Wednesday, September 05, 2007

DAP Malaysian First Budget 2008

Hey guys, finally I've gotten my big project out of the way :) The 52-page DAP Malaysian First Budget 2008 is finally released to the public today, 2 days before Pak Lah's government announces theirs.

I'm too overdosed with caffeine, accumulated over the past 2-3 weeks at this point in time to write too much about it now. But you can read the latest reports by Malaysiakini in English and in Chinese.

Plus, you can download the full Budget document, entitled "Malaysian First: Unity Driven Equity, Growth & Innovation" to get a firsthand account ;). Know that we have worked on the budget with overwhelmingly limited resources both with regards to people and information and we are more than happy to welcome additional suggestions.

OK, got to go get my sleep now. Will certainly post more on the Budget in the coming days. ;)


Anonymous said...


UMNO can spend RM100m to celebrate the UMNO-Merdeka, pay RM4.6b for the Port Klang Free Zone, etc...they will continue to waste our hard-earned tax money and the country's oil income. When will the people wake up from the danger of NEP?...after the oil has dried out and the BN politicians flee the country with ill-rotten wealth?

Despite this DAP budget being 100 times better than any that of UMNO's, but who cares as long as the majority are still being fooled by UMNO who owns the police, ACA, media, judiciary,?!

Try to have a BM version of your report, or at least the summary of it, else this report will only be read by less than 1% of the nation. We may help you to distribte the report to more malay readers.

The fight with the evil UMNO will continue...

Good luck!

ex-UMNO member.

Andrew said...


I read through the budget, and I must say that I'm impressed. I've always had doubts whether the DAP could run the country or not, but this looks like a well researched budget from a quick read. Good job by the team! Now, if only the government will implement it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

I am very hearthened that DAP is finally pulling its weight in a very positive manner. Perhaps I was wrong in the past to think DAP (or for that matter that all opposition parties)could not and would not be able to put up a credible alternative partly because of lack of coherent dissemination of information. But with you and the likes of Jeff Ooi, Guan Eng and the 'young blood' I see an alternative that is credible and which can put us back to proper governance. Keep up the good work.
p/s despite not really convinced of DAP in the past, I neverthess voted for DAP just to balance the power. Now, I will be voting for DAP as I begin to believe in it

Bangsa: Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Is there a Bahasa version? This is Malaysia you know, don't let the dogs make any excuse we are not "patriot". Dude DAP need to send out message that you guyz are not a Chinese party. There maybe not many Chinese see this important, must emphasis on we as Malaysian is much more important than being Chinese. Racialism cant build a better country, nationalist do.

Anonymous said...

After YB Lim Kit Siang made persistent demand, the Finance Ministry (headed by Bodohwi PM) finally disclosed the following schedule of repayments in the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone bailout, viz:

2007 - RM510 million
2008 - RM660 million
2009 - RM660 million
2010 - RM772 million
2011 - RM487 million
2012 - RM733 million
2013 - RM170 million
2014 - RM170 million
2015 - RM170 million
2016 - RM170 million
2017 - RM179 million
Total - RM4,681 million

This is the 'waste' budget of the hypocrite PM. There are many other unreported scandals that ask for bailouts too, I believe. More 'waste' budget will be 'allocated' for bailout in the coming years!!

Seeing the UMNO government burning our hard-earn tax money really makes my heart aches!!!

How many schools, hospitals, scholarships, charity funds could have better benefited from this money!!! Are you not ashamed for voting the Basian Nasional Government?!!! Where is your conscience?!

Former member of UMNO Youth

Anonymous said...

Raising Our Voices

31st August 2007 Merdeka Day & Malaysia Day (16th September 2007)

Civil Disobedience
Wear YELLOW for Malaysia New Hope


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

PM gets copy of DAP’s version of the Budget (

Wah not bad huh, your effort gets the attention from the PM ;)

Keep up the good work, you are an important asset to DAP and the nation!!

YT Kuah said...

Is there a place where the goverment's version can be downloaded in one piece? So far, I have found this, but it is in various pieces.

Hiew said...

Hi Tony,

Was trying to download DAP Budget 2008, but failed... please check your link of the was it banned by TMNet? Please create another link, Yahoo!Briefcase etc.

More links to it to allow more people accessing it... since I believed this Budget preparation took you months to prepare. It's a pity if only minority read it.

With best regards,