue british for sending them there?its guys should learn history..i bet if gana never think this stupid idea..he would never end up there..i bet the queen don't even know about this..da~

p/s:anyway..tony pua is totally loser..if you brave la..publish this one

Anonymous said...

Dear telur-separuh-masak,

Pardon me but I must say your comments are childish. I am posting here but I'm not a racist. Well if I'm a racist, I won't have Malay or Indian friends. I even hug them when I score a goal. Sweet! As a teacher I always advise my students not to read barisan affiliated newspapers: the politics section. My oh my, they are poison. Some Ministers talk without using their brain. Students should skip to the sports part if they want to see racial harmony.

In relation to Mr Gana's action, I personally believe some of his accusations were exaggeration but his action I believe was cause by the dog cornerning the Sang Kancil (please read Sejarah Malaysia haha). Otherwise who in the right mind will come up and do something like this?

But our clever Pak Lah go and use the stupid ISA to detain him. It's like when two men fight, one coward, afraid that he's going to lose, immediately take out his pistol to shoot the opponent.

Anonymous said...

Setiap perjuangan memerlukan pengorbanan. Keteguhan, ketekunan, keprihatinan, keazaman, kekentalan, kewibawan, keikhlasan yang terpancar dalam setiap tindakan pasti ada harganya. Demi menyuarakan kesalahan dan kepincangan yang dilakukan segerombolan pelakon politik yang mengaburi beribu-ribu mata dan mata hati masyarakat yang saudara kecami itu merupakan satu keberanian. Ramai di antara kami yang dilahirkan dan bergelar masyarakat India di negara ini telah belajar untuk merakamkan segala kekecewaan kami tidak diluahkan kerana khuathir akan diperlekehkan. Namun PANCAWIRA ini telah berjaya menyemai benih satu kesedaran untuk menuai segala kejahilan kami untuk tampil menyuarakan ketidakadilan yang dilaksanakan dalam pelbagai landasan alasan dengan seribu satu topeng kepura-pura yang kononnya merasionalkan hak meeka. Yang anda suarakan itu satu kebenaran. Ingat kebenaran tidak akan membisu selama-lamanya. Walaupun anda kini meringkuk di dalam tawanan, saudara ingatlah, dugaan TUHAN memang menyakitkan. Kami amat memahami saudara. Doa orang yang tertidas pasti akan dijawab. Kehadiran saudara berjaya mengislahkan minda kami yang selama ini dijajah oleh skrip-skrip pengetahuan yang diacuankan oleh segelintir peraih kemanusaian melalui media-media perdana. Kami sedar saudara. Kebenaran mustahil dinafikan. Kebenaran tidak mungkin gagal. Kebenaran pasti menunjukkan hikmatnya. Jika MAHABRATHA menyaksikan 5 saudara yang menentang kejahatan, maka bagi kami kalian berlima seumpama lima perwira tersebut. Benih-benih kejayaan mula terdengar di san- sini dewasa ini. Sayangnya kalain yang berjuang dinafikan haknya. Kata orang lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama. Pelbagai pihak yang kini menangguk di air keruh untuk meneguhkan kepentingan mereka. Biarkan Mat-mat Jenin itu dengan angan-angan mereka. MAKKAL SAKKTI berjaya melahirkan ramai daripada kami ke dunia baru yang bersandarkan kepada kebenaran.HIDUPKAN PERJUANGAN. SUBURKAN KEAZAMAN LIPATKAN KESEDARAN. JASA KALIAN YANG TAK DIDENDANG KAMI HARGAI DAN HORMATI. TERIMA KASIH SAUDARA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dear mr tony,

its ridiculous asking something that is not worth talking about and you praise that?..and the accusation may have been exaggerate..i do agree with that..but for what?do you guys really happy about it?people got realistic..if you wanna make a petition..asking something for benefit for all..if they want to claim something for their races..go for it..but be REALISTIC..example;equal treatment for all..(maybe the indian felt that they have been mistreated)..not go and sue something that already been past and forgotten(as these people already mix up with MALAYSIA environment already)..i have nothing against you nor the government..but just stop this..for what you creating this blog in first place?you said "I look forward to the day when I can truly help make our country a better place for all communities, and a country we can all be proud of." do it..don't just talking loud..we'll never see the result..don't make it worst..if you feel that pak lah is no good...go out there..prove that..maybe you should be the leader..or you can put somebody to be leader..election day is should know what to do..jangan cakap kosong..its not worth it..for your information..i'm not with barisan nasional or the fact,i hate politician..because they love to talk and promise but never do anything to make it real..if you said that pak lah is a coward..i agree with that..but who choose him?obviously not me because i'm 18..anyway..think about what i'm saying here..stop these blogging..its a coward way to speak out your more like a real politician..come out from your small shell ..or else you are just like pak doubt..

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua,
After reading about Ganabathirau, the unsung hero, I am really very touched by this humble and yet sincere person.
I have no doubt that this gentlemen is really a reflection of what DAP stands for. The likes of you, Mr Lim , Karpal and Dr Tan are in not for money , that is for sure.
If really you all want to make your piles, the easiest way is to join Gerakan, MCA or MIC.
Noe that Gana is detained, I believe DAP is doingits utmost to help the family.
As you mentioned that a fund has been set up for this purpose, I wonder how I could do my humble part by way of a small contribution.

Kindly publish the deatails on Mkini or any where in LKS blog or yours.

Anonymous said...

"...but the 'things' he asked is just too much and too bizarre..there's no other people in other country in this world could ever think the same idea he think because its so ridiculous..why did he asked reimbursement from uk government for sending indian here in first place?...i bet if gana never think this stupid idea..he would never end up there...." anonymous - 3:43pm

Can you please share with all the readers here the "things" that Gana asked which you said are too much and too bizarre? Can you put it in word for word what ACTUALLY Gana said, and NOT P. Uthayakumar or P. Waythamoorthy who actually said it?

Failure to do so only rendered your stupidity in discussing and putting your thoughts through in this blog.

Your silence is mistaken by people to be wise, after you opened your mouth, cleared ALL DOUBTS.

Anonymous said...

dear half boiled egg's friend,

"I look forward to the day when I can truly help make our country a better place for all communities, and a country we can all be proud of."

You are a realist, right? Why not it starts with you?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Take a look at this online poll conducted by Chinapress

see the bottom left corner. The question asked was:


A: 會。這件事會影響到我要把票投給誰
B: 不會。我會以政府過去多年來的政績為依歸。

Which translates into:

Will the way the BN government and police handles the recent demonstrations affect your choice to vote in the coming general election?

A: Yes, this has influenced my decision (indirectly means I'll vote for opposition!).

B: No, I will vote according to the government's accomplishments over the past.

Poll Result: Out of the 133539 participants, more than 99% chose Answer A.

This is certainly a nightmare for the BN government, and more specifically the MCA!!!

They should realise that peaceful demonstration is the basic right of a citizen!! Do not simply treat us like a 3 years old boy, we won't be conned by the crap mainstream meadia!!

Anonymous said...

Hindraf`s class action suit against the UK Gvt. is most certainly the right step - even if nothing comes of it, it has got the BN reeling. For the first time, there is recognition. Slave owners have aresponsibility:

Why is Malaysia simmering? -
By M.S.Shah Jahan

[ ]
‘You dog of a coolie, keep your black face up and look at me when I am talking to you’, verbal abuse in Tamil and English from the white manager was a daily event. Their life revolved around the manager, master, contractors, and tappers in the rubber estates. It was nothing better than ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ before the American civil war, a virtual slavery. Lankan readers need no explanation as it was much similar to the line houses in our tea estates today where neither the scene nor the life of those have improved to our knowledge, except the bellies of union or political leaders.

The sacrifice of Indian Tamils was well recognized, not only when Tun V.T.Sambanthan, as the leader of the Malaysian Indian Congress became a signatory to Merdeka [Independence] Agreement on Aug 31, 1957, but also when the Father of Malaysia and the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, went to Madras as his first official visit out of Malaysia and said “My wish is to land in Madras first as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for all the good things people of this state did to us”.

Looks like the foreigners know more about m`sia than m`sians.

Anonymous said...

And the Indians are not alone:
In this demonstration created by the police prism ‘refracting the Malaysian light’ into its constituent colours, there was a silver lining, an excellent example of ‘an ill wind that blows nobody any good’. More and more ‘yellows’ are showing their support o orthe Hindraf detainees, becoming aware of the Indians' plight. The Indians are no longer alone in their struggle.

What about the ‘browns’?

Good news too, Susan told me the information was that one ‘brown’ claimed 2/3 of the ‘browns’ understand and support Hindraf.

Anonymous said...

I do hope AAB can call for the general election soon. We are too excited and eager to put our "X" on the ballot paper, in favour of the opposition.
I will vote for any opposition irrespective its DAP, PAS or Keadilan!

Anonymous said...

dear mr anon, 12.40 gana is one of the leader..therefore it doesn't really matter he really did say that or not ..the leader represent the group..of course even only one of the leader who is actually responsible..but as a group member..he has to take the blame out of it..its the risk that he should willing to take when he decide to join this group and be the leader...i thought you're an ex-ceo's in public listed should know that rite..when one department is responsible for some failure...its not the staff of that department you gonna ask first but the g.m of that department..da~..No.2, as i told earlier..i'm realistic..and i already mention that i have nothing against the government or with pembangkang..beside i'm not the one who write 'I look forward to the day when I can truly help make our country a better place for all communities, and a country we can all be proud of'..its you who wrote that down(in case you forgot, its under the pics of you and your family, where you describe your background and all) have the do it..thats why i told you i'm realistic..i'm 18..its not legal for me to do it..i am being realistic..geez..i cannot believe you actually grad from oxford..

Anonymous said...

dear half boiled egg's friend,

"....therefore it doesn't really matter he really did say that or not ......"

Why not? Since you are the one who said he's asking for the bizarre? So you got to substantial what he claimed to be bizarre, boy.

"...of course even only one of the leader who is actually responsible..but as a group member..he has to take the blame out of it..its the risk that he should willing to take when he decide to join this group and be the leader....."

Taking the blame that he's a racist? Taking the blame that he's a terrorist? Taking the blame that he's an anti-islam? It is how UMNO teaches you to blame him? Grow up boy!

"...i'm 18...tits not legal for me to do it...."

Can you please share with all the readers here what's the legal age for you to do something useful for the community? You are still underage? Since when it's not legal for you to do something when you're 18, to make our country a better place for all communities, and a country we can all be proud of albeit not in politics? You mean you have to be in politics to make yourself useful for the community?
Get real boy. The world is not too small for you to do something for your community, my boy, even though you are 18. You are not being be real, even though you claim yourself to be, boy. Geez, please get back to your books, boy. Don't waste your precious time in Tony's blog, cause you are wasting your parents' money boy.

Get real and grow up, boy!

Golf Afflicted said...

hi all,

I think everyone on both sides have expressed what's necessary on half-boiled egg's and his friends opinions. Readers will be able to make the relevant judgement on the arguments.

So I won't be publishing any more comments on the above discussions.



Anonymous said...

Dear Tony

Thanks for all these.

Dear Gana

Take courage, for our ALMIGHTY GOD is with you. The fact that you are prepared to put everything "on the line " for the marginalized is because of your obedience to GOD's command that "we should love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with our GOD" (Micah 6:8). Though you & your team are like "sheep led to the slaughter", GOD will act, and we will yet have plenty of reasons to praise HIM. We don't need to brandish dagger or kris or "what-have-you" because GOD says, "vengence is Mine". Fellow believers are upholding you all in prayer. Evelyn

Anonymous said...
This is what Bangkok post said about Malaysia....