Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Constitution?

I won't write much. The quote from the Minister in Prime Minister's Department is shocking enough on its own. With reference to the boiling crisis of credibility facing our Malaysian judiciary with the exposure of the "Lingam tapes", Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has this to say, as reported in Malaysiakini.

De facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said he issued a denial on behalf of the chief justice in relation to the explosive ‘Lingam tape’ revelations because “I am his minister”.
“I am his minister. I am the minister in charge of legal affairs. He is clever enough to know that the reporters will ask me for a response.”
Clearly, the Federal Constitution is only a document for show in the current administration led by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Having desecrated the constitution by declaring Malaysia as an Islamic state, the Government now does it again by not only removing the independence of the judiciary, but also subjecting it to a junior minister in the Malaysian cabinet.

I will certainly like to see the Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Datuk Leow Tiong Lai to wave the Federal Constitution, as he promised to do at the MCA Youth General Assembly at both the Cabinet as well as the Parliament. Having failed to defend the Malaysian constitution when the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak declared Malaysia as having never been a secular state, will he redeem himself this time round? Or more likely, is it a case of chicken again?

For that matter, why are all the BN component party parliamentarians so quiet on this issue? Some like Datuk Fu Ah Kiow even became apologists for their UMNO masters.


Anonymous said...

Enough to justify a complaint to, say, the Conference of Rulers?

Anonymous said...

The country has degenerated into a free for all.

We're now run by not just corrupt politicians, but also people linked to criminal organisations and organised crime syndicates.

The Chinese triads/mafia has a stranglehold on the police force and rubbing shoulders with those in power.

We have a long way to go, and from the looks of it, things will get ugly. My biggest disappointment is the amount of ignorance, complacency among our youths nowadays.

So many are not registered voters or couldn't give a damn about what's going on. They don't see the immediate need to correct the rot that is so deep within the country using their right to vote.

I've literally given up trying to educate/convince anyone around me of the issues, especially the youngsters. They're too brainwashed or too selfish to care about anything but themselves.

Our society has degenerated into such a state where everyone goes about making as much money as possible in their own way even if it's illegal and not care about anything else.

Greed is too strong in this country.

The inflation rate and low wages will ensure that such thinking will continue to grow and even more people will try to increase their wealth in the most unscrupulous way possible, with excuse of 3 meals a day.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen lah. This is Malaysia. Just go home, sleep over and tomorrow everything will be the same. Semuanya OK.

As the Cantonese saying goes...
"Continue the dance and the horses continue run, the homework continue to copy!"

Anonymous said...

Let us vote DAP! Give DAP a chance how to properly run the government. The ruling parties cannot criticised the DAP since they have never before had the chance to rule.
Vote DAP!!

Anonymous said...

in regards to this, there's a petition initiated by Haris of People's Parliament. if you wish to support this petition, please e-mail your name and ic number to haris at this address ie. savethejudiciary@gmail.com

I have done so and I hope many will join in for the sake of the nation's future.

Anonymous said...

Nazri is only the Minister in charge of Parliament. He makes sure that there are enough chairs, tables, communications systems, IT facilitites and all other resources required by Parliament. That's all. After his 'taxi-permit' spending spree, stupid dolah instead of letting him rot without any govt post, puts him there.

Of course with such low post without any clout, he likes to sound big and very important.

Leave that idiot alone. Without his rich and influential father, he would be a 'Mat rempit'. He talks like a mat rempit. All stupidity and idiotic responses come out his mouth.

He should have supported the formation of a Royal Commission of Enquiry to flush the 'dirt' in the judiciary. That would show his political savvy. And as one suppossedly trained in law, that would add credibility to his standing; as a person who wants a clean, honest and independent judiciary.

Like stupid Dolah, given a political problem like that, stupid Nazri failed to enhance his credibiility but manages to reinforce his stupidity instead.

Anonymous said...

Sungguh memalukan tabiat menteri BN bila memberi kenyataan yang selalu berpaut balik kepada parti pembangkang seolah-olah parti pembangkang terdiri daripada orang tidak berpelajaran seperti dia dan lain2 dalam BN.

Apa guna berkulitkan diri dalam kabinet BN dengan niat jahat dan mementingkan diri ?

Masa akan menentukan balasanmu nanti ??

Yang 'Teragung' pun kini mengharungi peringkat permulaan balasan daripada perbuatannya ....

Beraturlah yang lain itu ...

Bangsa Melayu sememangnya agung dan berbudaya murni serta cintakan keamanan.
Kami mempunyai cara tersendiri untuk mengekalkan perpaduan serta keharmonian negara.

Orang seperti awak yang berkulitkan seakan kami inilah yang merosakkan maruah serta keagungan bangsa kami.

Anonymous said...

All the comments made here are " correct, correct, correct, correct "

( With adaptation from Lingam's tape"

Anonymous said...

I don't get it why the opposition refuse to attack our government for being an elected Sultanate. How else can you explain that laws,principles and branches of government are ALL subservient to the Executive.

Face it we have wishy-washy Sultan and his bunh of court jesters who do what they want regardless of anything...

Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...

Nazi (oops I mean Nazri ) is making a fool out of himself by claiming he is the head of the judiciary, real idiot !!!

Unknown said...

The same Minister once told ACA Director General that the later has no right to investigate him because the ACA DG is a civil servant and as such the Minister is their boss.

Anonymous said...

Nazri is a moron to claim that he is the minister in charge of our judiciary and the boss of our CJ.

Our CJ is even a greater moron by being elegantly silent over Nazri's claim, thus confiming that in Malaysia the executives are supreme and control the nation.

No wonder Malaysia is in the pits!