Saturday, May 19, 2007

Voters' Registration Exercise

For those of you who have not registered as a voter, or for those with many friends who haven't, please come see us this Sunday morning and we will get you (or your friends) registered.

The Election Commission has recently revealed that some 5 million Malaysians of all races, particularly the younger Malaysians have not registered as voters.

In conjunction with this, DAP Petaling Jaya will be organising a Voter Registration Campaign in the next two months in the Klang Valley to encourage more Malaysian youths to have their voices heard.

We will be holding the first registration campaign exercise at
  • SS2 Petaling Jaya, outside McDonalds on
  • Sunday, 20th May 2007
  • From 8 am to 12pm
We will have Assistant Registrars certified by the Election Commission present to assist with the above exercise.

Come over and lets Rock the Vote! ;)


Anonymous said...

After 4 years in power as the PM of Malaysia, where is the accountability, transparency, and integrity promised by the hypocrite and useless Pak Lah? Come register and vote BN out in the coming General Election!! The contry should not sink further due to the poor leadership and racial discrimination of UNMO!

Damian 'Baba' Yeo (楊 勝 利) said...

Tony, this is Damian from Malacca. Can you delay your closing time to about 1pm or more. There is a group of Christian voters (some are my church members) in PJ area can only do so after church service. Anyway if you have yet to receive this comment I have sms to Guan Eng.

Anonymous said...

Can a future UNMO supporter register at your centre?

Golf Afflicted said...

Hey Anon 5.37pm,

Yes, whoever you decide to vote for is irrelevant to the registration process. You are most welcome to register through us as long as you are a qualified Malaysian - we never ask who you are going to vote for ;)

Damian, I'm not sure if your church friends managed to get registered today (we stayed til about 1pm), and registered some 300 voters. Not too bad for a morning's work. However, if they are able to email me, I can arrange a separate session with at the church premises ;)

We plan to be at St Francis Xavier's (Jln Gasing) the coming weekend (in the process of fixing it up). So let me know.

;) Tony

Anonymous said...


How is it that with the advance of IT and our super high tech MyKad, we still need to manually register as a voter?

Shouldn't we automatically be able to vote once we turn 21 and as a citizen of the country? Shouldn't the government have a record of this by virtue of us having a MyKad?

This call to manually register is repeated every election and every by-election. Is there no better way to do this?

Anonymous said...

Becos MyKad has become overloaded with irrelevant function as license, touch n go, bank card etc etc.....hehehe

dulcinea said...

I believe there is also a large number of overseas students who are eligible voters but aren't registered. I don't actually know how to do so.