Friday, December 28, 2007


This is the first time I'm blogging on election speculation. I've never thought the speculations in the earlier part of this year from August to December were any credible.

But I've just had fairly credible news that elections will be held possibly before the Chinese New Year, despite overall anticipation of it being during the March school holidays.

Will it be so? Regardless, I think the time is extremely near. We need to mobilise all the necessary help and volunteers we can get.

If you are keen on volunteering, please do not hesitate to contact me at tonypua(at)yahoo(dot)com. There's no time to lose, it's time to wrest back our country. It'll be an election to remember. ;-)


warrior2 said...

Why speculate? It will be held before the dateline anyway. So I dont see the ignificant and the need of this posting. January, March or whatever, just get yourself ready

Anonymous said...

Tony, go for it!
There's nothing to lose!
The only alternative is a Malaysia that is sinking rapidly into the quagmire!!!

Anonymous said...

Wrest back our country? Really? How many seats does DAP contests?

That's the problem with opposition, as a voter I want to know how the cooperation among the opposition will be. Concrete plan of how to share power, not just talk. No matter how bad the BN looks, one thing I give them credit is the unity or perceived unity they project.

warrior2 said...

right on two face!

The opposition has no credibile union among themselves and yet this talk about wresting back the country. Come on, say something logical for once

myop101 said...

personally, i am a believer of free market and competition. hence, to have a strong alternative & check and balance, we have to allow for the opposition parties to have substantial place under the sun. not some 1 - 2 token seats but numbers substantial enough to erode the 2/3 majority held by BN.

afterall, quoting some intelligent fellow whom i can't remember, "absolute power corrupts absolutely".

as for taking power and ruling, why should we doubt the opposition parties can't haggle and trade positions to form the next government? To me, there is no point really to present a fixed academic alternative coalition now. ultimately, if DAP can't agree with PAS on the Islamic state issue, who is to prevent PAS and/or DAP from joining with other parties from BN to form a government?

let's not have a monopoly that skew the charts. let's for a change have a free market competition!

Anonymous said...

DAP Bkt Mertajam calling for polling and counting agents.

Anonymous said...


What's the point of eroding the 2/3 majority? The most it can do is stop BN from making new laws. So, nothing will change the so-called present 'injustice'. If the opposition wants my vote, they have to aspire to be the government and make a united front to be one. If not, it will be nothing more than academic exercise.

Anonymous said...


Where's this negativity and discouragment coming from..? Rome was not built in one day. Any erosion is a sign of progress towards a more democratic Malaysia.

A lot of the apathetic public in the last election has caused this situation where BN is controlling the media, the Election Commission and even enacted the new one-sided laws you mentioned that give them the advantage. So the best thing to do now is chip away at them.

We have to keep at it with our votes, even if it takes 2 or 3 more elections. Can't just turn your nose up at a party like DAP that is doing something positive just because you can't win it in one go. With every step of the way, DAP (and other Opposition parties) will gain more experience and support.

Imagine, you are at home typing this while people like Tony is sacrificing everything and working very hard for everyone, and he has no APs to sell or highway contracts to give away to give his family a very luxurious life like how many of the current ministers have at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.45

I am not being negative... more of a realist. There're always two-faces of the coin. You mention the public being apathetic but on the other hand I can also say that they truly support the status quo. The opposition projects the country like we in the pits, like there are no tomorrow. In all honesty, I agree more needs to be done but we are not too bad either. Being in opposition are not only opposing but providing alternatives - economic plans, socially what needs to be re-engineered, in education are we going to continue being polarised by all the different 'schools' and politically what needs to be done. This is politics and any party needs to court the majority same like the DAP, how come no Malay or Indian Sec Gen - because the majority are Chinese. Sama as PPP, 60% are Indians therefore an Indian president. Likewise Gerakan, will we see a Malay chief minister in Penang via Gerakan? Of course not, don't kid ourselves. I will also mention PKR, sorry Tian Chua I don't think you'll get to be the president. That's the reality! But worse is that all the parties mentioned above go under the guise of multi-racial parties but they are one way or the other "racist" to the core.

Please correct me I am wrong - as two-face, can change anytime.

warrior2 said...

I am curious to know if a govt comprising of dap, pas and pkr is a possibility and workable and that it will result in a "better" malaysia?

Now why would people want to choose a govt whose member coalition partners cant even work together, really work/come together. Take a risk? nahhh, not in malaysia!

Anonymous said...


Enthusiasm in 2004 election was people wanted a change with believe BDW could give a good change. Up to now, it is even worse!

Same enthusiasm and even more will be for the coming one. No reason for those who voted non-UNMO/BN to move to UNMO /BN and lot of reasons for those Voted-UNMO/BN to vote others, or, at least non-UNMO can no more be the party with the max. seats, nor, BN will remain the Majority. A regrouping to form different Associated powers/parties are avoidable. However, any existing party with their existing practice or principle cannot attract the others. Some mutual understanding should be drawn from the "Opposition" parties for voters to select and so be a base for the regrouping if not before the GE.

The Bersih on is a good basis for input and fine tuner.


The People are, for sure, wanting a Change, if the potential Opposition are still hesitated. There will be no direction for the voters!

A leader is not necessary to be a ruler of a country, but a least be able to lead something some time!!

If leading a Party is the only goal for any leader of any Party, there will never be any hope for a country! It will come to power sharing as for the last 50 years!

Personally, I do not think the left hand poster is a good signal for ALL! A signal to the Parties, then, by what? It is surely not the signal for the People for the GE!!

Some thinking on the change can be found in Post 24 of

Do we see the Lights of 2008?

Anonymous said...


A regrouping to form different Associated powers/parties are UNAVOIDABLE!

Leadership is to think and Organize to have work done and not to work to get the job done. The important of all is TO SEE THEY ARE DONE!

Do we have one?

Please help to turn a new page for 2008!!
With directions to Vote!!
A Principle to Vote!!
for All parties and People to co-op!!

Anonymous said...

I am responding to the previous comment by warrior2 as follow:
"warrior2 said...
I am curious to know if a govt comprising of dap, pas and pkr is a possibility and workable and that it will result in a "better" malaysia?

Now why would people want to choose a govt whose member coalition partners cant even work together, really work/come together. Take a risk? nahhh, not in malaysia!"

What i can say is that only people from BN will worry about these. Saying that also means that i have intuition to suspect warrior2 is very much connected to BN.
Brother Warrior2, if you are not, please do not feel offended and let me offer you some light.
It is a norm that once any political party/coalition won an election with majority seats (> 50%), those who are sitting on the fence (including those in BN), and the so called silence majorities will also do them a favor due to their quest for status quo and seeking opportunities as what they are doing now with BN.
i don't think there is a need to elaborate in details, but the following description should enlihgten some should they could not read my mind.
"Where there is sugar, there the ants go"

Anonymous said...

If election is near, then I am afraid many of my friend would not be able to vote becos they have just register and some still have not register as vote with the election commission. Tony, it is the selfish attitude of malaysian that make me angry. when I ask some of my friend why they did not register to vote, they reply is why bother as our vote do not matter. That is very sad. What is the use of complaining if you are not going to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Charanjit - Agreed.

I just can't stand those people who complain about the current BN government and yet, when you ask them if they do vote, they say WHY BOTHER? Excused like: Not registered, BN will win anyway, I'll just migrate etc

Worse, I read today that some national leaders are telling students not to get involved in politics. Promoting political apathy?

No wonder BN keeps winning.

Ps. Not on my vote.