Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hi guys, first of all I must apologise for neglecting my blogging duties of late, both here and at the Education in Malaysia blog. One reader even commented on the education blog that "this site is dying". Please be comforted to know that it is not my intent to neglect them, nor will I neglect them permanently. ;)

Unfortunately, after Machap and to a much lesser extent Ijok, compounded with internal (non-bloggable) party work and research (not to mention, travelling the country a bit), the energy is drained a bit. And certainly, with whatever balance of time left, the missus and the kid will obviously get the priority above all else ;) But with the by-elections over, and having just completed writing and editing for the upcoming latest issue of the English Rocket, the work schedule seems to have eased a little bit. So hopefully I can get back up to blogging speed. ;)

There are also a few speaking engagements, forums and dinner functions coming up, so will update accordingly in subsequent posts ;) Thanks everyone for being patient ;)


zewt said...

tony, in what you're doing, it's ok. blogging can take backseat for a while.

Daily Nibbler said...

Agree with zewt. It is a long, long journey you are taking to change mindsets. You best pace yourself lest you suffer a burnout.

We (at least, I) can wait.

Anonymous said...

Eh boss...since you're so busy right, let me babysit your kidla can can? your missus gave me the okay but need your okay too?=D

What A Lulu said...

i also can toddlersit. then you and the mrs can go pak-tor.
am quite good with kiddies, firm yet fun. for character reference, please check with okm, or his mrs, yel

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Pua

Would you care to comment on the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007 rankings?

Fyi, Malaysia is ranked 23rd (a drop of 1 place from 22nd in 2006).

The top 3: (1) USA (2) Singapore (3) Hong Kong.

And the big, big surprise: Mainland China made into the top 20 category, ranked at 15th place in the 2007 survey.

Imagine - Mainland China being ranked as more competitive than Malaysia!

Can you see the writing on the wall for Malaysia?

And India is ranked 27th in this year's survey. India, with all its problems - only 3 places behind Malaysia!

Singapore as the 2nd most competitive economy in the world? What's there to be surprised about?

In the 4 main factors - Economic Performance, Government Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Infrastructure - that go into determining an economy's competitiveness, Singapore is ranked 1st for Govt Efficiency and in the top 5 in the remaining 3 factors.

So, when PM Abdullah has his tete-a-tete with PM Lee in Langkawi, its not really a meeting of equals, is it?

Interestingly, a report in the Singapore Business Times paper on the IDR described the MSC and the BioValley in Malaysia as "white elephants". Will the IDR turn out to be the biggest white elephant of them all? Followed, perhaps, by the proposed trans-peninsula oil pipeline?

I hope that the DAP raises the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007 rankings issue in Parliament real soon!