Monday, September 10, 2007

Batman, Where Are You?

I wrote this column for Oriental Daily 2 weeks ago, but forgot to post it last week. It's an adaptation of a blog post I wrote here a while back on "Crime City".






在我之前公司任职的一位员工,在过去3年就经历两次暴力攫夺案。第一次,她就被送入医院求医。当然, 她并非办公室内唯一的罪案受害者。







尽管我非常关注治安的问题,然而若每个人对国内治安不理不睬,这是相当令人担忧的。(难道这跟年龄有关?)难道我们逐渐沦落为《蝙蝠侠》电影里头的愚人城市(Gotham City)?



Anonymous said...

It's a BIG business now in Malaysia for companies which can provide security to individuals, homes, and businesses.

Malaysians are so pitiful lots - stay or locked up in houses equipped with locks, chains, alarms, and metallic structures - houses that look like jail but Malaysians call homes!

What has become of Malaysia? Almost every household has a sad story (like robbery, close encounter with snatch thieves, etc) to tell.

Yet we say to foreigners: Come, visit Malaysia for an unforgetable experience. Oh, yeah!?

Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs. Malaysians are locked up in their houses while the robbers/thieves/muggers roam the streets. And all the government is doing is having a go at a young man and his rap video. Pitiful? indeed.

Anonymous said...

Question: Hello Mr.PM cum internal security minister Pak-suka-tidur-Lah, what are you doing to fight the escalating crimes in the country?


Anonymous said...

In JB town, in early morning many robbering cases occurred near the overhead bridge from CitySquare to the other side. Many victims are going to work in Singapore.

My brother was robbered by a group of 16-25 ages of India youth last month. He lost the DBS ATM and master card. He went to the JB Police HQ making a report. Wow, he told me with a laugh the HQ is in a dark only 3-4 non-uniform detectors slept in the office! It was about 6:00am. Because one robber went to withdraw money from BSN and UOB banks. So, the Singapore Bank had capture the picture of this robber. But, BSN (very reluctant to do) didn't show the video to police. The case is unsettled yet! How easily if the Police really want to catch those teens. Yet, they didn't take any action after so many cases in the same place already.

One of the policeman told my brother he had more than 10 robbering cases to handle! He cited low salary and unfamiliar the JB environment because he was transferred from Ipoh. I don't understand those Top Officers (Ministers, Police Officers ...etc) - are they really want to serve this Nation or just for own sake of interest?!!

You can imagine how worst this country is?

Unknown said...

You can only find Batman in Gotham City but in Bolehland, you can find "Bad man" taking laws in their own hands.

Anonymous said...

Not true lah, we can indeed find Batman in Bolehland, don't believe? See here:

Location 1:

Location 2:

Location 3:

Are you convinced now?

Former supporter of UMNO