Monday, December 17, 2007

Donations for Ganabathi

Many would have read my post on V Ganabathirau last week. Many, including my own DAP Damansara branch members were also asking how they could donate to Gana's wife and daughter. As promised, here are the details on how you make the donation. Apologies for the delay, partly caused by me trying to first obtain consent from his family, and partly, by me having to rewrite this post as I somehow lost/deleted the one I wrote late Monday.

I'm setting a deadline for donation on Sunday, 23rd December and will hand over the funds to Gana's family some time next week. There are 3 methods of collection, by cheque, by direct bank-in or by credit card (via PayPal) with the relevant instructions below. On behalf of the Gana and family, I'd like to thank you for your generous contributions.

1. Donation by Cheque:

Please write your cheque to "DAP Damansara Branch". You can either deliver or post it to the DAP Damansara Service Centre. Please also write "For Gana" at the back of the cheque so as to prevent a mix up with a normal donation to our branch.
Damansara Community & Service Centre
55M Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
2. Direct Bank-In

You can also perform a direct bank-in into our branch account, whether by cheque, cash, ATM transfer or telegraphic transfer at any Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank). The details are as follows:
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad, Damansara Utama Branch
Account Name: DAP Damansara Branch
Account No: 5141 9634 2008
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Please do not forget to email me at tonypua(at)yahoo(dot)com once the direct bank-in has been transacted to ensure that I'm aware of the time, amount and reference of the transaction.

Thank you once again for your kind donations, I'm certain that Gana and his family will definitely appreciate the gesture. Please also let me know via email whether you'd like to remain anonymous to the family or if you'd like to list your name down as one of the donors when we hand over cheque to him. Do also let me know if you face any problems with the above.


BMahendran said...

23rd deadline? aduh money now! :(

will pass the word around! thank you for the great effort.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed a great gesture on your part and your DAP branch to start a fund for Gana

But I am just curious with the thousands of Hindraf supporters on the street demo the other day, whether they will contribute to Gana's cause?

In my opinion if the Hindraf supporters do not show such support I fear that all the talks and demonstrations will be a typical 'start with a bang and end with a whimper' If it is so then I will be very sad. However if the response to save their ' saviour' ie Mr Gana then I am very proud to salute the Hindraf supporters and their fight!
We will have to see....;)

Anonymous said...

Will come by before the date line to hand over the cheque. Not too sure though what is operating hours for your DU branch ?

Hope to meet you in person as someone who walks the talk.

Happy holiday !

Golf Afflicted said...


The Damansara Service Centre is open from 10am to 6pm Mon to Fri.

;-) Tony

Anonymous said...

i try to drop by tomorrow at maybank du .... is it ok with cash deposit machine ?

sp lim said...

Hi Tony

I tried using Paypal. Never use it before. Now I'm confused

Got this message

This transaction exceeds your remaining sending limit. Please complete your enrollment in the Expanded Use Program. You will then be allowed to send more money.

When you began enrollment in PayPal's Expanded Use Program, we charged a $1.95 USD fee to your card.

Please check your credit card statement (monthly transaction history) online or when it arrives in the mail from the credit card issuer. On this statement, you will see a $1.95 USD charge from PayPal. Next to this charge you will see the 4-digit Expanded Use Number, which can be found directly before the word PAYPAL. Note that it may take 3-4 working days for the number to appear on your statement.

It then asked me to enter my expanded use no. How am I going to enter the no. when it will only appear in my statement between 3-4 working days?

Maybe I'll just take some time off during Friday to drop the cheque/cash at your office.

What is your office address?

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Denzook,

You can do a cash deposit at any Maybank branch, not necessarily the Maybank at Damansara Utama. The branch is only necessary if you are doing a TT.

Hi S P Lim,

Umm... it has been such a long time ago that I signed up for Paypal acct that I have forgotten about expanded use, and sending limit.

For non-US credit cards, they implement this "expanded use" programme to prevent fraud. They charge US$1.95 for it, but it gets credited back in full to you once you have "confirmed" the card.

If you plan to use Paypal, go ahead and sign up and transact US$1.95. Check your online statement in 2 days for the expanded use number. Then log into Paypal again to proceed. You only need to do this once. ;-)

Otherwise, feel free to drop by my office. Address is as per the post above in DU. Alternatively, just send me an email with your address, I'll pick up the cheque from you instead ;-)


Anonymous said...

We salute you brother...Great job indeed...

Bob K said...

I don't think pre-registration with PayPal is necessary for credit card payments. I've done it before with one of my other cards which is not linked with my existing PayPal account.

It just goes through like a normal online credit card transaction.

Anonymous said...

Tony, one question - DAP supports Hindraf?

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Quiet Potato,

Here's our official position in 3 short points:

1. We support their cause of removing the marginalisation of Indians, which has resulted in the perpetuation of poverty among its community.

2. We would prefer if Hindraf has taken a more inclusive approach in voicing its grievances, but we understand the circumstances in which the Indians, and in particular, the Hindus found themselves in, e.g., hundreds of temples being demolished in the past 2 years.

3. We are not in support of Hindraf's poorly worded claim of "ethnic cleansing", but that should not prevent us from supporting the more important and honourable (1) above.

The 30k Indians who came out to protest didn't do so because of the term "ethnic cleansing" which was used in a petition to Gordon Brown - most, if not all are probably never aware of its use - they are there because they have had enough of institutional discrimation, negligence and marginalisation by the BN Government of Malaysia.

Hope the above is clear.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony, hindraf has every right to voice out on (1) but mislead by the leader/s on (2) and (3). So my simple mind would say allow the hindraf views on (1)to be debated but its leaders be made accountable over (2) and (3).

Merry Christmas celebration to you and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

If the Hindraf supporters are not aware of what is really being written to Gordon Brown, than it tantamount to the leaders of Hindraf of not completely telling the whole truth and perhaps their ulterior motives to the " blind "followers!
Personally I think the Hindraf supporters have been " cheated" or " mislead" intentionally or unintentionally by the leaders of Hindraf.

I hope Gana is not an innocent party to this scheme? Maybe he himself is not aware of it?

Anonymous said...

Can't help comparing the politics of Hindraf uprising to equivalent of a poorly made Tamil movie!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Pua,
I tried to pay online to the account thru maybank2u and this is the statement:
"You cannot perform 3rd Party Funds Transfer to a company/business account".
The only way to sent to you is using cheque and 23 Dec is just two days away

Golf Afflicted said...

Yes, Maybank has instituted a policy to prevent M2U transfer to corporate or society accounts.

Please email me tonypua(at)yahoo(dot)com and we'll figure out another mechanism.



Anonymous said...

It's puzzling that the leaders of HINDRAF most of them lawyers are only able to write "poorly worded claim" on "ethnic cleansing". Are you sure they don't intend to mislead their supporters? They are writing to the Queen/Gordon Brown for goodness sake, surely they know what the meaning of ethnic cleansing.

Anonymous said...

why want to donate..its his own fault..already have good position the suddenly joint stupid body like HINDRAF..and i want to u if gobi have the 1mill as per his and his collegues demand in HINDRAF would he do the same thing to donate to other people who are facing maybe similar problem ie in ISA...
guys..although u are DAP supporters like me...dont be cheaply got cheated like this donation..we never know whats the outcome of HINDRAF..dont just becoz some HINDRAF are our member we need to help in anyways..
please think again..